GDC08:Final Fantasy, beautiful men, and fighting the uncanny valley

Joystiq writes-"Concept art from the upcoming PS3 RPG was showcased, and it was absolutely stunning. We were able to see Cocoon, a giant green planet, encompassed by clouds. Green water, seemingly falls off the edge of this mysterious, enchanting planet. It's supposedly one of the main stages of the game. We got to see another area called Pulse, which appears to be a lush jungle environment. In the horizon, one can see the world of Cocoon.

We also had a chance to see more of the incredible airships and vehicles that will be available in the game. Most intriguing are these insect-like green hovering autobikes, with nymph-like creatures riding them. They're "the new Chocobo," Theodore joked.

And then, the slideshow ended. The concept art on display was gorgeous, filled with an incredible attention to detail that we'd love to see represented in playable form. The panel ended with the audience in high spirits -- and this blogger anxious to see more from the Final Fantasy world."

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another reason to own a playstation 3

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