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Nintendo Wii U Launch More Successful than Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer.com writes: "Nintendo’s Wii U console has outperformed every other HD console launch sales since its debut 4 weeks ago.

The new console, which features a touchscreen controller, has obliterated the 4 week sales record of both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In its first four weeks on sale, Nintendo have sold over 1.8 Million units." (Nintendo, Wii U)

deep_fried_bum_cake  +   980d ago
I know that I'm pointing out the obvious but the Wii U, much like the Wii, is still heavily marketed towards families, which the Xbox and PS3 weren't (at least not until Kinect and Move).

So it's hardly surprising.
lilbroRx  +   980d ago
First we have people insisting that with the Wii U Nintendo had "lost the casual audience" backed by endless articles articles about people not knowing what it is, it still being on store shelves and it not beating the other consoles sales. Then we have "how popular is it really" articles.

Now upon the realization that it topped the launch of the other consoles, we've gone back to "its because of the casuals".

Give me a f***ing break.
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deep_fried_bum_cake  +   980d ago

Are you on crack or something? I never said it was because of the casuals. I said that it was marketed as a family console, which if you've ever seen an advertisement on tv, it is.

I don't doubt that a lot of gamers will have seen games like Zombie U and decided that it would be worth picking up, but there will also be a tonne of parents who will have seen it being advertised as family entertainment.


That's not quite the same, as that was Sony saying to people that instead of buying a CD and DVD player they should just pick up a PS3. It wasn't a very effective marketing strategy as initial sales clearly show, but they're doing okay now.
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Phil32  +   980d ago
True, but you should be used to a lot of gamers (aka console warriors) being hypocrites by now.
Qrphe  +   980d ago
Yes, that same portion of N4G who said X is the same one who now is saying Y. That's what it's called a hasty generalization, but worry not for you're not the only in N4G who does this of course.
RememberThe357  +   979d ago
The Wii U is not being sold as a hardcore console get over it. It's got a cool extra screen that would be dope for RPGs but it's not being sold for that. It's being sold for families and you guys can click away at our bubbles and disagree all you want but the system is being sold to families.

My confusion comes from why any of you have a problem with that. So what if it's being sold to families? How are you insulted by that? I'd still buy a PS4 or a 720 if it had the games I wanted and was being sold as a family console. I'm a gamer, I follow this stuff too closely to be affected by a marketing campaign. So why is it that everyone else is taking deep_fried's comment as an insult? Get over yourselves and have fun with your new Wii U.
AsheXII  +   980d ago
The ps3 was targeted as household entertainment, hence the bluray player.
fr0sty  +   980d ago
Completely ignoring the fact that the PS3 was not only plagued by shortages at it's launch but also didn't launch worldwide on the same date... Europe didn't get PS3 until 2007... The same with Xbox 360, it didn't get to europe until the following month, rendering any direct comparison useless.

Wii U has also been selling quite poorly in Europe.
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PopRocks359  +   980d ago
"Wii U has also been selling quite poorly in Europe."

There are two other regions for the platform to have early success in.

Besides, if Sega puts out an exclusive Sonic title (as rumored) then sales will probably pick up somewhat in that region. Sega games are particularly popular in Europe.
hduce  +   980d ago
3 weeks after the PS3 launched, the Best Buy in my area had a pallet of them sitting on the sales floor untouched. I think the Wii U is selling at a pretty good pace considering the minimal marketing Nintendo has done and it's $350 price tag in this economic climate.
Knushwood Butt  +   980d ago
Yeah, Vita almost outsold the Wii U in Europe last week.

I guess that must mean the Wii U is doomed..
PopRocks359  +   980d ago
@Knushwood Butt

No offense, but comparing the Vita to the Wii U doesn't say much considering that the Vita doesn't seem to be selling very well in ANY region.
swissfury  +   980d ago
I worked at a Gamestop for the duration of the 360, PS3, and Wii launch. The PS3 sold out on day one and that was it. We never ran out of stock again even though we were a small store that only carried about 5 at a time. We barely sold any games with the launch because people bought them with the intent to ebay. We had 2 of the launch people try and return the systems because they could not find a buyer. 360 & Wii both sold immediately for a long time, the wii for about 6 months.
fr0sty  +   980d ago
How well each system sold in a particular location has no effect on the fact that neither 360 nor PS3 had a simultaneous worldwide (3 major territories) release, which destroys the ability to directly compare with wii u. The point still stands. Europe never saw PS3 for months, never saw 360 for weeks.

