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One Assassin’s Creed III Debate To Rule Them All

Kotkau: "Assassin's Creed III is easily one of the most divisive video games of 2012. It was a hugely ambitious slate-cleaner for the long-running Assassin's Creed franchise, and while it did a number of things right, it also got a lot of things wrong." (Assassin's Creed III, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

GraySnake  +   1019d ago
for not liking this title Kotaku sure likes to talk about it.
vickers500  +   1019d ago
You know the drill people.

Under "Read Full Story", click kotaku.com+ then check story quality as WTF? and No on "like this website?".

I don't think anyone here actually likes Kotaku, so let's get their crappy articles off this site.
-Gespenst-  +   1019d ago
Stop being so biased, and stop seeking bandwagon approval. I'm sure you'd enjoy the article if you read it.
DragonKnight  +   1018d ago
I read the article, it's just 2 people bashing AC3 and one person being too forgiving of it. The whole article is just a vanity piece for the relative few people who actually care about what the writers of Kraptaku actually think. So, like vickers500 said..

Story Quality: WTF?!
Like this website: No.

I'm fed up with the barrage of Kraptaku articles that have been showing up here and they are always being approved. It's enough to make one wonder if n4g and Kraptaku have some kind of partnership. Kraptaku hasn't even gone down any stars. How are they still at 3 stars?
-Gespenst-  +   1019d ago
"Easily one of the most divisive"? Well nobody really hated it did they? Opinion seemed to range from like average to great.

I do agree with what most of Stephen Totilo says though. The Haytham sections were way too drawn out. There was a point where I was running for ages across a snow field as him just thinking, "am I going to be playing as this toff for the rest of the game? Give me Connor already!"

The narrative and story plummet after Connor gets hit by the cannonball. The fight with Haytham is completely anticlimactic and clumsily conceived, the whole pursuit of Charles Lee is nonsense and so haphazardly put together, the ending in the temple is the most rushed, bare thing ever, and had like zero impact.

Overall the story, as he says, really does lack cohesion. It just ping pongs from event to event, but there are strong moments, even if you're often not really sure WHY they're strong. Oh and killing Kanen'tó:kon was terribly done and terribly written.

I really think I'm on the same page as that Stephen guy. I totally loved doing all the side-quest stuff. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the Encyclopedia of the common man too. Just following them around watching them work. People are obsessed with reward in videogames, they don't soak up the atmosphere and the world. Everything has to have a utility.

I though Connor was a good character though, and really well voiced. He didn't have much of an arc, but I thought he had a cool personality. Haytham was just cheesy, he made the game feel like such an anachronistic, cheesy period drama. Some other stuff and characters in the game had a similar effect.

Desmond was becoming an interesting character until they killed, and Shaun is just a poor man's Stephen Merchant, he's a decent character though.

"yeah, as much as they refined the controls, they've still got a ways to go". 100% agree with this. Tree-running could use improvement too. Too artificial or something, and often sort of frustrating. Occasionally awesome though.

Overall for me, a great game with a lot of great stuff, but with a lot of room for improvement. 8/10 methinks. I hope we get a few more Connor games.

Ya see, I wish people would have intelligent conversations about games on N4G like these guys. Here people just spout shit about brands and sales and "This game is shit you
should kill yourself if you like it."

ALSO: The multiplayer. I've never touched it in an AC game. It scares me. I feel like it must be the most frustrating thing ever. I can see the controls completely effing up everything in a match. I just don't see how the game can accommodate for such frantic gameplay... I'm tempted to play it because of the story though.
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Conzul  +   1018d ago
If the MP controls suck for you, keep in mind that they still suck for every other person in the match. The playing field would still even out as far as that was concerned.

And no, no more of Connor or Desmond, please.
AC has gotten to the point where I'd rather play as a Templar and see the world from their perspective. The Assassin's lost their cool right around the end of Brotherhood.
apollo003  +   1018d ago
I thought AC 3 was very disappointing. The story was lackluster, the gameplay took a step backward if anything, and in my opinion Connor was a horrible character. Not likable at all to me, and not voiced very well either in my opinion. He was self righteous and a big whiner half of the time. I just didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I wanted to. I much prefer AC 2 and Brotherhood.

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