The Most Disappointing Game Of 2012 [eGamer]

eGamer looks at the biggest letdowns of the year, and determines which game disappointed the most.

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Fasttrack761976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Max Payne and assassins creed 3 are awesome in my opinion.
Resident evil 6 was my biggest let down

RXL1976d ago

Operation Raccoon for real tho.

TXIDarkAvenger1975d ago

You were hyped for Operation Raccoon city and RE6?

Kalowest1975d ago

Your not alone Max Payne 3 is awesome, MP3 has a deeper story and longer campaign then most shooters.

modesign1976d ago

were is the new medal of honor, that game bombed.

Tody_ZA1976d ago

I personally agree, but we were very judgmental of the game since E3 already, and we didn't have high expectations for it. Disappointment can only arise if you're hyped/anticipating/excited for something right? Or expecting it to be great :) And of course, in Resident Evil and Max Payne's case, if it did a major disservice to itself or its series.

That's why we don't have it as a nominee.

prototypeknuckles1976d ago

My biggest letdown of 2012 was playstation all stars, as a hardcore PS fan i waited years for this game and to see certain characters in over other, no story, no unlockables that truly matter, and no adventure mode the game got boring day 1 for me.

Detoxx1976d ago

The game was way over hyped.

sovietsoldier1975d ago

war z, so bad it had to be pulled.

SkolarVisari1975d ago

I'm sorry but objectively Mass Effect 3 was the biggest disappointment of this year. None of these other games had rage spread out into non gaming publications, didn't have fans desperately trying to make the ending be an indoctrination. You didn't have to ban yourself from sites like this lest ye be subjected to massive spoilers for weeks after that game came out. Not even AC3 comes anywhere near the failure that ME 3 was.

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