As it stands, Wii U is being outsold by 7 year old consoles by a pretty good margin... it's selling less than it's predecessor did, and it's REAL competition (next x, steambox, and ps4) is roughly a year or so away. It has a steep hill to climb. It won't have the legs that the other consoles do, it's using inferior tech. The newer systems will likely be much more future proof. So, if Wii U doesn't catch on fast and start selling like the original Wii did (and maintain that for a few years), it's not going to take off very well. It just doesn't have what it takes to compete, considering that if the screen controller even becomes remotely popular you can bet your ass both of the new consoles will have it too. Both of the older ones do already as well (Ps3<>Vita, smartglass). Wii U has no hook to rely on, no new type of interaction that made wii so successful. Just dual screens, one being a touch screen controller. Something we've had since DS.
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jmc8888  +   979d ago
Well in 2005-2006 we weren't in the greatest depression in the history of mankind (and it's just BEGINNING....FIVE YEARS AFTER IT STARTED!!!)

Every TBTF bank is broke 100-1000x over when you add derivatives to the books.

The reason why it is selling badly in Europe is.....because Europe is literally descending into hell as we speak. We won't be too far behind, but for now, their now is our future. It's not because of the console itself, it's that people are destitute. Can't stand in a soup line and a Wii U line at the same time.

Do people not know that in many European countries you have 50+ percent unemployment by teens and young adults? With 25-30 percent regular unemployment? Shrinking safety nets, tax increases, and all sorts of other ways to bend over for the bankster casino gambling addicts.

They are refilling the stock of Wii U quite nice to both have them in stores and sell that many units.

On top of this, when people 'think' it's sold out, they tend not to look as hard. I'm sure a decent percentage of people decided it wasn't worth the hassle until after the xmas season.

As time goes on, with each launch console you have people that have dealt with the lines, the waiting, the calling/internet checks to see if some were in stock and just said to hell with it. They have learned to assume it isn't in stock early on. Not just with consoles but any product really.

I remember the PS3 shortages, still found mine in stock 3 days after xmas.

It doesn't make 'direct comparisons' useless....because the numbers can usually be had by geographic breakdown. Which means you can find out just how many sold in what regions.

The 720/PS4 won't sell too well in Europe as well. Nor will many relatively useless products (which consoles are). They're fun, but wholly unnecessary to live, which is what a lot of Europeans are focused on.

Personally I'd really like to see the differences in number of consoles sold (Wii, 360, Wii U, PS3) recently as compared to previous years or launch periods. Specifically the numbers of consoles sold for countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Even Ireland.
rainslacker  +   980d ago
I won't dispute what you say, but at this point in time it's hard to tell which sector of the market is really picking this up. I could use some anecdotal evidence, but it wouldn't serve much purpose.

They system itself was launched with quite a few hardcore games, but most of them had been released on other systems months prior. There is of course Mario U which appeals to the entire range of gamers, and scribblenauts which is pretty family friendly, but they run with $60 price tags. There is a party game which sells for $40, along with raving rabbids which is $50, but the casual/family titles overall just aren't plentiful right now.

I guess if we saw some of the software sales for the system it might make it easier to judge.

Off Topic:
I did see a more recent commercial the other day where they made it apparent it was a new system. It emphasized the tablet controller and showed it being useful in a family setting, namely little Timmy being able to play while his parents watched the TV. Much better done than their first commercial, as it actually speaks to a real situation that families face when it comes to their gaming kids.
Theyellowflash30  +   980d ago
Its acutally not hard to tell at all. If you have one, which I do, you can tell by MiiVerse that mulit console owners, kids, and Nintendo fans are all picking up the system.

