GDC 08: Sony Shows Off Patapon, God of War PSP, and Echochrome


"Sony had a rather comfy-looking booth on the GDC show floor, with large 1080p screens and leather couches, perfect for sitting around and playing Devil May Cry 4 or Echochrome. Behind these were rows of PSPs with God of War: Chains of Olympus, and the charming surprise Patapon."

Ripten previews all three.

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TheExecutive3948d ago

If you dont own a psp buy one for Patapon and God of War; both of these games validate a psp purchase.

permutated3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

I was there, fl0w and Echochrome were a no show.

Neither was SF4, which IGN said was on the show floor.

Do these sites enjoy lying to their readers?

By the way, no one talked about the fact that the english version of Crisis Core was fully on display, and it was terrible. Maybe it gets better, but it wasn't so great.

There was also about an hour long wait to play Smash Bros, I eventually gave up.

techie3948d ago

Echochrome was there lad. They aren't lying. Just cause you couldn't find it, doesnt mean they didnt have access to it.

permutated3948d ago

I'm sorry, were you there? Did you search for over 2 hours trying to find it?

Believe me, mate, if they wanted people to play it, it would have been on display on one of the 10 PS3's they had as soon as you came in the expo.

fl0w was also not present, which makes me think that maybe both titles were playable behind closed doors.

Oh well. What a bust.

techie3948d ago

I know people (journalists) who were there and they played it.

permutated3948d ago

Well ask them where the hell they found it, I'm only 20 minutes away and my pass goes until tonite :P

techie3948d ago

They're all there now, so no I can't ask them.

gambare3948d ago

did sony metioned something about home?

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gambare3948d ago

I got the GoW demo on my PSP right now, I think it is the BEST PSP title, Patapon is the second.

Gorgon3948d ago

Where's Heavy Rain? GoW3? RE5? Ico3? LA Noire? The Outsider? GTA4 gameplay videos? Staker: Clear Sky? Far Cry 2 DECENT videos? Rage? Borderlands? This GDC was a TOTAL dissapointment.

Azures3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

GDC isn't really for showing games. Its meant to talk about the industry, games are just sometimes mixed in, an add-on.

permutated3947d ago

Uh...have you ever even been to GDC?

1/2 the show is dedicated to a game expo.

Doctor Strange3948d ago

Got my PSP just in time. Patapon and GOW is great. Crisis Core is coming soon too and thats supposed to be good as well.

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