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Submitted by Valay 1070d ago | article

LittleBigPlanet 2's Cross-Controller DLC Sells the Wii U

1up: "With its Cross-Controller downloadable content, LittleBigPlanet 2 was to serve as the premiere example of how a PlayStation Vita, when paired with a PlayStation 3, could offer an experience comparable to that of Wii U. It manages to do this exceedingly well, making it even more of a shame that actually getting into it can be such a hassle." (LittleBigPlanet 2, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U)

disturbing_flame  +   1070d ago
And when you could play back in 2007 Lair on PSP was it meant to sell the WiiU ?

Oh maybe.
Who knows ?
Kamikaze135  +   1070d ago
You're missing the point entirely. The Vita has touch screen support and an accelerometer(move around the vita to control things in-game)like the Wii U pad does. It's not just showing you what's on screen and letting you play like the PSPs remote play feature.
disturbing_flame  +   1070d ago
Nope i'm just pointing that in 2007, remote playing was actually possible. There were not big articles about that, it was not the big thing, but for people who tried it, it was more than just a little feature.

Technology has certainly evolved we're talking about a 5 years feature here (it can be considered as a century for technowhore :p). At that time people could also stream the game through the PSP and play on the go.

With the same logic that the article developed, i'm just amused to say that finaly in 2007 Sony was just starting to sell the WiiU, before it has been released or maybe developped (or "thought" eventually, that part can be very entertaining ^^).

It reveals how much we can make parallels between things.

Tomorrow a so called journalist could write about that, i just give him the idea, i know they are someway limited sometimes when they have nothing in mind.

Now we wonder how the WiiU could sell Xbox 360, PC or PS3.
I think some people may have an idea about that, hope to read that soon.
Muerte2494  +   1070d ago
Santa just put
a Wii U under the tree for my son. The reason why this wouldn't sell the wii U is and it would the ps3 is because of studios. It's that plain and simple. Nintendo has very little third party support so they have to rely on first party. They only release games every like year and a half. Sony has more first party studios and Sony London studio is dedicated to stuff like this (eyepet).
jujubee88  +   1070d ago
@#1.1: The only difference you are talking about there is an input.
The requisite of wireless communication and interaction of games (tech both made and played by gamers) first made its strides on the PSP around 2007-ish. However, I feel the geeky tech talk analogous of "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?" is beside side point when talking about this article.

Well, all in all, I hope SCEI listens to some critique about lowering "technical barriers" that might halt some gamers from enjoying (what the author pionts out as being) a 'great experience'. Cross-controller would be even better if you strip away any/all tedious, manual set-ups and just offer the product up in a click or two.

The more people who can experience cross controller on VITA, the better! :)
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gaffyh  +   1070d ago
Tbh though, the Vita has way more gameplay functionality that the Wii U tablet controller. For example, it is multi-touch on the front and back, whereas the Wii U tablet controller is not multi-touch at all.

This cross-play thing doesn't sell the Wii U, and it doesn't really sell the PS3 (although it may push Vita sales a little), it's just Sony's way of saying, "There's nothing special about the Wii U" because they can do them same on their systems.
Salamander  +   1070d ago
The question isnt can they do more; the questions is have they or more importantly- Will they.

Its all good and well to be able to theoretically replicate or exceed the WiiU experience; but it is still just that - theoretical.
kingjoker34  +   1070d ago
Ok we know it was possible in 2007 but was sony attempting to market it or even use it as a feature for most of its games? nope.
It would have been cool if sony put forth a effort to make that feature a big thing but they had to wait untill the Wii U came out o finally show that they are willing to support that feature. And you can always say "oh yeah remember Lair?" ok....that game if i remember correctly was not that at all. Yes sony is uping the ante right now but why not 5 years ago? Now they wait untill the Wii U comes out and now still already falling behind. The difference between wii U and the ps3/vita combo is taht unlike the Wii U you need to buy 2 seperate consoles and im sure the casusal market would not appreciate that.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1070d ago
You know ps4 will own it right? The casual market is not so into wiiU anymore. Soccer moms have moves on to ipads and now ninty is an after thought when it comes to hardcore platforms.