So what if Mario U runs at a $60 price tag? Its selling quite well and there is enough content to justify the price tag.
rainslacker  +   979d ago
I hadn't thought of that. Honestly I hardly ever log on if I can avoid it. Not really into the whole social network thing to be honest, but I give them credit for setting up one that people seem to like.
greenlantern2814  +   980d ago
this is very surprising to me, because
1. i see them every where i go, but that was not the case for 360, ps3, or wii.
2. a lot of people i know either have no idea the system exists, or believe it is a wii accessory
3. early reports seemed to suggest that they would have a hard time supplying them.
so yeah i would say i am surprised
lfclee  +   979d ago
Zombie u ?
GraveLord  +   980d ago
XBox 360 had supply issues, PS3 had a price issue.

If it passed the Wii or the PS2 launch, that would have been impressive.
Game3s  +   980d ago
So Wii U has no issues?

Also why does it have to pass ps2 and wii sales to be impressive i think its doing fine in this economic climate and a market filled with products that are competing for your free time.
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BitbyDeath  +   980d ago
Unlike Wii U though both PS3 and Xbox 360 sold out when launched.
meganick  +   980d ago
The Wii U sold out at launch also. If you didn't pre-order, you pretty much didn't get one on launch day.
Ulf  +   980d ago
Nintendo must be doing a great job with supply... go look at your local store for a Wii U... you'll find them readily available.
meganick  +   980d ago
I was referring to the launch day, and roughly the first week after for that matter. I'm aware the Wii U is readily available now, but it's now more than a month after the launch.

@People who disagreed
Did you guys disagree because you think that what I said is factually incorrect, or did you disagree because I pointed out something that makes Nintendo (and not Sony) look good?
lfclee  +   979d ago
Your absolutely wrong, you had to per-order the xbox360 to get one.
The wii u is nothing like the wii how do I know I got one, it seems gamers are rubbishing the wii u and they don't own the wii u that to me is envy, there is nothing wrong with the wii u.
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Adolph Fitler  +   980d ago
I bought one for my kids for Xmas, but then realized I wanted one too, with Zombi-U & I'll trade some other games for Mario after Xmas. So, I'm a hardcore gamer trying to fill a void, & in turn buying a new machine, not neccessarily more powerful than my 360 or PS3, but just something different, so I am hanging badly for the "real" next gen machines, but they are a ways off (at least a year), so, I just wanted Zombi-U, Mario-U badly enough to warrant buying myself one, as well as catering to the casual sales in buying a 2nd for my kids.....pretty dumb really, but that is how I roll.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   980d ago
Lol I did the exact same thing. My kid has the basic and I have the deluxe because......that's how I roll lol
tre  +   980d ago
same here! plus picked up 4 3DSs and sold Vita to gamestop.
Crillvirus81  +   980d ago
Fanboys are the worst lol just admit its selling great is that to hard to admit all ya wanna do is compare wii u its a great console all you haters should try it ain't nothing like it really
hduce  +   980d ago
It's a Nintendo article. Of course the trolls would be out in full force.
BrianC6234  +   980d ago
It's not selling great at all. Why buy a Wii U anyway? Wait until next year when the next gen consoles come out. It's foolish to spend that kind of money on a new console that is only able to compete with consoles near the end.
hduce  +   980d ago
I bought one because I am a gamer. I think the system is cool as hell. I will also buy Sony's and Microsoft's consoles as well. Besides if high console specs is your idea of what defines something as next generation, I am already there with my pc having 2 gtx 680's. Which is way more powerful than the new consoles coming out.
Theyellowflash30  +   980d ago
Can you Play Super Smash Bros, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon on the PS4 and Xbox 720?...... whats that... no?

