Why 2012 Was A Great Year For Gaming 2012 was an interesting year in many respects, but it was a particularly interesting year for gaming. 2012 had its share of ups and down, but looking back on the year as a whole, I’d say that it was ultimately good for gamers, developers, and the industry in general. A lot happened throughout the year, and even though we saw vitriol from gamers climb to pretty frightening heights in some cases, there were some pretty cool things happening that you may not have noticed. Needless to say, if 2012 was any indication, then 2013 should be one of gaming’s biggest years yet.

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KangarooSam2005d ago

Picture says it all. :)

And Merry Christmas everyone!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2005d ago

Yep, new Trials and Minecraft on Xbox Live were killers! Nuff said!

Ezz20132005d ago

yet joureny still the one who score 92% meta
which pretty much score higher than every thing on xbox this year
and it's the one with GOTY awards from most sites
(just like what always happen since 2008 with ps3 exclusives)

just stating facts

CLOUD19832005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

2012 is nothing compare to what 2013 have in store for us, 2013 will be in my opinion the best year for PS3 from the moment of it's launch back in 2006, w8 & see!

coolmast3r2005d ago

every year was great for gaming.

csreynolds2005d ago

2012 was not a great year for gaming - more a poor year from which a few absolute gems emerged.

Y_51502005d ago

Yes same here. This year also felt good because of like me we still had a lot of games that came out during 2011 that we played this year.

DragonKnight2005d ago

2012 was a poor year for gaming. There were fewer gems this year than last year. I suppose that can't be helped as the gen is in wind down mode, but that really doesn't excuse half-assed attempts.

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