First Walking Dead Episode Is Free Today Only is glad to announce that this December 25 will be filled with gifts for everyone. Be sure to grab the first episode called "A New Day" of The Walking Dead right now from the link within.


This promotion lasts until next week. Also: Beware of an upcoming promotion for the other episodes. If you want to pick them up, wait for a sale in the next coming days.

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GreenRanger2005d ago

Keep the change, Microsoft.

Kran2005d ago

Is somebody referencing what I think they're referencing? :D

GreenRanger2005d ago

Lol, that's it.
I love Home Alone, but my Tommy Gun don't.

rpd1232005d ago

Classic. They should've stopped after Home Alone 2, though.

2pacalypsenow2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

they do this to hook people into buying the other 4 but still free ! :-)

guitarded772005d ago

Yeah, I got the first 2 episodes free with PS+, then they didn't give the last 3 free (yet). It is an awesome game though, and all it takes is one hit to get hooked. Just like a drug dealer.

Hingle_Mcringleberry2005d ago

Free with PS+. . .free if you pay $50.
I suppose multiplayer is free on Xbox with Xbox Live Gold? I'm just saying, what are you paying for if everything on PS+ is considered free.

HammadTheBeast2005d ago

Cloud saves, auto downloads/updates, discounts and demos/games early or free. Then there's the tons of free games.

GameOn2005d ago

I think the point is it isn't free if you have to pay for it.

Riderz13372005d ago

@Hingle_Mcringleberry, Let me put it this way. When you pay for 50$ a year for PS Plus, anything which you get that surpasses that 50$ purchase is technically considered free because you have already made your 50$ back plus plenty of other games. So let me tell you what you get with PS Plus. 1 retail title a month plus 2 PSN titles in that same month therefore 3 games per month. Now, I am not even including PS Vita games, discounts, exclusive access to beta's/demos etc. So with 3 games per month let's say they all equal up to 20$ if you would have purchased them separately. 3 games per month - 12 months - 36 total games. 20$ worth of free games per month - 12 months - 240$ worth of games in a year. 240-50 = 190$ FREE GAMES. This is not including PS Vita games and all the other things you get with PS Plus. Therefore, yes most of the games you get are FREE. Good day.

ArmrdChaos2005d ago've only purchased access to those games. Cancel your account and see what happens. You don't own them...your basically renting them on a monthly gamefly.

Riderz13372005d ago

@ArmrdChaos, and you're telling me that you're not renting out your own internet for Xbox live? Lol kid please.

guitarded772005d ago

The point of 2pacalypsenow's comment and my reply were that they get you hooked with a FREE episode. I wasn't trying to start a debate over PS+ or LIVE. I got episode 1 FREE on XBOX and I got episode PS3... it was FREE for me on both. And if anyone brings up the PS+ costs money... well, I got a FREE year of PS+ from Sony Credit Cards as a card holder bonus... So it was F'n FREE... I didn't pay anything for TWD on EITHER system. Merry Christmas and get over it. Some of you really can't take a day from being ____s.

b163o12005d ago

This is real easy to explain, we all pay for Internet, we all pay for apps, the the PS wins cause it ends there. With Xbox you have to pay to use that Internet. That's it in a nutshell....

trouble_bubble2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

@GameOn/Hingle/ArmrdChaos/litt letad

The point is that you get more than what you paid for. The service pays for itself pretty quick, everything else is a bonus.

Don't tell me no one here has never bought a game and traded it in to Gamestop, BB or your local mom 'n pop game shop. That's a $60 glorified rental right there, and you get diddly squat extra after you beat it in a week and trade it in.

No one keeps playing the same one game over and over and over again all year or for the rest of their lives at the expense of all others. Once you beat the story or platinum it or get your 1000/1000gs, it's done. When you finish Walking Dead Ep 1 on XBL in 2 hours and get your 8 cheevos or whatever, it's dust. No need to replay it for the rest of your life. All roads lead to episode 2 just the same.

Kingthrash3602005d ago

@ hingle please don't start an argument you can't win. No it's not free it's 49.99 a year for ps+ that's true. It's been that price before all the free retail games were givin AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Meaning most ps+ users had ps+ for the discounts and minis. Sony could have EASILY charged 10$ more and it would be worth it. So in that retrospect its free. But Xbox live charges your for what... online play?????? Lol really for how much a year??? Wow. I'm not a hater of Xbox or Xbox live, I own both systems so no fanboy here I'm just saying ps+ is giving a lot. if your paying xbox live just for online support then they all of a sudden start giving games to its users then thos games would be considered free right?....right.

ALLWRONG2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Haven't you heard PS owners think paying = free? You pay for PSN+ and they give you "free" games (LOL) but when you stop paying they take the "free" away. Free = 0 dollars not $50 for temporary use, that's a rental service. Gamefly lets me play all the PC games I want, as long as I keep paying for Gamefly. PSN even charges you for the ability to download in the background, but they can't seem to do cross game chat... hmm...?

Sp1d3ynut2005d ago get all of that with XBLG as well, only with far fewer "free" games, but they're ACTUALLY FREE, even if you cancel XLBG. In fact, with a free Silver account, you still get access to free demos...just a week later than Gold members.

JasonKCK2005d ago

what does sony psn or ps3 have 2 do with free walking dead on xbox live? isnt all this off topic or trolling?

ArmrdChaos2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

LOL...this site is hilarious. My comment made no reference to Xbox live in any form. I simply pointed out the error in his example as with most on this website. Access to $50 dollars’ worth of games is NOT the same as OWNING the media in downloaded or physical form. If his internet connection where to go down he would have NOTHING. Had they allowed you to download and KEEP the free games then his statement of it paying for itself right away would be valid. Nowhere in my statement did I say Plus was a bad deal. As usual get out the pitchforks…somebody slighted my corporate surrogate. You people with fragile egos need help. This is the main reason why I seldom waste my time posting on this site. Enjoy.

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ArmrdChaos2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

And yes...I have The Walking Dead and enjoy it very much. Owning or having access to it is a good thing and should be taken up by anyone who hasn't tried it yet...despite whatever cost.

black9112005d ago

I have the first 2 free on PS3.

littletad2005d ago

Free forever? Or as long as you continue to pay for ps plus? I'm still confused on that part.

HeavenlySnipes2005d ago

Considering it only takes a couple hours to finish each episode, free for a week would have sufficed

onandonandon2005d ago

Have a day off, it's xmas!!

Riderz13372005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Yes free forever because I plan on paying for PS Plus forever since I will be continuously getting games from the service. Good day.

ALLWRONG2005d ago Show
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