The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Details and Gameplay

n today’s episode of IGN’s Up At Noon, viewers got their first look at Terminal Reality’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct stars the Dixon brothers from the popular TV show, Daryl and Merle Dixon.

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TheFinalEpisode1948d ago

Love the whole walking dead universe and I hope it lives up to the name

yaz2881948d ago

who are the guys that are making this game? can we anticipate something beside cod that is good from activision?

DigitalRaptor1948d ago

The same guys who made Kinect Star Wars. so.... yeah.

Brian1rr1948d ago

I was hoping for third person view

Adexus1948d ago

Then you might prefer State of Decay which is an open world XBLA title based on Cryengine 3, coming to PC after the release of the XBLA version as well I think.

yaz2881948d ago

I never heard of it until now. really cool game.

1948d ago
Blank1948d ago

Man I swear out of all the publishers to make a walking dead game it just had to be activision. telltale did excellent with the franchise in terms of story and atmosphere I also love their sam and max, anywho I dont have too much faith in activision im sure in bobby's office he knew that making a walking dead game would be an awesome cash in like he does with other movie ips also I dont know squat about the dev team creating this I feel like activision is going to rely on the name and hordes of loyal fans will pick it up anyways so they will make some sub par shooter but at the sametime im going to keep looking at how this goes with an open mind im hoping they surprise us with an awesome game but its activision im keeping my expectations small and at bay hype wont blind me this time!!

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