PS Store Holiday Essentials: Week 2 of Awesome Deals on Essential Games

PS blog - I hope you enjoyed your first week of deals on PS3 and PS Vita games for our Holiday Essentials Sale. As I mentioned in our previous post, we’re bringing you some of the best PlayStation games at great prices to help you stock up for the holidays.

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Godchild10201977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Retro City Rampage is free for PS3/Vita users through plus, so I expect another free game next week. I might pick up Starhawk. I mean, for that PS+ price I would've paid for one portion of the game. I'm happy to see Unit 13 and that is one of the titles I wanted to join the list of games on sale. Hopefully next week, we will see more Vita games. There is still ten more titles that will show up before the end of the year.

Just in case Nitrowolf2 wants to tell me there is no update on the 31st again. This is not to start an argument, just a reply. "If the lineup below isn’t enough, we’ll be refreshing this list with a whole new batch next week (12/24) and the following week (12/31), so stay tuned."

Nitrowolf21977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

That's not the store update though from what I understand, just their Holiday essential deals that'll be update (Considering that they are rotated in and out). IDK that needs clearing up TBH.

BTW I don't know if this is the Free PS+ title, even though it says, I think we might still be getting another one as part of the actual PS+ update (thinking this is grouped in with the essential deal)

Not really sure if they just mean PS+ though

Godchild10201977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

That twit is just letting us know about when the store will update, but it doesn't imply they will join both updates together. I think the Holiday Essentials deals are part of the store update, because if they weren't we won't have to wait, it would have just happened. Similar to the way Assassin's Creed 3/L was discounted over the week (due to the flash sale), with no update at all.

Also on the Blogcast, they said there will be no store update with new games coming in. just the Holiday Essentials deals, that's also when they mention Retro City Rampage. But then again, they have been wrong before.

Are you saying, you think there will be a post saying there will be another free title for Vita Plus users? I remember reading that there will only be 2 new titles coming to Vita plus users this month and they are trying to rotate 2 titles a month and not 3 as expected. I could've it read wrong.

Nitrowolf21977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

that last part is just wishful thinking, tis the season. I hope the store updates before I head off to work though. meh either way, one big update, or another one next week, I hope we are getting something good (fingers crossed for Far Cry 3 sale like EU)

TheLastGuardian1976d ago

You can get a physical copy of Starhawk on Amazon for cheaper than the plus discount price.

jwk941977d ago

The next update will be next monday.

Myst1977d ago

Aww I read it too fast thinking it was the PS3 version of the MGS HD Collection on sale; turns out it was the Vita version :(. Oh well Simpsons and Retro City Rampage it is then.