MM's top 20 best computer games of 2012 – 15 to 11 With Mircosoft and Sony once again going head to head for the biggest slice of the Christmas shopping cake, MM reveal the year’s 20 best games that you can bestow on someone as a gift – or even get your teeth into yourself.

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sonicsidewinder1735d ago

Mancunian Matters lad.

Cus am MAD FOR IT!

Cam9771735d ago

I thought it was Media Molecule at first.

360ICE1735d ago

Yeah... There were 10 games better than Journey this year.
This just in, there were 10 movies that were better than Citizen Kane in 1941. No, but I guess everyone has their opinion.

DasTier1735d ago

I honestly don't understand what your trying to say, but if your comparing Journey to Citizen Kane you are grossly misguided.

360ICE1735d ago

I agree what I'm saying may not be THAT obvious, but I gotta say it seems pretty obvious that I'm not equating Journey with Citizen Kane in terms of content. Not sure what would suggest that, apart from the mention of Journey and Citizen Kane.

What I'm doing is comparing putting 10 games above Journey this year to putting 10 films above Citizen Kane in 1941. Sure, it's a bit extreme, but hey, that's what overstatements are for.

WeAreLegion1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I'm not paying attention to a publication that confuses the phrase "video games" with "computer games".

Good luck with all of that...

kevnb1735d ago

That's what they are called in the UK, and its a better description. Consoles are computers too.

WeAreLegion1735d ago

No, they aren't. I'm in New Forest.

GreenRanger1735d ago

The list needs more Gravity Rush.