PSASBR: Vocal Fans Asking For Specific Characters “Going To Get Their Way”, Says Killian

While we imagine that SuperBot Entertainment would be hard pressed on including everyone's personal favorite, the wheels are in motion for certain, unnamed third party PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fighters.

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RmanX10001947d ago

Cloud: Probably.
Crash: Probably.
Spyro: Probably.
Anyone from a Sony owned franchise like Wild ARMs, Dark Cloud, SotC, or ICO: VERY unlikely as of now.

DarkBlood1947d ago

why would a sony owned franchise be unlikely for now?

ABizzel11947d ago

Don't add them, might as well wait for the sequel. What's the point of giving all these characters, and not have any standout announcements or surprises for a sequel.

Next game add.

Big Boss / Solid Snake / Old Snake
FF7 / FF8 / FF9 / FF10 (keep it lite, don't want it to become a FF game)
Legend of Dragoon
Dark Cloud
Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation
and some other franchise

As well as a collection of new game modes, a vastly superior story, campaign, presentation, and production, and you'll have a winner.

Temporary1947d ago

i havent purchased this game ... probably will if they release Cloud though. Dont even know why, but I would impulse buy just for cloud being playable in a current Gen fighting game.

r211947d ago

Cause its the studios behind those characters that say yes or no and for ICO, its an unfortunately confirmed no :C

DarkBlood1947d ago

well thats a interesting conflict against themselves i guess

EeJLP-1946d ago

Unless I missed it, I can't believe they didn't add Ellen & Keats from Folklore. They seem like they'd be among the best fits for a game like this with all those different folk attacks.

RmanX10001945d ago

I meant because apparently the SotC and ICO devs are being real protective of their IPs. And this game doesnt seem to appeal to many obscure or JRPG friendly people unless Cloud is involved. I'd want all of them in honestly XD

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IAMERROR1946d ago

ughh... why cloud? Such a horrible character.

RmanX10001946d ago

Even if you dont like him, you must admit that FF7 is a rather iconic PlayStation title. So itd only make sense to include him.

IAMERROR1946d ago

Not denying that, I like VII but damn Cloud was as boring and bland as it gets not to mention the only reason why the fans like him is because of his emo hair lulz

dafegamer1947d ago

Dart, Toan, Cloud, Crash, Spyro, Snake, Raven(probably wouldnt happen but i want her, she is badass),Alundra(seriously this guy needs a reboot best 2d Zelda game[yup even better than a link to the past])make it happen

Blackcanary1945d ago

The First Alundra needs a big fat reboot not the second one that sucked cause Alundra wasn't even it it.

princejb1341947d ago

Some of the asked characters like cloud and crash ain't superbots fault
Is squares and activisions call on these characters

prototypeknuckles1947d ago

that is true yet people dont like to read so they never find out about problems such as this.

Root1947d ago

I've read it countless of times but if they CAN probably get them soon why not when the game was actually made.

Sorry but I don't see why they wouldn't get them for the actual game for promotional reasons

Baka-akaB1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

That's one of my issues with the game . So yeah they dont have a say on wich chars are in or not , and it's a tedious process ... but that's not our problem as customers .

Why "rush" to release such a game with key missing characters that are still a possibility ?
They could have delayed the thing or only announce it once they knew about a few secured characters .

People can play nice all they want around here . But the public aint going to buy the game for fat princess or fake dante , and sales are vastly inferior to what potentially could have been with cloud ,crash or whatever big stars inside

ayabrea931947d ago

it's gotta be characters like cloud, sora, crash, spyro and snake then. hope a few more female characters are added though like selvaria or aya :) would be nice to get a team ico representation in stage form maybe

prototypeknuckles1947d ago

i wont demand , but ill kindly ask SuperBot to consider
The prince of persia

Riderz13371947d ago

If they do have the Prince of Persia I hope it's the one from Sands of Time. I know they are the same guy but I just like his look more.

Deusthousand1947d ago

I like the POP from Warrior Within. The gritty one.

DarkBlood1947d ago

yeah warrior within persia would be awsome

super 1 could be slow down time
super 2 could be sand wraith *not too sure ish*
super 3 could be the dark prince with the sharp chains

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