GTA V Release Date Revealed


"It’s safe to say that the entire gaming world is anticipating GTA V.

Rockstar has been elusive up until the last few months, finally nailing down the spring of 2013, but without informing us of a concrete date.

Today, Amazon has revealed that we could be jumping back into Los Santos a lot sooner than you think."

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Proeliator1980d ago

This makes sense. Kind of odd for Amazon to sneak this out right before Christmas, though.

Crazyglues1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

wow but March is Packed with games... OMG!! this is crazy now...

Wait Bioshock Infinite is March 26

how can this be true... how can GTA V come out the very next day when take two owns 2k games... seems insane that they would do this..???

So let me Get this straight..

Tomb Raider March 5 2013
God Of War March 12 2013
Bioshock In- March 26 2013
GTA V March 27 2013
Metro Last L March 31 2013
Fuse March 31 2013

March is the official month that gamers go broke...

and before we even get to march February has -

Crysis 3 February 19 2013
Aliens Colo- February 12 2013

Oh 2013 is going to be crazy, and that's just the beginning of the year..


Ezz20131980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

it will be crazy year

Wenis1980d ago

Ooh on my birthday, I'll take it

BLAKHOODe1980d ago

GTA V will be a day one purchase for me, for sure, but I have enough games right now that it'll be long after March before I'm done playing them and then GTA V... those March releases will be discounted by the time I'm ready for them.

joab7771980d ago

Bioshock for me. it will b delayed til May...I would bet. May belongs to rock star every year.

Fil1011980d ago

Not forgetting rainbow 6 patriots.

Reverent1980d ago

I didn't realize Morgan Freeman was such a freeloading A-hole. Always seemed like such a nice guy from his movies... :/

Hydrolex1980d ago

I have a huge feeling it's gonna come out in April

metroid321980d ago

Try Project cars/Pikimin3/Aliens wiiu/Beyonetta2/Lego city,there All the games i want from now to march.

y0haN1980d ago

Adding the PS3 logo to the bottom of your posts... just a tiny bit sad.

darkness6251980d ago

don't forget dead space 3 on february 5

Hdz541980d ago

Bioshock Infinite comes out on February 26th, not March....

Crazyglues1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

@ Hdz54

It got delayed, it was pushed back to March 26..

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showtimefolks1980d ago

i don't think so. i think april-may 2013 is more likely. but i won't complain if this comes out in march its a day one buy for me anyway

asmith23061980d ago

I'm glad it doesn't clash with Last of Us. I should be finishing up with GTA around May and will roll right into Last of Us, it will make a nice change of pace! Two awesome games with completely different gameplay one after the other.

BlmThug1980d ago

This is a very misleading headline as R* have not revealed the date yet :/

NBT911980d ago

That's what I thought. It's so dumb, how hard is it to add the words "By Amazon" in the title?

DOMination-1980d ago

How many times do websites post this kind of crap. We all should know by now that most retailers just put down a placeholder date as a rough estimate. Just wait for the publishers to say the release date!

CoryHG1980d ago

makes perfect sense. They released those screenshots today.

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CraigandDayDay1980d ago

I sure hope so!!! Day one buy for this guy. ME<--

I can't wait to traverse the beautiful landscapes R* has created for us.

Hooshuwashu1980d ago

rockstar typically aren't very glamorous in these things, because they know gamers/press will make the glamour on their own. So it seems credible to me.

BadCircuit1980d ago

I still don't get why this title is so anticipated. I'm so meh about GTA these days. So much more out there now.

BitbyDeath1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

GTA is exciting cause unlike almost every other game it goes into finer mechanics of what you can do, a lot of which is not known until it is released.

Like can we go in buildings? or will there be tanks? we know animals exist but will there be many or can we use them in a fight? or what happens if i drive a car into x building etc.

Rockstar generally up the ante and keep it fresh with each game.

tommygunzII1980d ago

The writing and characters alone are worth the price of admission. GTAIV was one of the few games this gen that could truly make me laugh out loud. From NPC conversations to the tv and radio broadcasts, nothing is better.

I'm just hoping there will be detailed cockpits, I trust Rockstar will nail everything else.

YodaCracker1980d ago

I agree. I have never laughed so hard while playing a video game as I have while watching "I'm Rich" on GTA IV's in-game TV and surfing the in-game internet. Rockstar are comedic masterminds.

DeusExer1980d ago

The day after my birthday. Guess I know what I'm gonna ask for.

Hooshuwashu1980d ago

You can't wait an extra day!! You must buy it as soon as it is out