Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII Jump Festa 2013 trailer

Tecmo Koei released the Jump Festa trailer for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII.

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DrakenSilverwing1977d ago

I've been waiting for this game to come out for this entire generation! I will soon have a wish come true! I cant wait to get this!

Jadedz1977d ago

Tried it on the Snes, but never really understood it.

Is it an RTS title (like C&C)?

DrakenSilverwing1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Been playing them since early ps2 day myself. Yes they are a RTS yet also, mostly very sim like. Much more in depth then c&c. Based off the novel of the same name. Of course also where dynasty warriors comes from as well. ( if anyone else would like to go into better detail, be my guest!)

Ozzymandias1977d ago

the entire series is not an RTS,it's mostly turn-based games. This one looks like to have combat in an RTS style, but the management of your kingdom will most likely be carried on in a Turn-based environment much like Total War games

SirBradders1977d ago

What happened to the ones on the ps2 where you had to control thousands of troops this looks like a fake facebook ripoff game.

Louis_Guzman1977d ago

Indeed, once again it is tyme 4 p3n1s.

josephayal1977d ago

no Love for the XBOX 360?

Darth Stewie1977d ago

360 is pretty much dead in Japan which is most likely the only region where this game will release for so it makes no sense financially to make a 360 version.

DrakenSilverwing1977d ago

Well i hope it comes out over here too, the rest of them did, so i say its promising, koei is usually good with that. As long as its text is translated it should be good to go, the rest of them were like that anyways.