Crysis 3′s Bow Looks Like A Nice Change From The Usual Guns

New to Crysis 3 is the bow, which wasn’t present in the previous two Crysis games. Given that this is Crysis, though, we’re looking a high-tech bow that takes enemies apart in a rather satisfying way when you hit them, especially up close. EA demonstrated the weapon in a new promo video for the game, which you can watch below:

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konnerbllb1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Sweet. I wouldn't mind a more tactical stealthy weapon. It was fun in Far Cry 3.

Gamer19821910d ago

Meh they are trying to take a leaf out of Far crys book. They have ran out of ideas so though hell lets throw in a bow!

torchic1910d ago

how so? we saw this bow from the moment Crysis 3 was leaked. or unless Crytek went into the future and ripped ideas from Far Cry, yeah that's it.

-MD-1910d ago

Far Cry isn't the first game with a bow.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

Meh Farcry 3's entire setting is just taking a leaf out of crytek's farcry 1. They must have run out of ideas?

So farcry 3 invented bows? hmm did turok use a butter knife to hunt?

Seem some people say crytek sucks no matter what.

I personally enjoy the look of the game and also I think being the only game with a nano suit with changeable powers that adds strategy and cause you to think in a shooter with different ways of approaching it is still rare.

Yet since it has a bow some think it's completely generic?

I am pretty sure your 12 and think Cod is the first shooter.

Also I hope this level will be in multiplayer. That high grass!!

DwightOwen1910d ago

Turok could've been something really great with a few more months of polish.

ab5olut10n1910d ago

Will there be any reasoning for why you never had a bow before? Like maybe this is homemade?

cannon88001910d ago

My computer is ready to dominate this game! Can't wait!

AKS1910d ago

Yeah, that's what you think. Your PC is no match for Toad Tech!

cannon88001910d ago

haha I totally forgot about that toad. Now I'm having second thoughts about my pc being able to handle the toad.

iistuii1910d ago

Hope your right. All that grass swaying with AA turned on, Gulp.

iistuii1910d ago

This game looks awesome. My pc is also ready to max this out.... Hopefully.

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