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STFUandPlay's Rikuson1 writes "Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, where to begin? Is it the best thing since Platinum Trophies? or was it a gigantic flop. Well honestly I’m going to keep it straight with you, It doesn't matter! I’m here to talk about what I THINK of the game. On the behalf of I will be doing this review so these are MY opinions if you don’t like it and please follow the name of the website or you can sit back and read.. if you actually read these things I call Reviews.."

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GenericNameHere1944d ago

Despite some grammar issues, review was good. Don't know how long he/she's had the game, but unless it was photshopped, to be ranked 999 on at least one character is pretty dedicated. It took me at least 2 hours to get my Kratos to rank 103, though he/she might have been more skilled than I was, so they could have gotten more points thank me in a shorter amount of time.

Some reviewers publish a review ASAP, just to be the first to get them out. Some don't even finish the game, and just review it. At least this reviewer had the dedication to reach rank 999, so I'll trust this reviewer's opinion.

Nexgensensation1944d ago

even when he said, "back in the days fighting games had an arcade mode with you go with a series of battles ranging from around 8-12 matches a rival at the end, then a boss battle."

well back in the days, games like mortal kombat, and street fighter had originality, they had the characters, and pretty much a small back story behind each character.

this is what i don't understand. the game has potential however, the game did not need cheesy ass playstation characters, knowing that most playstation characters don't fit this style of play.

so as a fighting game with an out of touch character roster, how can you say the game is great when the formula of this game play is pretty much copy and paste.

if anything the game is decent 2/5

Rikuson11939d ago

Highly Disagree if you've played the game for as long as I did regardless of how it looks all of the characters blend pretty well together when all in a battle together it's way more balance than the naked eye can see. Obviously you can't see a gem with all the crap that has come out this generation. Superbot did a good job for what they wanted to do end of discussion.