The 1000th mario & zelda this gen will be great but original content isn't what ninty is known for. They have to get app loading right first then first party title will come I am sure.

Glade sony exec have a wiiU so they can learn from it's pitfalls .
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fatstarr  +   1070d ago
gba x gamecube
discussion done
andrewer  +   1070d ago
ROFL, and true.
Muerte2494  +   1070d ago
what you're talking about is actually worked the other way around. You would be able to play your gba games on the Gamecube via expansion dongle that came with pokemon emerald or ruby. This is being able to play your console games on a handheld. Nice try though.
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zebramocha  +   1070d ago
The idea behind remote play is different than what you listed,it allows the psp/vita to be a portable ps3 by way of software.
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jujubee88  +   1070d ago
PocketStation for the PS1, circa January 23, 1999.
Wanna geek out? Geek out we shall!

fatstarr  +   1069d ago
lmao are you serious @jujubee
then the gameboy eye and gb printer can be used in arguements
GraveLord  +   1070d ago
People act like the Wii U is some amazing innovation or something. It's a nice feature, but not something worth making it my main console, not with that horrible 3rd party support.(Yes I can tell the future)
t0mmyb0y  +   1069d ago
Nobody is talking about remote play. Cross play (or the Wii U) is completely different. Stop flaming
SilentNegotiator  +   1070d ago
No more than accessories "sell" other accessories.
wiiulee  +   1070d ago
nonsense cross play between ps3 and vita absolutely does not sell the wiiu...even though its a 650 dollar silly attempt to replace a console built for it with the real tech and innovation.....ps3 cross plays actually bites into wiiu's sale now and also have people thinking well that means sony's next system will have exactly what the wiiu offers but maybe its a sily attempt by sony and im sure both sony and microsoft will copy the gamepad and haters will be so happy after hating so your logic doesnt really work in the world of advertisement my friend..cause sony is not out there trying to help nintendo sell wiiu's.
WeAreLegion  +   1070d ago
Attempt? Media Molecule had been planning this since they started working on the Vita. -_-
BlaqMagiq24  +   1070d ago
Ignore him. wiiulee's head is so far up Nintendo's ass he'll probably ignore that fact.
tre  +   1070d ago
Cross play may convince some ps3 owners that are not a believer in second screen gameplay to buy WiiU. Hey this is fun, get a WiiU to have second screen gameplay in every game.

If sony and microsoft consoles offer the same thing that WiiU has, why should I buy them? Go Nintendo for first party games plus all the third party games since they all will be the same.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1070d ago
Cross play has been with Sony since PSP so it seems like Nintendo copied Sony, no?
SuperShyGuy  +   1070d ago
Maybe if Nintendo's GameCube to GBA connection never existed.
RuleofOne343  +   1070d ago
I have no clue about Sony doings, but for MS couldn't they simply write a software program that would allow the tablets to be use as a secondary controller & also incorporate an accessory that will give the tablets triggers, buttons & a D-pad. I know their a tablet that has these thing but the items sold separately would be cheaper & all you really need to do is download the program ,than actually having to buy a whole new tablet with all that on it. somehow it sounds crazy but possible.
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ALLWRONG  +   1070d ago
Yeah we all know that Sony thought of everything first back in 1905
Ezz2013  +   1070d ago
that's a very good full of info answer that prove him wrong
extermin8or  +   1070d ago
Mate this feature was announced at the Vita's announcement, months before the WII U went public- Smart Glass was announced this E3 but must've been in development also before the wii u went public to be functional atm; Sony never really intended the vita to do many other games other than LBP this gen, they bought Gaiki recently and thus acquired all their streaming patenets and tech a decision nt made overnight I am sure- this was all a set up for them to demonstrate what the ps4 and vita may be capable of when the ps4 is finally announced only Nintendo forced their hand into haveing to inform the world about the feature or lose their advantage to Nintendo smart glass was conieved with a similar idea in mind it seems...
THC CELL  +   1070d ago
yet people forget sony patent the idea before wii u come out ouch boom head shot, "is that smoke coming out of his head"
ftwrthtx  +   1070d ago
PlayStation paved the way for both the Wii U and the Kinect for Xbox. The Eyetoy did quite bit, but wasn't as polished or as full featured as the Kinect and I've been using my PSP to control my PS3 since I first got my PSP.

