Got a Brand New Wii U? Five Things You Need To Do Right Now

The Gadget Show:

So you’ve just unwrapped your shiny new Nintendo Wii U console, you’ve put the old Wii in storage and you’ve made sure your GamePad is fully charged and that your Wii Remotes contain fresh AA batteries. So what now? Allow us to guide you through the first few days of Wii U ownership.

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josephayal1945d ago

and number six, Get the latest special trade-in offers

Drainage1945d ago

good thinking- because youre gonna want to get rid of that PS3 for more Wii U titles

PrimeLantern1945d ago

Check out a video preview? Make a video call? Watch a movie?


Indo1945d ago

First thing would be Take it back and get your refund

Venox20081944d ago

6. update console for Wii games :)

claterz1944d ago

I can't wait to do these things once the 11 hour update has finished!