Will you be Satisfied with 30 Frames per Second on the PS4 & Xbox 720?

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

A rumored leak of the PlayStation 4 dev kits lead many to believe Sony would be targeting 1080p 60 FPS in 3D gameplay for the PS4. However, in that same leak the supposed specs didn’t quite match up to that quality. While 1080p 60 FPS could still be possibility, more information has come from id Software Developer John Carmack saying that most games will still be at 30FPS next generation, “Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee that a lot of next-gen games will still target 30 fps.” If John Carmack says it, I believe him. Plus, he’s one of the few developers that actually made 60 FPS happen this generation with RAGE and Doom 3 BFG Edition. We want to know what the gamers want? 30 FPS with better graphics, or 60 FPS with lower quality graphics? Please put your comments below.

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wishingW3L1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

not on fighting games, hack & slash nor racing games but everything else fine....

Abash1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

30fps sometimes contributes to the cinematic feel of certain games, like I just cant imagine Uncharted 4 running in 60fps like I cant imagine a major blockbuster movie being shot with a news camera. So Im fine with those types of games staying 60fps

Ravenor1699d ago

Framerates in video games can't be equated to film/camera filming techniques. A game running at 60FPS doesn't differ visually from a game running at 30FPS. In motion one just looks smoother than the other, there is no stylistic or artistic difference between the two.

ABizzel11699d ago

It all depends on the final specs. and what the devs. want to do with their game. If a dev. wants Ultra settings on a game then it may very well be 1080p @ 30fps depending on the GPU. If Sony / MS demand mid settings then it may very 1080p @ 60fps for all games.

It also depends on the type of AA games use. 2xMSAA - 4xMSAA will drain fps, while FXAA will keep fps high.

I nor, you, nor Carmack truly know what to expect, because while there are rumored dev kits out there, nothing is final until launch day.

crxss1699d ago

30 fps would be acceptable for some genres. but they would have to tell us the reasoning behind it

deadpoole1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

If 30fps is what next gen going to offer then ... I believe there is no need for it because current gen is doing just fine in that department.

Next gen has to be 60fps in every genre be that racing/fighting/tps/fps/etc because it offers visual fluidity and immersion level ... which 30fps simply can't offer.

I'd rather play game with less filters/sfx/etc and consistent 60fps than everything turned on and only offering 25 - 30 fps.

Just wanna add ... I simply don't care about 3D ... it is something that came out too early without a proper solution.

Hydrolex1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

35 solid 1080p is a good spot

deadpoole1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Nowdays, console industry is all over motion controls and what not. Can the next gen please make an attempt to offer the basic required feature which should've been there from beginning

.... HeadTracking (such as Track IR) ....

Playing BF3 in hardcore mode with no headtracking support literally ruins the gameplay experience. Same goes for Gran Turismo 5 ... :)

I've attached video for those who have very little to no information about HeadTracking, it'll show what headtracking is all about.

There are two videos ...
One is Embedded, others links Im putting over here.

Plagasx1698d ago

Well Uncharted 3 looks f-ing beautiful at

bakasora1698d ago

If it stays at a steady 30fps, no dropping at all.

360ICE1698d ago

There is definitely both stylistic and artistic differences in choice of frame rate even in games. If anyone has seen the Hobbit in 48fps, it feels completely different. Almost like it's not a movie at all. So if you're aiming for a traditional movie feel, then 30 fps could be a specific choice.

But developers rarely choose to limit frame rate, if they can keep the game stable on higher frame rates.

RonRico1698d ago

More frames the better on video games.

AntBoogy901698d ago


Well, when you think about it.. consoles have to be pushed. New and better hardware will only mean the same thing that happened this generation.. most games will probably be 30fps because the console has to be future-proof. It'd be pretty hard to keep a game running at 60fps when technology keeps advancing for PC gamers. 30fps games that look phenomenal on console is fine with me. As long as the graphics are good, i'm not too worried about framerate.. i'll worry about framerate with my PC games.

DragonKnight1698d ago

Wasn't RAGE one of the worst games of this gen? And people still believe what Carmack says?

y0haN1698d ago

Ravenor you need to play GTA Vice City on PC with the frame limit off, those early GTA games look so, so wrong at a high frame rate for some reason.

bozebo1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

30fps is good if the input is smooth and there is minimal delay. Due to multithreading, doubling the FPS halves the input delay - but for most console games, there isn't too much delay at 30fps. The real issues come when the machine can't keep the frame rate up, that jitter can totally ruin the experience. Not only that, but the rendering frame rate is usually independent from other 'frame rates' within a game engine. For example the logic in an RPG may be computed at 10fps, while the input sampled at 30fps, and the rendering done at 60fps - performance issues are most likely to cause a cut in rendering frame rate, because the GPU shaders are typically very heavily loaded (not to mention RAM). In fast-paced games, dips in performance ruin a lot of things - such as spray control in FPSs or steering/breaking in racing games, the simulation must be preserved. It isn't just what you see on screen that changes, your input has a different effect on the game due to performance. Heavily mathematical things like physics and AI are less likely to break due to irregular frame rates, though they can and do (usually due to slightly shoddy programming, not that it's easy).