What's great is that all three companies are helping each other, even though they may not want too. Smart phones share in the same way when it comes to technology. Hard to patent an idea so that allows other companies to build a better mousetrap, so to speak.
Ultr  +   1070d ago
I agree with you except for this sentence:

"..but wasn't as polished or as full featured as the Kinect.."

because we all know how "polished" that piece is...
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HammadTheBeast  +   1070d ago
Nonsense, Steel Battalion is an amazing game lololol.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1070d ago
I think I remember a snowboarding game or something for the eyetoy. Like you said, the tech wasn't polished, but it was still neat.
Deku-Johnny  +   1070d ago
I think Wii did more to pave the way for Kinect. Not technology wise, just the whole money side of things.
ftwrthtx  +   1070d ago
The Wii was just for motion controllers though where the Eyetoy let you use your body as the controller. Antigrav was a great example of that and worked great.
herbs  +   1070d ago
Great example of how Nintendo is able to do more with less. Cross play will never take off because of the $ to make it happen for consumers and developers alike, as well as the poor integration. Maybe the PS4 will fair better with cross play but I doubt it because it will most likely be even more expensive to implement. Unfortunately I know I will get many disagrees for talking sense about this topic because N4G is a Sony fanboy Nintendo troll haven :p
extermin8or  +   1070d ago
Crossplay and cross controller suport along with cross buy, a vita price drop (inevitable before ps4 launch) coupled with the fact that i am certain many early supporters of ps4 will have a vita- if sony get the software supporting this out there to begin with at launch of the ps4, it could easily take off...The vita has the selling point that it functions as a brilliantly featured playstation with full psn etc, Without a home console connected, unlike the wii gamepad however price does reflect this :/
tre  +   1069d ago
Without a console connected, that is what the 3DS is for. Vita and Playstation#s are direct competition with each other. WiiU and 3DS are two different horses. I rather console and handheld have their own library of games. Sony give it up. Love Nintendo!
nevin1  +   1070d ago
@ftwrthtx and Ultr

I think its because Sony never really pushed their casual offerings. The EyeToy and PShome was spearheaded by Phil Harrison.

Hell, Sony never really pushed the multimedia offerings of PS even though they always said they wanted PS system to be number one home entertainment device.

But it seems MSoft is the one more interested in Xbox becoming a media hub.
miyamoto  +   1070d ago
1) They do but they can't and won't push the PlayStation brand to level down too far for the kids and casuals because these are not their main target market.

They have Differentiated themselves from Nintendo and Sega as not for kids. MS tries to copy them and steal their target market in every aspect since Xbox1.

Sony has that "core gamer" image/identity to maintain & protect since the PlayStation One.

When daddy or big brother buys a PlayStation this kiddie accessories are made for Junior to play with when the big boys are not playing.

2) "Hell, Sony never really pushed the multimedia offerings of PS even though they always said they wanted PS system to be number one home entertainment device.

But it seems MSoft is the one more interested in Xbox becoming a media hub."

