GTA 5: Mods And Cars Pack For Grand Theft Auto 4 Available For Download

PC Games writes: "The release of GTA 5 takes place in spring 2013. To make the time until the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 more friendly, some modders have now published mods and cars pack for the predecessor."

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sloth33951792d ago

really has nothing to do with GTA 5 they just wanted to get attention

hiredhelp1792d ago

Well they got my attention these modders are what keeps games old and new alive.

Before i go plz rockstar make statement PC will have a version.

T3MPL3TON 1791d ago

... They already did. It's just going to be late.

Audiggity1791d ago


I've kept a close eye on whether or not there will be a PC version... so far, I didn't think there was confirmation of any plans or lack of plans.

Could you point us in the direction of the source indicating that R* is developing a PC version and it will be delayed?

I'd rather not waste time/money playing a sub-par console version of GTAV if it meant waiting 3 months for the PC version.