It's not just about what it looks like on the display. In which case, 60fps is ALWAYS better than 30fps for games. It's not a film camera, no cinematographic effect is gained by using a lower frame rate. For games that people prefer to play above 60, like Counter Strike (rock solid 101fps is the best), it's due to how the game receives and deals with user input - nothing to do with the visuals.

RedSky1698d ago

With most opinions here coming from kid gamers who's mommy got them a *insert PS3 or 360 here* and don't know what 60 FPS looks like, I'm sure we'll get an impartial opinion.

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jujubee881699d ago

Everyone forgets about the music rhythm genre! >:O

That genre died (or at least was partially monopolized by "Guitar Hero") when the ps3/360 consoles and new (slow refresh rate) TV's came in. No fault of their own, but it was sad that the days of DDR came and went.

I hope the Sony Visor thing takes off, becomes around $100 bucks a pop and I also hope that technology gets a greater refresh rate than what TV's have now.

Also, if you think horror genre video games are scary now imagine playing them with the Sony Visor thing ...


showtimefolks1699d ago

Both ps3 and Next Xbox will be doing 60FPS. Seriously think about the logic. Ms and Sony are not gonna release new systems till what 2019-2020? So will 30FPS be ok by 2015-2016?

If anything either can learn ts to make console a little bit future proof, I know it's hard to do with a $400 price tag but maybe they can take a little loss on a system in return for bigger sales and make more down the road.

But maybe I am wrong and these systems will be able to o ly do 30fps

Some games need 60FPS and some are good with 30. Insomniac have gone to 30FPS for all their games in exchange for better performance overall. So a little give or take in some way

vallencer1698d ago

Not too sure where 2020 is coming from but ok.

WiigotU1698d ago

He's not saying the consoles aren't capable but more so the developers making games that run at that.

TopDudeMan1698d ago

Games are totally playable at 30FPS. When I'm on my pc, though, I tend to want at least 60fps because my monitor is 60Hz.

MoveTheGlow1698d ago

Okay, look. We old-school, faithful and hardcore gamers know how great something can be running at 60fps. Those wonderful people had a much more compelling argument against Ninja Theory taking over DmC than "Dante looks different." We know... but your average Joe doesn't. What companies will want is something that looks great in an advertisement, cutscene-like stuff to sell that game over another one. Unfortunately, 60fps isn't really a selling point for that crowd.

I want stuff running at 60 as much as possible, but let's face it - when it comes to the big guys analyzing what the average gamer wants, and delivering on that, they aren't going to care.

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Lior1699d ago

I just got a really good pc with a gtx 680 and I'm hitting over 70fps on ultra on bf3, I went back on ps3 and played bf3 and my head actually was hurting from how bad the game ran.

Reverent1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Oh come now, I play BF3 on my PS3 all the time. It's perfectly fine. You PC gamers have such high standards (nothing wrong with that but still, lol).

dirthurts1698d ago

I have to agree on Lior on this one.
If you've been gaming at 60fps for a long long time (like myself) going back to 30 can and does induce a headache. It's almost like playing a slide show. It's not bad if you're used to it, but it takes some adapting.
Imagine watching a movie at 12fps instead of 24.
Same difference.

R6ex1698d ago

That's the same reason I got a GTX 670 PC too. I get nausea with the slow framerate of games like Gears of War and Half-Life etc.

tee_bag2421698d ago

Agreed, I started playing Borderlands 2 on PC at 60+fps then moved over to Xbox to play with some friends. It literally gave me a headache.
If console games aren't going to aim for 60fps next gen ill be very disappointed.

cyguration1698d ago

Not to keep beating the same drum, but it's the same for me as well.

After switching to PC gaming and playing games at 60+ FPS, it's literally headache inducing going back to the 30 (and during firefights, 25)fps or when things get really heavy the 15fps on console games.

Gears of War, Halo and Uncharted are some of the biggest culprits of barely maintaining 30fps and it's a serious strain on the eyes.

If next-gen consoles don't do 60fps I'll just stick with PC gaming because it's not worth getting a headache just to play an exclusive title.

Reverent1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Well I can see I'm the minority then. I love gaming on my PC and everything too, but as it is more in the medium build range, I'm usually stuck around 30-40Fps when gaming on it so I guess I just haven't gotten used to it yet:/

(For the record, I agreed with all of you guys, I don't know who gave you all the one disagree. Just wanted to point that out lol.)

PurpHerbison1698d ago

After going on a PC binge, I tried to go back and play Dark Souls on PS3 and I was indeed getting a headache from the poor frame rate.

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cannon88001699d ago

This is something that we do not have power over. It's completely the developer's choice. But since we're talking about frame rates, we're obviously stepping into the graphics category more than the cpu. So it all depends on how much developers are willing to invest on their game engines and whether or not it takes great advantage of all the consoles' attributes. And if it does take advantage of it all, is it using each part to it's fullest and is it optimized? Optimization is the most important word a developer will ever hear because there's not a single developer,programmer out there that wants his/her game to run poorly on a certain console. Think of it as a v8 engine from the 1950's and a v8 from now.

tee_bag2421698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

While I agree that optimization plays a large factor, decent hardware is still needed.
Lets use you're engine metaphore. Optimization is more so about tuning. If you were to tune a 1950's engine today it would likely perform better. But if you were to use better hardware you'd see much bigger gains.

cannon88001698d ago

I understand and yes better hardware is a given. Next gen consoles better have some decent hardware.