No. Dude, Sony Computer ENTERTAINMENT has been pushing PlayStation as multi-media hub since PS1 CD player; PS2 CD & DVD player; PSP- UMD movies, PS3 CD,DVD,DVD+R, Blu-Ray,MP3, MP4, Netflix, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Neon Alley, Amazon Video, Youtube, PlayTV, Torne, etc. etc.
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Thepcz  +   1070d ago
difference is, sony dont have the balls to go all the way
people keep sighting psp, eye toy and vita, but sony only offered the cross control feature as a 'extra' add on. eye toy was just a peripheral.

nintendo were bold enough to make motion control THE main method of control for the wii. nintnedo had the balls to make a tablet controller THE standard method of control for wiiu.

thats the difference betweeen sony and nintendo- balls.

nobody can claim sony sells nintendo anything when they half-step on their implementation of features.

nintendo go all the way.

merry christmas! :)
nevin1  +   1070d ago
I think a company charging $500-$600 for a console shows alot more balls than anything.
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Thepcz  +   1070d ago
lol there is a difference between balls and just plain greed and stupidity
Shadow Flare  +   1070d ago

A ps3 at launch was sold at $600 but it cost Sony around $800 to manufacture a ps3 at launch. Sony were losing $200 on every ps3 sold at that time.

Explain to me how Sony was greedy. Please

You're defending Nintendo here but if you want to talk about greedy, they rereleased the GameCube, changed its name to Wii, gave it a new controller and sold it a higher price point. A greedy price point.

Nintendo gambled on selling dinosaur hardware with a waggle stick, and it worked.

Sony gambled on bluray, the cell processor and the idea that making the ps3 very high tech early on despite making it expensive would also make it live the longest and keep producing high quality games for years.

It worked

So in a sense both companies had guts to pursue their targets and succeed with them. But I prefer Sonys approach better frankly
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RFornillos4  +   1070d ago
no offense, but Sony has been "over"-charging their stuff since, since they've become household names with the walkman.

if you compare any Sony-brand items, you can clearly see that they're not in the cheapest category. they're mostly above mid-level to high pricing levels. take for example TV's, DSLR cameras, and even laptops. of course you can always claim "it's the quality", but compared to other items of the same or better quality, Sony is usually more expensive.

take note also, Sony was the company who declined the initial proposal of using motion controllers, when they asked whether the technology can be made for 99 cents; for what, so they can charge their consumers with a 100+% profit?

like i said, i don't mean to offend any Sony fanboy, i have my fair share of Sony items so i'm quite familiar with how much they charge for their products.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1070d ago
Shadow Flare, that was very well said. I think my opinion of Nintendo just dropped a bit. I say this as a day 1 Wii U purchaser.
Salamander  +   1070d ago
I wouldnt say greedy- more like cocky.
Raoh  +   1069d ago
sigh.. not this again.

PS3 at launch also had bluetooth, hd swap support, hdmi port, blu ray player, linux os install option, sixaxis, web browser, 5.1 audio, a full ps2 emotion chip for backward compatibility and built in wifi.

360 had no hdmi port, i'll repeat that no hdmi port, no hd audio, no hd media, proprietary hard drive, no wifi, no browser and online fees. oh and free rrod with every console.

But yeah lets slam more expensive hardware for technically being better.

Sony never made cheap crap. I question the age of the people complaining because I've grown up with sony products. Their specs competed with companies like apple not sanyo and the like.

I remember $1,000 vhs players from various companies but a $600 multimedia device that did a whole bunch of stuff is too expensive?
miyamoto  +   1070d ago

if Nintendo had the 'ballz' you say

1) why did they go the cheap route with the Wii backing off and side stepping from PS3 & 360? Fear of another Gamecube disaster?

2) why did they stick to kiddie friendly casual games and the Wii name?
because Nintendo is a kids toy company and they fear of losing their family friendly image?

3) why didn't they push GBA Gamecube, or DSi Wii combination like Sony does with PSP and Vita? fear the Dreamcast VMU did not worked out well

4) if they have the balls why did they copy the TV remote control design and now free loading on the iPad instead of coming up with a totally original game controller?

5) if they have the balls why did they make a next gen console with current gen compatibility capability instead of spearhead to head with next PlayStation and Xbox?

the answer is .... Fear
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   1070d ago
1) Yes, definitely. That was their blue ocean strategy at work. PS1 was weaker than the N64 and yet Sony destroyed them. The PS2 had worse graphics than both the GameCube and Xbox, and again Sony sold an incredible amount. Nintendo took a page out of Sony's book and took it to the extreme. It somehow paid off for them.

