‘Borderlands 2’ Backpack, Bank And Claptrap's Stash Limited Sizes Explained

In a lengthy forum post on Friday, a programmer from Gearbox Software going by the handle on “botman” provided a lengthy explanation regarding the limited storage sizes of the backpack, bank and Claptrap's secret stash in the recently released multiplatform title, “Borderlands 2.”

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BiggCMan2008d ago

I don't believe that one bit, sorry. I still say it's because they want to charge us in the future to increase that limit.

Nightfallen2008d ago

So far Gearbox haven't sold any small piece of downloadable content that increases storage. In the first Borderlands a storage bank was included with Moxxi's Underdome DLC. Pretty sure if they were to expand it would be packed with another piece of content, along with level cap increase.

Muffins12232008d ago

That is still bad, there just including it with the dlc.Just like what fallout 3 did,they increased the level cap ONLY if you paid them money which was with the dlc only...

dumahim2008d ago

IIRC, didn't each DLC have another busted claptrap unit which expanded the inventory?

I thought that's what would happen this time, except you'd find Crazy Earl and would have to spend a crazy amount of Eridium each time to get the next level of inventory space.

MizTv2008d ago

I'm fine with what is is.

feraldrgn2008d ago

I haven't gotten to the Storage yet (taking my time), but I do understand the frustration "Legendary" collectors could have, considering they're unique.

hulk_bash19872008d ago

I think they should increase the back pack capacity, as i like to pick up and store guns i think are worthwile during missions and random drops. Then when i complete all my active quests I like to sort trough everything and clean house.

whiteyjuice2008d ago

Why should advanced players be limited to smaller item caches due to the inability of new players to comprehend the system?

WolfLeBlack2008d ago

That argument works both ways, though: why should new or casual gamers be penalised with a cluttered UI so that advanced players can go stat mad?

Before anybody jumps at me, I'm not taking a side either way, simply saying that such arguments can work both ways.

Anyway, for me I think the option would have been to allow a much larger amount of backpack slots available for purchase with Eridium, that way new gamers can keep the backpack limit small and advanced players could increase it.

Or perhaps they could have had the backpack limit increase in the second playthrough, and then again on the third?

vickers5002008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

"That argument works both ways, though: why should new or casual gamers be penalised with a cluttered UI so that advanced players can go stat mad?"

You basically just answered your own question with your following paragraphs. If casual gamers don't want cluttered AI, then they can simply dump what they have until the AI looks how they want it to look. In that scenario, casual gamers have options. In the situation that exists now, the core gamers have almost no options other than creating new characters to store things on(or using the infinite bank storage glitch, which I hope hasn't been patched).

So that particular argument does not work both ways in this case. It should be about providing options for BOTH the core and casuals, and in the case of weapon/gear storage, they only have options for the casuals.

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The story is too old to be commented.