Black Ops 2 Tip: The Foregrip AKA Grip Attachment Doesn’t Work

Well this tip is a bit disappointing. It seems that the Foregrip or Grip attachment as its also known does not work as it should on most of the weapons.

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mwjw6961817d ago

No worries im sure it will be passed over for the next 20 patches then fixed about a month before MW4.

ElectricKaibutsu1817d ago

Hm, I just use the old Zboard Fang. It doesn't do anything except put the keys in a more convenient place but I like it.

dazzrazz1817d ago Show
KillerBBs1816d ago

If you have a good connection and want to play a game that rewards bad connection speed and you enjoy horrible hit detection then I recommend Black Ops II