2) I doubt that... I mean, they do have the family friendly image, but they own that. Disney is the same, but that's not bad.

3) They totally tried that and it didn't work out. Crystal Chronicles comes to mind as does Four Swords. If anything, Wii U is the next logical step.

4) I should point out Nintendo is always the first when it comes to innovative controllers, going back to the NES. Thanks to Nintendo we have d pads, shoulder buttons, rumble, analog sticks, face buttons in a diamond shape, motion controls, touch controls, etc etc. So if indeed the Wii U is the first time they didn't release an original controller, then maybe they at least deserve a pass. But in the end the Wii U controller is truly great. If the system itself had the power to rival the next PlayStation and Xbox no one would be complaining. I'm sure the iPad influenced them in some way but it's not like they are a stranger to touch controls. They released the DS years before even the iPhone existed.

5) Man, it's still called a Wii. What'd you expect? They're still trucking along with the same thing that worked for them last gen. If it fails I'm sure they'll go right back to releasing the most powerful system possible like they used to.

I'm not saying Nintendo does what's best for gamers, I'm just trying to point out why they do what they do. If their console fails they only have their handhelds to fall back on. They don't have other divisions in their company like Sony and Microsoft.
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FanMan  +   1070d ago
nintendo may go all the way but imo that hurt hardcore gamers. nintendo isnt what they used to be imo. i dont think i will ever buy a nintendo product in the near future.
FanMan  +   1070d ago
wasnt nintendo scared to go the route of cd based technology and stuck with cartridge? while sony went with cd. isnt that what lost nintendo tons of third party support for the n64? if nintendo wasnt so worried about piracy, that whole gen might have turned out differently. some balls nintendo has...
GribbleGrunger  +   1070d ago
One game, one specific method does not define the potential of this feature. It's all well and good comparing this to the Wiiu but until Nintendo offer consumers the option of designing and playing user created experiences of this kind, LBP crossplay is unique in its own right.

It's designed the way it is for a reason and if Sony decide to build another game from the ground up using the Vita as a alternative controller, it won't be as cumbersome to set up.
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PopRocks359  +   1070d ago
"It's designed the way it is for a reason and if Sony decide to build another game from the ground up using the Vita as a alternative controller, it won't be as cumbersome to set up."

Except for the part where consumers are expected to buy a second platform to use it. That right there is the largest crutch for this combination.
GribbleGrunger  +   1070d ago
They're not though. These games are not to motivate people into buying a Vita or a PS3 (depending on which they have), they're to offer another experience for people who already have both. Why is it difficult to understand? Why do people keep pulling the combined cost argument as if in some way that messes with the concept of using the Vita as a combo? Is it about sales numbers? Does it make the concept any less real because the combo has fewer users (which at this point it actually has more)?

If you are a Nintendo fan then you'd better hope that the combo is a success ... that's if you want third party support for the foreseeable future. Devs won't want to spend money on the Wiiu if they've only got the one market, especially when the Nextbox and the PS4 are just around the corner. It's good for Nintendo that Sony have the combo. Why can't you people see that?
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jujubee88  +   1070d ago
"These games are not to motivate people into buying a Vita or a PS3 (depending on which they have), they're to offer another experience for people who already have both."

Correct! This is not a marketing ploy on SCE to sell people "just some gimmick". Cross-play is a feature in the technology of VITA and it is a feature of the console.

Once the console architecture allows for better cross-play (aka Playstation Orbis), than the engineers will use that as yet another strength.

Innovation like cross-controller deserves the chance to succeed because the engineers at SCE made it happen. Why are people so insecure that they want to right it off already?
PopRocks359  +   1070d ago
There are several problems though.

1) It is by virtue not as effective as the Wii U's synchronization with its controller. The PSVita may share similar firmware to the PS3, but it is simply NOT a PS3. You can only sync two different platforms together so well.