Thats why people are buying the Wii U.
ozzywazzy  +   979d ago
@ yellowflash

As of now you can't play them on the wii u either so what's your point? Also if you mean the wii games then you still don't need a wii u.
FanMan  +   980d ago
its also only three hundred dollars. im sure that helps. didnt do enough though because i have yet to get one. (and probably wont)
hduce  +   980d ago
Your loss.
FanMan  +   980d ago
i would say my gain. 300 dollars spend better elsewhere
ZeekQuattro  +   980d ago
Yeah because the 360 didn't have a model that was $300. Oh wait it did. You sir fail at logic. Nice try though.
DragonKnight  +   980d ago
You're using the barebones 360 $300 Arcade model to prop up your lame point? That's pathetic man. The Wii U has a lot more to offer at the $300 price than the 360 did at the same price. MS selling that model was an insult. Can't believe someone would try to use that as a counter argument. I mean really. You should be ashamed of yourself. I think I'll take this to the Gamer board and see if we can have your Gamer status card revoked.
dkgshiz  +   980d ago
I'm waiting on the Wii U until Homebrew is available for it. I want to have Dreamcast,PS1,and Sega Saturn emulators.
PopRocks359  +   980d ago
You're waiting to buy a games console... so you can steal games?
Qrphe  +   980d ago
He never said he was pirating, just using homebrew. On the other hand, I'm sure as hell he can get this homebrew on other devices.
DragonKnight  +   980d ago
What is the point in that dkgshiz? I'm 100% positive that you have those emulators on your PC and probably other devices. Why in the blue hell do people like you want to waste time, and money, buying consoles for crap like this? Emulators that are more difficult to use than the machines they are ported to? And knowing that you have those emulators already, what seriously is the point in getting them AGAIN? For the tablet? You know no one will get that working properly for AT LEAST 10 years right? You do know that the saying is that an emulator takes 5 times the resources to run properly than the original device it emulates right? Frickin' pointless.

@Qrphe: He wants emulators. Piracy is implied. Unless you already own the console and games you play on the emulators, bios downloads and roms are illegal. He definitely wants to pirate PS1, Dreamcast, and Sega Saturn games to play on the Wii U.
metroidfusion2  +   980d ago
People will keep on hating lol and the wii u is a lot more powerful then the ps3 and 360 but by how much no one will know until a full spec sheet is released and I don't care for specs and never did the games will speak for themselves and the wii u already has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games and I'm sure more are coming and I'm sure you people know what ports are and launch titles lol but if you don't google it and just like a lot of otherr. Consoles the graphics will get better over time and its ffunny how people call the ps4 and 720 real next gen consoles they will be doing native 720p and native 1080p and 60fps which the wii u is already doing now to see who's first party games will look the best we will have to wait and see and you dumbass people need to stop assuming things with the ps4 and 720 when y'all know nothing about them lol but y'all dumbasses can keep going ooff of rumors all ya want but I will wait for the facts and to see how nintendos first party titles will look like which I can't wait to see
bothebo  +   980d ago
Why is it relevant that it had a better launch than the 360 and PS3? Those consoles were released 6 years ago.
lilbroRx  +   980d ago
Its relevant solely because so many anti-Nintendo fanboys and journalists made, and still make, a big deal about its launch, as well as its sales.

Also, how does their launch being six years ago have any impact on this matter?
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rainslacker  +   980d ago
Because so many people are saying that it's not selling well and had a terrible launch.

All that matters is what Nintendo does with it and what games come out for it. Haters are going to hate either way.
ronin4life  +   980d ago
Investors may still be sour on Nintendo for(rightfullly) avoiding smartphone development. With Immediate potential grand sucess(in their eyes... and even if they were right, they are ignoring the long term damage that would cause the company) ruled out and uncertainty ruling, investors are leery... though many of these finicky investors wouldn't be if they actually took the time to research the company and industry they choose to invest-in in the first place.
landog  +   980d ago | Intelligent
found another similar article just a bit ago, here's the takeaway;

"4 Weeks Wii U USA Sales, launch date Nov. 18:
- WiiU: 849,068
- Wii: 864,647
- PS3: 378,603
- X360: 477,303

So, the WiiU did 98% of the Wii, 224% of the PS3 and 178% of the X360. Looks excellent.

3 Weeks Wii U Europe Sales, launch date Nov. 30:
- WiiU: 340,310
- Wii: 618,450
- PS3: 691,843
- X360: 403,037

So the WiiU in Europe did 55% of the Wii, 49% PS3 and 84% X360. Bad here.

2 Weeks Wii U Japan Sales, launch date Dec 8th:
- Wii U: 437,390
- Wii: 460,235
- PS3: 130,335
- X360: 65,430

In japan we have 95% Wii, 335% PS3 and 668% X360.

