GamesBeat: The biggest gaming surprises of 2012

It doesn't matter how closely you follow the news or how often you refresh your browser; some companies can still manage to catch the gaming public completely unaware. Here are some of the GamesBeat staff's picks for the biggest surprises of 2012.

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NagaSotuva1818d ago

I'm surprised people still spend hundreds of dollars on handheld games when cell phone apps cost so little.

Riderz13371818d ago

Yes because Angry Birds> Uncharted Golden Abyss.


RandomGamer1818d ago

Agreed I am so sick of people comparing cell phone games to handheld games, big deal they are cheap , but you get what you paid for , an incredibly short and repetitive game.

CommonSenseGamer1818d ago

I think its rediculous how people continue to use Angry Birds to support their argument against Tablet/Smartphone games.

r211818d ago

Cell phones games dont bring what vita games can, console experiences. Oh and obviously satisfying physical controls.

CommonSenseGamer1818d ago

Ok. try playing bards tale, modern combat 4 or nova 3 and you'll see tablets offer a rich gaming experience. As for controls, sync a ds3. The claim of no proper games on tablets is jyst as bad as saying there are no games on the vita. Its a generalisation to suit and ignorant point of view.

1818d ago