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DmC Devil May Cry training combos - switchable weapons video

A video looking at switchable weapons and free form combos in DmC Devil May Cry. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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IRON883  +   800d ago
looks kinda boring
Vandamme21  +   799d ago
Looks awesome
prototypeknuckles  +   800d ago
the glaives from dark sector
oriononer  +   799d ago
They're also suspiciously similar to the Chakrams from Kingdom of Amalur. Inspiration is ok, but this just smacks of uninspired laziness.
DragonKnight  +   800d ago
There's no training necessary for this game. Style meter is broken and the game files contain a file named Buttonmash. All you need to know to play this game is dodge + one arbiter attack = win. Then when you have the enemies that are only vulnerable to the angel weapon, just switch out arbiter. There literally is no training necessary for this easy, broken, button mashing game.
Hanso  +   799d ago
sad that this game is called DmC sigh...
supersonicjerry  +   799d ago
There is no difference between this and DMC3 its all the same. I honestly don't see why you guys complain about this game.
DragonKnight  +   799d ago
Then you're blind. That video is not the same as this..


Can't believe anyone would think that the turd DmC can touch the gem DMC3.
Whitefox789  +   799d ago
Sorry but a DMC game would have it so that when you get to SSS for a style meter you have to keep mixing it up with the attacks versus this one where you get SSS it no longer goes down a level with time, it only goes down if you get hit.

A DMC game would also not make it so you can easily have your enemy airborne indefinitely with just the angel power mechanics giving the enemy no chance to fight back at least the enemies in DMC3 could actually knock you down while your airborne versus this game where you can only get taken down by a flying enemy.
ThanatosDMC  +   799d ago
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   800d ago
This game feels heavily uninspired for a re-imagining.
Glaives from dark sector.
the fist weapons just look like hulk fists that are red.
The scythe is quite literally just a scythe, which is boring.
The sword is ivy's(Soul Calibur) multi-joint sword.
The Axe, is just an over powered axe.

I mean seriously who designed these weapons? They are freaking boring and stupid. And all of them are useless other than the axe. (scythe too on the mandatory enemies which is stupid, you shouldn't force the gamer to use a weapon, they should WANT to use it)
Baka-akaB  +   799d ago
this reek of the usual combat mechanics nightmare from NT
Whitefox789  +   799d ago
I'm scared for the fact that Capcom says they worked with them on the combat; so either their lying or Ninja Theory refused to listen to their input.
ThanatosDMC  +   799d ago
The good devs are also leaving or have left Capcom.
oriononer  +   799d ago
This game is poo.
CrimsonDragon90   799d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
brich233  +   799d ago
i dont know but i think some people are blind and just haters. The game looks really good. Thats the best combat i've seen since bayonetta. I've played the demo and was very entertained by it.
Vandamme21  +   799d ago
They are haters..simple as that.
solaceknight  +   799d ago

Your posts are hugely ironic. Someone doesn't like the game and has every right to say so and you're the one who flips out and spews some hilarious rant about being "butthurt" filled with childish language and foot stomping. You're the only one lashing out on this page. Others are just voicing their opinion.

You are obviously someone who cares very little about the franchise and most of the "haters" are people who are passionate about games and happen to really love this series. You can't write off legitimate criticism with the word "hater". It is just a cop out and shows you can't argue against the points they are making. It's childish and silly.

If you want to accept any pile of crap some out of touch corporation is trying to peddle to you, and be an apologist for lazily churned out, insulting work, then that's up to you.

Get over the fact that few people agree with you and accept that people who loved Devil May Cry will probably continue voicing their opinion on this crappy imitation and have more cause to do so than someone like you who doesn't care. This franchise was built with fan support and money and seeing it ruined may cause some of those fans to voice opposition. Take your own advice and get over it.
solaceknight  +   799d ago
Disagrees please refer to previous paragraph. Thank you.
CrimsonDragon90  +   799d ago
Ok so they are allowed to hate the game. What about the ones who like the new DmC. But are being tell by butthurt fanboys to not buy the game. Yea voicing their opinions more like trolling. yea I cared little about the series. Then explain my Dmc collection. I even have 2. Which is not as bad as some say it is. Dmc is one of my favorite series. And I'm very interested in this ALTERNATE dmc universe.

They have points. But some of them don't make sense. To me their just trolling about some dumb stuff. I'm not accepting crap from any company like your saying. I'm just giving them a chance to see if they could make a good game. I'm open minded.

This franchise was built on fan support. Really? The where's your support. Last time I checked everyone who wants to play this game is supporting the franchise. Either the new or old. Yea I guess the fans that like the old series and support the new dmc are not really fans and don't matter their not really fans. So only the ones that are being butthurt like yourself are the real dmc fans.
Sevir  +   799d ago
Now people are calling it uninspired because it has 2 shurikens
Lol will the hate for this game stop? weapon switching has always been a staple of DMC games as far as Dante was concerned so im not sure why all the hate, the shurikens look cool, they share a resemblance to Hayten's Glave from Dark Sector but that's about where the similarities end.

I just don't get these fans.. Its just crazy how these fans are vehemently hating this game.

Can't wait, as an old school DMC fan I don't need the training as its core mechanics of combat remain with some streamlined factors... Can't wait.
TimelessDbz  +   799d ago
Next thing people will complain about is pressing start to pause the game is unoriginal/laziness .

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