2) The need to have both platforms is a crutch in and of itself. It's a GREAT feature for Sony fans who consciously purchased both platforms, but the Vita is not exactly a mega selling product. Without the right support how can any third party developers be expected to support this without financial input from Sony?

3) You argue devs won't spend money to make games on the Wii U. Well what about not wanting to put money into development into even MORE expensive consoles with more power? I read somewhere that according to EA a big budget title NEEDS to sell a minimum of 5 million copies in order to be successful. How much higher can that get when the other next generation consoles come out and those development costs are even higher? The Wii U will be the least costly platform to develop games on and on top of this developers will have a better grasp on the architecture of the hardware due to it having been out longer.

EDIT: I completely understand your points and why you make them, but I just don't agree.
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evilbart  +   1070d ago
I have a ps3 a wii u and a vita because gaming is my main hobby but trust me I am no hater but the ps vita hasnt a patch on the wii u gamepad, it has no L1 L2 buttons and the anolouge sticks are just terrible for first person shooters,I still like the vita but it cannot compare for ease of use to the wii u gamepad, I play black ops daily on the wii u gamepad and this would be so frustrating on the vita due to the controls, as soon as you have both of them in your hands you would understand what I am saying imediately
#10 (Edited 1070d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
aquamala  +   1070d ago
I agree, I can't aim well at all with the Vita's tiny sticks, why would i use them to cross play when ps3's controller is better?
Buff1044  +   1070d ago
It's crazy how much hate the Wii U gets for a system that just came out. It's been available for little over a month. Why don't we see how the console evolves over time. People pretend like the Xbox 360 and PS3 didn't struggle initially. 360 with red rings of death and highly criticized launch games (COD excluded), PS3 for a supremely high price tag, lack of rumble in the controllers.
LKHGFDSA  +   1070d ago
What? evilbart was praising the Wii U.
dok22  +   1070d ago
@meurte2424 Nintendo also has Indie developers from UNITY they will be just fine .. with all the tools becoming easily available these young, talented,dedicated, hungry developers will give these big third party studios a run for their money.. The strong hold that these big third party companies have on the gaming industry will become weaker just like every other media industry. UNITY equals to possibly more exclusive content on the wii u everybody should keep that in mind.. soon you, just like many other parents who purchased the Wii for their kids will soon play it more than they do..
strigoi814  +   1070d ago
i think wii u is selling because kids and parents think that the gamepad is another ipad..
Theyellowflash30  +   1070d ago
There is Positively no data to back up your claim. Kids and parents are not that stupid. They know the difference between an iPad and Nintendo.

The Wii U is selling because its Nintendo, New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU, the eShop. The promise of Nintendo's top franchises in HD. Good starting price point. The Dual screen concept is fun, people are having a blast with games like Nintendo Land.

Just give Nintendo the credit they deserve. They played there cards right with Wii U just like they did with the Wii.
#12.1 (Edited 1070d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
OmniSlashPT  +   1070d ago
No, the Wii U is selling because it's from Nintendo and it's new. The big question is if the Wii U will manage to keep selling after the next Xbox and PlayStation come to the market. Because let's face it, neither the hardware or the software make the Wii U a good purchase.

People who bought the Wii U will lose all the great games next year such as Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, GTAV and more. And for what, another Mario game? The Wii sold because it's something new and it was hyped, the Wii U will not be the same and Nintendo doesnt seem to understand that the same trick wont work twice.
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Soldierone  +   1070d ago
I'm not saying its the entire basis of the sales, but I've been in GameStop 3 times now where the person had to explain to the customer "its only a controller." The 2nd or 3rd time the cashier turned and laughed at me going "so tired of telling people that."