4 Weeks Worldwide Comparison:
Keep in mind, the consoles didn't launch worldwide at the same time, so this is skewed. The comparison works against the Wii though, it was also launched in different regions in sequential weeks.

- WiiU: 1,817,166
- Wii: 2,071,242
- PS3: 524,687
- X360: 948,162

That's 88% Wii, 346% PS3, 192% X360. Pretty decent.

The takeaway is despite negative publicity, the Wii U launch is off to a good, if not great start. The Wii was a phenomenon. For the Wii U to do 88% of the Wii's numbers, despite costing $100 more, is nothing short of impressive"



the wii u is DESTROYING ps3/360 4 week sales in all regions of the world except europe, globaly it is smashing them, its only competition that is anywhere near close is the original wii

the wii u is doing great, and i am very happy for nintendo, i have not bought one yet, but once there are 5 or so titles that i MUST have, you can bet i will be grabbing one, just like i will with ps4 and nextbox, just like i did with ps3 and 360, no reason to hate, i want all platforms to do good next gen, steambox and oya too,

bring it on, competition is good for the end gamers!
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hduce  +   980d ago
Oh boy... Don't show the trolls these numbers. They might try to cross your moat and burn down your castle.
rainslacker  +   980d ago
Facts don't matter my friend, when all you have to do on the internet is say "X is failing...fact" or "Y Sucks...Fact", to make something a fact.
MegaLagann  +   980d ago
Holy shit, actual facts! Need to be more people like you.
porkChop  +   980d ago
Destroying? Not really, because their numbers don't match up. The other consoles launched at different times, so going by first 4 weeks globally is completely inaccurate. Adding up the regional launch numbers that the article claims, this is what you get:

Wii U: 1,626,768

PS3: 1,200,781

360: 945,770

Notice that the Wii U is 200k short of what the article claimed? Where did all those extra units come from? Thin air? The PS3 is nearly 700k higher than claimed, and the 360 is 3k lower than claimed. I don't know how the author was calculating, but nothing added up properly.

So in reality, the worldwide percentages they claim are completely off. These are the right ones:

Wii U to PS3: 135.5%

Wii U to 360: 172%

Reality paints a very different picture than that article does. That's assuming that the claimed launch numbers for each console are even accurate.

Has the Wii U launch been better than the PS3 and 360? Yes it has, it's doing very well, but it's not as drastic as the article made it appear to be. The author was very sloppy, and should have done a more fair comparison including all regions, because neither PS3 nor the 360 launched globally within those 4 weeks.
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RememberThe357  +   979d ago
You guys need to get out of your bubble. Relative to actually media, no one reads gaming media. Bad publicity on here amounts to nothing in the real world.

The Wii U is a new cool console and the PS3/360 are reaching market satiation. These numbers shouldn't be surprising to anyone.
porkChop  +   980d ago
This article forgets 2 very important points. The PS3 didn't launch in Europe until 2007, and the 360 didn't launch in Europe until over a month later. The Wii U has launched in all regions within 3 weeks. For this article to be more accurate, it should have taken the first 4 week sales of each region for each console and then tally them up. The current comparison is both completely inaccurate as well as unfair. Though I'm sure the author already knew that before even writing the article.
lilbroRx  +   980d ago
You can see the Europe Launch numbers right above you.
Hicken  +   980d ago
So the part where the "4 Weeks Worldwide Comparison" for the PS3 and 360 don't even add up to the rest of the numbers given by landog doesn't matter?

Sure, the Wii U is doing great, but the article, in particular, deliberately paints an untrue picture.

But as quickly as you jump to defend the Wii U, I wonder if you'll even be willing to accept that truth?
pikey  +   979d ago
sloppy journalism, wrong figures, to be sure. But you're splitting hairs in what seems to be some sort of butt hurt. The overall point is that even when just matched up region to region sales figures, the wiiU did better than both xbox and ps3. When the figures are added up for a total, taking first month in usa, first month in japan, first month un the UK regardless of whether those months are simultanaeous, the WiiU's totals are higher.

