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Phantasy Star Online 2 PS Vita features a new OP movie, Toro and Kuro as NPC party members


Just because the PlayStation Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 will share the same servers as the PC version, doesn’t mean that this is a mere port with no new features or content added to it.

For starters, the PS Vita version of PSO2 will sport a brand new opening movie, completely different from that in the PC version, which is a welcome change for veteran PSO2 players looking to pick up the portable version as well.

Simultaneously, Sega has also shared the latest trailer for the PS Vita version of the game, which reveals that you’ll be able to encounter and recruit PlayStation mascot cats Toro and Kuro as NPC party members.

You’ll be able to make use of Toro and Kuro in this game the same way you did Felynes in Monster Hunter titles. Is this some sort of coincidence, or did someone over at Sega or Sony just have a shrewd sense of humour? (Phantasy Star Online 2, PS Vita, Sega)

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NukaCola  +   1140d ago
My buddies and I as a teen were addicted to this on Gamecube. I really might pick this up.
Catoplepas  +   1140d ago
Well since it's F2P you may as well. I certainly am.
Sandmano  +   1139d ago
Well yeah but for us vita owners were probably going to have to buy a new memory car because its like 5 gigs
Mister428  +   1139d ago
@Sandmano: isn't the biggest Vita game card size something like 4GB?
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kwiksilver99  +   1139d ago
its f2p!!!waow!!so i only need to get another memory card to enjoy this?
Septic  +   1139d ago
I never got to play this and haven't got a VITA yet but this has me tempted. How has the game aged?
Mister428  +   1139d ago
Okay, I just read that Vita game cards have a maximum size of 8gb now and could potentially go higher.

Well, for reference the PC version client was 3GB+ when it first came out in July, but there have been a few major updates that added to that.
ABizzel1  +   1139d ago

Vita memory cards go up to 32GB

4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB.

On a side note:

We should be seeing some 64GB and 128GB at E3, as well as price drops (on the handheld, and memory cards) if Sony wants the Vita to take off.
Baylex  +   1139d ago
Oh me too!! God I miss my Gamecube and metroid and all those resident evils and SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE!! Beautifull game!!
TongkatAli  +   1140d ago

Now Sega I have to buy all your #### available on the Vita. You deserve it.
H4all  +   1140d ago
Vita x PC... ohhhhhh yeaaaa...
Sega make it happen...
thanks a lot sega... can wait to play with PC player...
r21  +   1140d ago
Vita is growing to be an incredible system. Cross play with PS3 and soon to be PC :D
tubers  +   1139d ago
It's gonna happen.. but there are only some servers that are made for the Vita x PC interaction.

There are also some minor caveats as well (w/c can be understandable).
godofboobees  +   1139d ago
My first online addiction was phantasy star online. Countless hours put into that game. Definitely picking up this gem for my vita
mt  +   1139d ago
Phantasy star online, later we get soul sacrifice, and hopefully they will announce monster hunter that would be great for us vita's users.
izumo_lee  +   1139d ago
This, Soul Sacrifice, Rag Oddessy, makes me not miss having a Monster Hunter game on the Vita all that much. These games i feel are more ambitious & deserving of my well earned dollar.

I loved the Phantasy Star Portable games on the PSP & seeing Sega's efforts on this game is refreshing & i am excited to see the results.

Also is Toro & Kuro appearing in everything lately? We gone so long without seeing the Sony Japan mascots than all of a sudden they are popping up in a lot of games.
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