GameStop ad (12/26 – 12/29)

Take a look at the deals from this week's GameStop ad starting on Wednesday.

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konnerbllb2101d ago

I don't mean to be a stickler but if I wanted to see gamestop ads then I'd head over to their website. This being posted on a gaming website I kind of expected a text breakdown, not several links to various ad pictures. Maybe next year?

blitz06232100d ago

I love how it says GameStop ad. It's called Boxing day - you know, the Canadian Black Friday?

2100d ago
rainslacker2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

True, but this is how GS releases their ads online. It's nice because people that wouldn't normally go to GS might see a great deal and decide to go pick it up, and nothing wrong with informing the consumer. They could do both though, as I find the text breakdowns sometimes easier to read, and occasionally GS ads can be a bit misleading, specifically their "selected titles" promotions.

Edit @ Below
No I believe GS website does have more of a slideshow, and you can click something and link to the game on their site. What I meant was that when you view it on their website it has the actual image of the flyer, which you can also pick up in store. This site just had a separate page for each image of the flyer, but I don't find anything wrong with getting the deals out there for the consumer to see. To each their own I guess.

nevin12100d ago

I still get the weekly deals in my email. Its not how its presented on gamingeverything.

Starbucks_Fan2100d ago

Or use CheapAssGamer, where you can compare all stores at once

Edward752100d ago

@konnerbllb Isn't this game related? It's not a bashing on a system, it's just information that could possibly lead to a person getting a game they might enjoy.

showtimefolks2100d ago


all 3 are having great sales for next 3 days. Mass Effect trilogy is $39.99 right now.

be a member at and never miss a single great deal. its a site for gaming deals only for gamers run by gamers

I am not sure if i should pick up Hitman for $39.99 or wait for more price drop? about how long is the single player story? also in contracts mode can i download contracts other create or do you have to create your own to play? its like like LBP or modnation where community creates and you can download and enjoy endless fun?

Matt06112100d ago

It's GamingEverything. This guy posts anything for hits.

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porkChop2100d ago

LBP and PSASBR for Vita are both $39.99 EACH? *GASP* You mean they're selling them at regular price?! What a deal!

rainslacker2100d ago

LOL. That's always annoyed me. I mean I can see it for showing that a game has just released, but to come in a month later at regular price is kind of silly.

gninja922100d ago

RE6 and Hitman are also $40 as they are everywhere else right now. even pre-christmas.

ginsunuva2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

No they're used, so they're normally $34.99. But Gamestop is being so nice this season they'll make you feel as if it's brand new by selling it at full price.

ddurand12100d ago

really nothing worthwhile here.

was hoping to catch far cry 3 on sale somewhere

aLucidMind2100d ago

Target will have it on sale for $40 this week.

showtimefolks2100d ago


all 3 $39.99

aLucidMind2100d ago

Target is the only one that has it for $40, Best Buy has it for $50 but they will price match so I guess that makes this comment sort of pointless XP