Hollywood rips off the The Club box art?

Sega's The Club and upcoming Keanu Reeves movie Street Kings share almost identical imagery.

CVG reader 'socheeky' spotted a movie poster for the flick coming out in the US this April "with Keanu Reeves, several rappers and Hugh Laurie". As you can see from a quick bit of photoshop trickery, they look pretty much the same.

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Arkham3947d ago

Black splotches aren't anything new. My site uses a similar style of 'bleeding ink' and I designed it years ago. Not going to sue anyone. :)

Ghoul3947d ago


sorry but the "the Club" cover was a nobrainer its just some bleeding ink with the characters faces mixed with silhouettes there are tons of design like that out there

KidMakeshift3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Yeah this is nothing new

Gnarls Barkley's music video for "crazy" used this same style in motion. It's probably what made this popular recently

I've seen about 10 other things in the last year that use the exact same style

MK_Red3947d ago

Dammit, I knew Street Kings' poster felt familiar when I saw it last week. It indeed looks like a huge rip-off.

Zarfoz3947d ago

And The Club rips off Gnarles Barkley..?

Azures3947d ago

and the ps3 commercials apparently.

Komrad3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

that the club has the same demographic as street kings. a rip off? totally, but that just shows you the graphic designer cannot achieve both the clients request and simultaneously keep it fresh. nice 'point-out' TnS.

BWS19823946d ago

I went to an Art Institute and have a degree in media and graphic design, these things are in the pipeline for a long time. Nobody has any source to tell them how old each design is, who knows which actually came first, release dates of the packaging/poster do not equate to the birth date of the concept. I say coincidence most likely...

Venomous_13946d ago

true it a style they liked and it worked at the time I'm sure nobody meant to copy anybody!