The actual numbers and the numbers provided in the article dont match up, but yknow what? they show the same thing, WiiU did better.
porkChop  +   979d ago
It has nothing to do with any kind of "butt hurt", and that was really pathetic of you to make a comment like that. Completely unnecessary. I specifically said that the Wii U is doing better. I never denied that, and I have no problem with that. If the console is doing well then good for Nintendo and good for all their fans. The fact is, that article itself was very poorly written, and the numbers don't add up. All I did was correct the "facts" with the REAL facts, providing an unbiased perspective of the situation. Correcting people and exposing lies and sloppy journalism counts as being butt hurt or splitting hairs now? Really? Come on man, grow up.
Ulf  +   980d ago
This has GOT to be region-specific, or a joke. Wii Us are fully stocked in the ENTIRE Pacific NW of the US, and have been for a couple weeks.

If the Wii U is truly so successful, it can only be that Nintendo has really done a great job of meeting demand with ample supply. The other explanations for the current stock situation paint a far less rosy picture.
meganick  +   980d ago
If you're suggesting that a game machine can't be successful if it's in stock at stores, then by that logic, every console and handheld on the market is unsuccessful since I can find all of them in pretty much any store I go to that sells them.
PopRocks359  +   980d ago

Or Nintendo is just keeping their stock up with demand. Just saying it could be a possibility. Not exactly outside the realm of reality, buddy.
scissor_runner  +   980d ago
In my opinion this was a great move by Nintendo. We had a wide range of titles here that would do different numbers in each region. I think nintendo knows this is all about games. This is a very odd launch and I'm curious to see just like Nintendo what happens when people get to play some of the better games. I think I have most of the games worth getting now and they are some fun and great games.

Mario or nintendo land is driving wiiu sales right now. Black ops2 has a good month on wiiu and maybe a few matches with auto aim turned off before it becomes a pheromone. Fpshooters without auto aim equals addiction ask any pc player.

The TVii is going to be big. I'm a real supporter of gaming only consoles but you don't really pay more for this since it comes almost free with the console.

Once the next wave of wii line up like games comes out we may see a 3ds like explosion. The wiiu is in the sweet spot. You can use most of your old tech and art on this thing and make some serious money.

I think eternal darkness should be done by Nintendo. Some one needs to find the factor five guys and silicon knight guys along with the ex rare employees and get them to make Nintendo a moody story based game fighting hoo boos. I wouldn't buy it but that is where the hype is now lol.

2d gaming needs a serious come back with the help of 3d. I wouldn't mind some seriously bueatiful high end art in 2.d god of war like game play mixed with lots of old school ideas.

Plus it would be nice to get einhander, ikaruga, silveradiant, ikari warriors, or just more type-2 games on this machine. I bring this up since skill based gaming is waning in the console scene.

The sales are looking really good and once the right marketing and game comes out its the wii all over again. You get a ton of feed back on this system on miiverse. So I'm thinking it should be easier to start projects.

You can start a project based on projected demand from just the miiverse then if enough effort is made that demand can be easily expanded. I thinking modding systems are a big possiblity now also.

It's a long time till the summer. Even long till next Xmas. I think more stuff will get people to get this box. The white wiiu stands for the casual system. It has not really been flying off the shelves. A true wii sports, wii fit or some sort of brain train has not been released. The black wiiu is the hardcore version. It is doing really good.

The wiiu is an odd successful mix of a console fight against a lot of prejudging people. Yet some thing tells me there are huge markets waiting on the other ips from Nintendo and a few select third parties that are good at game play.

