Firefall: the Jack of all trades in gaming?

Firefall from Red 5 is game with a difference; it caters for a variety of genres and disciplines within gaming. Created by seasoned developers including the team-lead for vanilla World of Warcraft and the lead-designer of Tribes 1 and 2. The question is, can they pull this off, or will Firefall turn out to be a master of none?

MWEB GamerZone takes a look at what the game offers

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PandaMcBearface1819d ago

That trailer, OMG, that trailer.

ATi_Elite1819d ago

Firefall is a BRILLIANT game and the Devs routinely play and give out Beta keys

PandaMcBearface1819d ago

Oh really? Thanks! I must look into this far more than I have :333

SolDojo1818d ago

Found this after logging out of FireFall to eat dinner...


DesVader1819d ago

Yup, brilliant trailer and a very ambitious game.

HanCilliers1819d ago

Really hope so to, I'm excited abt the e-Sports aspects

Choc_Salties1819d ago

Its looking promising, hopefully they won't fall flat

-Gespenst-1819d ago

I wish they'd take more risks with story and presentation. It's just another space-marine, super soldier fighting aliens game. I mean I'm sure it plays well, but I'm jaded with games that look like this. It even has that hyper-colourful WoW / LoL thing going on, bleugh.

3-4-51819d ago

By colorful do you mean it's not Grey & Brown ?

-Gespenst-1818d ago

No I mean every colour imaginable is on screen at once, which isn't much better than "grey & brown." Want you want is various pallettes and colour schemes for various things, not every colour for everything.

SolDojo1818d ago

I would normally leave you to your own opinion, and be happy to do so, but in this case, it really is your loss.

The game is amazing, plays fast and tight, with excellent progression and balancing. There is not another game I can recommend more, and this game hasn't even released yet.

pandehz1819d ago

Giving out a beta key to anyone who can come up with a Christmas joke that gets me rib tickling.

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