New PlayStation 3 Bundles for Europe unveiled

Sony has unveiled two new PlayStation 3 Super Slim Bundles, each coming with three games. One of them is Ratchet & Clank: QForce.

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Welshy2156d ago

"Uncharted Drakes fate?" <---- Google Translate, do the math lol.

I seen a 12gb slim for £120 in an ad, get yourself a 500gb HDD off amazon for £40-50 and you just done got yourelf one hell of a deal!

These 12gb bundles will sell like hotcakes if the 360 4gb is any indicator to the success of small HDD consoles.

AD7052156d ago

120 euro really? BTw how well do those 12 gigs sell in europe?

Welshy2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

£120 pounds. Either way it's an epic deal. They bundled 12gb models with stuff like Skylanders etc so they fly off the shelf for parents who want bluray players and young kids with a thirst for games too =)

AD7052156d ago

is there any word of these 12 gig ps3s coming to north America

DivineAssault 2156d ago

damn i wish the US would get the 12GB models so i can get one... Ya i can import but still.. The thought of transferring all my data is whats holding me back from getting it right now

Redlogic2156d ago

Do you have PS+? I had to get a new ps3 and was dreading transferring all my saves. So uploaded the saves I needed to the PS+ cloud, then downloaded them to my new Ps3 no problem. It was great, quick and easy. Of course, I don't know about movies and music and the such, but game saves were the most important to me.

ABizzel12156d ago

They'll probably hit the US next holiday. I guess they did have that many developed yet, and since Europe is Sony's best selling market they got them first (as well as the best PS+ support).

Look for the 12GB next year, but hopefully they up it to 32GB.

dboyman2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I wonder why is North America not getting the 12GB PS3? I know some people who would want a cheaper ps3 and have option to upgrade later....

Knight_Crawler2156d ago

I think Sony has come to the conclusion that MS has won North America just like MS has accepted that Japan is Sony territory and does not make seance to market towards that market.

GribbleGrunger2156d ago

mmmm... it's odd how you say that the MS have America and Sony have Japan. Could it be that you want to compare the 360s biggest market with the PS3s smallest market. Europe is Sony's biggest market, not Japan, but nice try.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2156d ago

I don't think so, that'd be really dumb.

Even though this generation's battle is lost, they can still gain ground and you have to establish your fanbase for the next generation.

The next generation will be the real battle between those two, because the 360 and PS3 were so different, starting with the price. Next gen, M$ won't be able to launch a no wifi, no hdd, no Blu-ray, ... The specs and pricing will be similar and it will come to exclusives and differences like controllers, OS, online features.

microgenius2156d ago

because MS in japan doesnt exist