GDC 08: Two new Crisis Core: FFVII videos

Earlier today a new video of Crisis Core: FFVII has surfaced, here are two more videos with English voiceovers.

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Azures3948d ago

I like how you can hear some dude playing Patapon in the background.

Azures3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )


permutated3948d ago

I played this game for a good hour yesterday (english build at GDC).

Completely unimpressed by the new real-time battle system. I'm tired of square bastardizing their franchises to try and 'evolve'.

Just give us what we want for pete's sake.

PS360WII3948d ago

That's why Dragon Quest was brought back to turn based. When they first showed the game it was active battle but a majority of the fan based screamed and berated them over it and then DQIX went back to turn based game play. It seems on this website I fall in a minority that feel XII was rather boring on the gameplay department.

Azures3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

It looks very similar to Kingdom Hearts or FFXII battle.

Turn based is ANCIENT. Glad its fading into obscurity, and games who wish to stay with it are chastised (i.e. lost odyssey). The Gilgamesh fight in that game cemented for me the sheer tactical importance and advancement the combat had made by switching to such a system.

FFXII's system is a very very important leap for RPG combat. Hopefully Square continues to build on it for XIII.

PS360WII3948d ago

I hope XII isn't an important leap. Maybe an important don't do it this way leap. I'd hate to have to find a new genre to love :(

BubblesDAVERAGE3948d ago

Give ME Turn Base Or Give Me Death.

Azures3948d ago

Where shall I deliver your death?

Turn based is ancient and needs to change. FF moved beyond the job system and simplistic character roles, why don't you expect the combat to change and become more complex as a result?

Azures3948d ago

I know I'm not the only one either. Crisis Core has received nothing but praise so far, among the so called turn based heavy japanese gamer public.

And FFXII was critically acclaimed venture, praised by a VAST majority for its innovative and great battle system. 92 on metacritic and 91% on gamerankings. A score shared by FFX and VII btw.

PS360WII3948d ago

XII is an offline XI so it's all been done before. Along with it got it's rating due the the FF name just like Halo 3 got it's score for having the Halo name and why Mario scores so well with his name.

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PS360WII3948d ago

Any way yes the visuals seem very Kingdom Hearts and I am looking forward to playing this on the PSP. While some may think this action orientated rpg gameplay is innovating and new it's a page taken from past rpgs that didn't fare to well when turn based was the only way to travel. I like having to input my commands not watch the action take place which is why I got bored with XII once the gambits were set.

Maldread3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Yeah it looks fun (might make me pick up a PSP too) and i agree with you on FF12. It was a cool game, a damn hard one too (got stuck at a boss fight with some weird looking kid-like creatures and gave up hehe), but it got too atomized in the end.

I also prefer turn-based game play, because it get`s more strategic . Sucks having to have died because to picked out potion instead of hi-potion if you know what i mean ;)

PS360WII3948d ago

"Sucks having to have died because to picked out potion instead of hi-potion if you know what i mean ;)"

Haha yes I do know what you mean ><