I'm really really waiting on ray man now. Had Mario had similar graphics compared to Rayman we would have another Mario 3 moment.
YoungPlex  +   980d ago
Really great numbers! There is no doubting that it will be a success, I just hope that Nintendo unveils more support in the coming months. If the numbers continue to grow, the install base will be healthy enough for almost all major third-party developers to support it, comfortably of course. It also looks like it will pass the Vita in a few more weeks too, which is impressive because the Vita has been out for about a year now. Yea I know it's different because it's a handheld but comparing their sales is still fun when both are priced pretty close. Either way, great numbers!
Benjaminkno  +   980d ago
Look out!! It's a tsunami of butt-hurt!! Aaahhh!!!
dubal-e  +   980d ago
You know what I dont need EVERY shooter on the market. I just need an occasional good one and my beloved Nintendo franchises. I also respect other systems for what they do great. Hell I own a 360 also but like the other 1.8 million Wii U owners its the little things that Nintendo does that keeps me coming back.
wiiulee  +   980d ago
the wiiu in reality is selling better then the wii and every other console before it if you consider the environment....bad economy, a bunch of childish hater, bad advertisement from nintendo, not much press support, and sony and microsoft investors who are pissed that wii beat the ps3 and xbox360 consoles they were betting on last generation.....remember i love and support all 3 systems but nintendo will always have a special place because gaming exist because of them after the bad arcade crash......think about it....gamecube only sold a little over 20million consoles, ps2 close to 100 million, xbox around 50 million....so out of the 3 consoles this generation....the wii sold 5 times more then the gamecube nintendo's console before that, sony sold less then the ps2 and microsoft an amount more then the xbox....innovation is what works and nintendo knows that...thats why microsoft and sony were quick to copy the wiimote as they will the gamepad...you see sony putting together some rubbish over 650 dollar ps3 and vita combo.....in either case as i say wiiu will win this next generation...the patches and a little slow load times and all things not on board are common...its only the first month out....once this things iron out and the games comes out and especially what nintendo is working on in secret to take advantage of the wiiu , its a done deal.....wiiu is great system...miiverse is great, tvii.....and launch with so many great titles for hardcare and all gamers...still all the hate...its childish but wiiu is ahead to stay..
CaptainN  +   980d ago
The original Xbox did not sell no 50 mill....it had about 21-22 mill tops...it barely beat out Gamecube !
Shnazzyone  +   980d ago
The Nintendo brand has some clout. Especially when released at the set time nintendo always releases their new consoles. Just in time for Christmas.
wiiulee  +   980d ago
lol...thats funny since all other companies videogames or not does the same thing....so your point being..?.....common sense man, christmas is a heavy shopping time around the world......i will say this..nintendo has the best fans in the world who cares about their product..they have been counted out over and over....im still somewhat young...so i'll start with sega 32x...was suppose to make super nintendo become nothing...and yes snes still won.....over and over again the haters and nonsense....thats cause nintendo makes the best games and systems...haters will hate..but real fans....keep being real..
Droid Control  +   980d ago
Nintendo only have themselves to compete with (because the Wii U is noot next gen and M$ and Sony don't take them seriously) but compared to the Wii and its launch the Wii U is a flop. Its not as successful. And once the true next gen systems arrive next year it will die a dreamcast's death.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   980d ago
But 4chan and NeoGAF told me it was a bomba and Nintendo was going 3rd party. /sarcasm
KrisButtar  +   980d ago
i disagree with the numbers in this article, because i just googled ps3 to start a comparision of the numbers and then 360

the writer seems to be using world wide #'s for the wii u and only N.A. #'s for the 360/ps3. and after seeing those mistakes i didnt bother to check the wii
Thepcz  +   979d ago
wiiu PISSES on the competition
whats new? nintendo are the market leaders, heck, nintendo ARE the market. ps4 and 720 have some major ground to make up when they are released, since the wiiu is going to take a massive market share.

its amazing how people say the wiiu sucks and is last gen tech, but the FACTS prove that it outsold ps3 and 360 in their launch. so the fact remains- nintendo clearly know their market, the market responded and voted with their wallets.

ps4 and 720 will have an extremely difficult time keeping up with nintendo when they finally join the next gen. until then, nintendo have a MONOPOLY on the games market.

me personally, i will wait until pikmin 3 comes out before i purchase my wiiu. i would also perchase a ps4 (depending on what it has to offer) but i am dreading what price sony has in store. i think other consumers will have similar fears and sony will price themselves out of the market again.

anyway, high five to nintendo for another victory
Norrison  +   979d ago
It was selling like hotcakes at a local store today, kids and adults were buying it. Congrats to nintendo.

I'm laughing at the people saying the PS3 and Xbox360 had "launch issues", most of the consoles have issues on launch.
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