5 Reasons Handsome Jack is 2012’s Villain of the Year

Matt Randisi writes, "Gearbox’s highly successful, multi-award winning, and just plain fun co-op shooter of the year Borderlands 2 features one of the most memorable and well-rounded villains in recent gaming history. Let’s take a look at why Handsome Jack is a clear winner for this year’s best bad guy."

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Chuk52009d ago

I think Vaas was a better villian.

konnerbllb2009d ago

Negative. Vaas only showed up and interacted every so often. Also, Jack has a diamond unicorn.

AngryOcelots2009d ago

Butt Stallion is the clincher, moonbase puts him ahead too.

legionsoup2009d ago

For me, Vaas was scarier, and Jack was more entertaining. Though both shared in those elements to a degree (both had moments of humor and being scary).

Bimkoblerutso2009d ago

Vaas was an EXCELLENT villain, but yeah, he didn't really get enough face time. He wasn't technically even the main villain.

geth1gh2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

No, jack is def not. While borderlands 2 is supposed to be completely comedic, that also made jack comedic.

As much as I enjoyed jack I never really felt him as a true threat or a true villain.

Vaas on the other hand was a freaking monster and just a guy that you could do nothing but hate. Up until the point you were able to duel him you were really just rendered useless under his madness.

He truly felt like a threat every step of the way and there was completely no ounce of logic contained within himself.

The guy that every sane person instinctively hates no matter your background. That makes for the best villain.

Yea, he didn't get a lot of face time nor was he technically the main villain. But neither of those factors are needed to make best villain of the year.

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zgoldenlionz2009d ago

I like vaas better too. I liked handsome jack at first but after awhile I got real tired of hearing him talk.

Sexius Maximus2009d ago

Jack has some serious violin skills too.

InTheLab2009d ago

"HohoHoly Nutballs! What happened to your face. Jesus, uh Lady? I don't even know what to call you..."


"Did I ever tell Ju the definition of Insanity?"

Actually, I think Buck from Farcry 3 was fantastic in that crazy man-rape sort of way.

AngryOcelots2009d ago

That's a great quote from Vaas, but Jack would definitely win a war of words ;P. As for toe to toe well, Vaas would probably leave Jack bleeding on the floor but let's not forget there would be loader after loader and engineers to get through first. Not to mention The Warrior.

2009d ago
SITH2008d ago

Vaas was annoying, and talk too much with little results. Jack talked too much with plenty of results. And yes, the moon base made him a beast and true villain with all the perks.

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