And we can't say casuals are the brightest bulbs either. I know several people that were disappointed their Wii couldn't play DVD or Blu-ray movies.
FanMan  +   1070d ago
i think you would be surprised at how stupid people can be. i have a friend that works at gamestop. you should hear the stories he tells me... some people think the wii u is just an add on for the wii
Deku-Johnny  +   1070d ago
Or because it's the best console on the market.
Buff1044  +   1070d ago
Coming soon from Sony and Microsoft....controllers with built in screens.
Buff1044  +   1070d ago
At the end of the day, articles about the Vita and PS3 substituting as a Wii U don't make much sense. Similar functionality? Sure. No doubt, but the Wii U is a device custom built around this type of experience.
Soldierone  +   1070d ago
I find it funny that Sony is somehow copying Nintendo again when the PSP had the same function, and Sony touted it then too. "But but Vita has a touchscreen and motion sensors" You mean like cell phones and tablets? no way?!

Call it what you want, Sony has had this being developed long before WiiU was ever mentioned. Are you going to say they copied Kinect when they bring back head tracking to the PSeye as well? If so you might want to go look up some E3 videos from 2004 - 2005.

Just because someone innovated an idea and based an entire console around someone elses feature doesn't mean the first guy copied it.
LKHGFDSA  +   1070d ago
Yeah, it's not Sony copying tech, it's Sony reacting to the market that is now interested in the Wii U.
deletingthis34675334  +   1070d ago
Yeah, Sony invented the GBA and Gamecube connectivity. Nintendo just copied that.
Adnan_rules  +   1070d ago
Hicken  +   1070d ago
Because that allowed your to play Gamecube games on your GBA, right?

What? It didn't?

Then how is it the same at all?

What" It isn't?

Guess there's no point in you and others bringing that up, then, huh?

But you'll do it again, won't you?
Tei777  +   1070d ago
If sony was serious about this they would have launched the Vita with a gamepad attatchment with 2 additional trigger buttons and possibly extended analoges sticks if that can be done ergonomically. I personally would have loved simple menu/inventory functionality in titles like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragons Dogma and Dark Souls. I'm sure it wouldn't have been too time consuming yet would have made the Vita that much more compelling and launch. And I see no reason why sony hasn't/doesn't implement in all 1st part titles moving foward. Nothing as ambitious as creating levels specifically for it but again, map/inventory viewing and possibly gyroscope shooting as it worked brilliantly in uncharted GA.
AO1JMM  +   1070d ago
no thanks
WalterWJR  +   1070d ago
I dont understand what Is so hard about setting this up. install lbp2 patch - buy dlc - connect ps vita to ps3 and download the cross play app. MERRY CHRISTMAS N4G
Adnan_rules  +   1070d ago
Crazy how people hate Nintendo for trying to do something different. Nintendo always win, I think that may be the reason why people hate.
boybato  +   1070d ago
correct me if I am wrong.....

last time I checked my friends who jumped into the Wiiu bandwagon purchased it because of the games, a possibility that in the future they could play Zelda, Metroid, Dragon Quest, MH etc. though some ended up really liking the play in the controller feature. merry xmas.
abzdine  +   1070d ago
i dont care i just think it works great but will remain a gimmick on PS3
HmongAmerican  +   1070d ago
I see this as an insults to Nintendo. The way SONY PLAYSTATION always goes after Nintendo on what they do. The PS move, and now cross controller.
BrianC6234  +   1070d ago
Nintendo did just as much copying of Sony. Sony had their camera on the PS2 which did a lot of things the Wii ended up doing. And it didn't even need a special gamepad.
SuperShyGuy  +   1069d ago
Nintendo had a camera for the original GameBoy.

Top that! :P
Chrono1e  +   1069d ago
i have to agree with supershyguy you could even make games witht he camera and lets not forget the gameboy printer!
sdgwegsdgwegwe   1070d ago | Spam
Chrono1e  +   1069d ago
i can't help but laugh at the amount of bias on these comments lol if i had a dollar for every stupid comment! ... i would have .. well like maybe $60 ... common people more stupid comments please! i need to make more money!
wishingW3L  +   1069d ago
so much fuss over a blog from a random user from 1UP.... =/
#24 (Edited 1069d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
wiiulee  +   1069d ago
wiiu sells itself as a complete system....not a late try to copy something unique by combining two overprice systems with two copies of games to try and keep haters happy....thats all..

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