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450 Platinums & 23000+ Trophies Unlocked

It has been well over 4 years now since the trophy patch.
And today Hakoom is glad to show you how he has have unlocked 450 platinums by playing Far cry 3 . (Far Cry 3, PS3)

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GreenRanger  +   825d ago
He must be one of those people who would buy any piece of junk just to get the trophies.
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Hakoom  +   825d ago
i buy junk to get trophies just like a miner breaks junk to find gold... :D
Derekvinyard13  +   825d ago
hey hakoom i didnt know u were on this site, tried to freind request you but ur freinds list is filled. make a spot for me bra! btw those ps3's the backwards compatible ones?
Snookies12  +   825d ago
That's awesome man, congrats on that! I know some of my serious trophy hunter friends are jealous, haha. Keep it up!
BlackWolf  +   825d ago
Wow. Never seen a number that high. Congratulations!!!
r21  +   825d ago
Dude, you are one hell of a dedicated trophy hunter.
MmaFan-Qc  +   825d ago
meanwhile, i have the ps3 since day one(in NA) im level 17 and have one plat trophy wich i unlocked simply by playing a game normaly, i like how some trophy will obviously extend the lasting apeal/motivation on a game, but i never got caught into the achievements/trophies hunting boat.
bwazy  +   825d ago
I will laugh my ass off it trophies don't carry over to the next gen system.
Krimmson  +   824d ago
Considering the Vita has trophies, I doubt this will happen.

But if it did somehow happen... oh boy.
badz149  +   824d ago
laughing for what exactly?
what is do funny about if the PS4 doesn't have trophies?
FACTUAL evidence  +   825d ago
*yawn* I know I'mma gunna get a loooot of hate on this, but he plays the same game, just from different regions, and he has a crap load of Disney plats.....I can't even really respect/see how you could put yourself through that bordem for a trophy....ah well. I'll respect someone with 50 plats that had descent games on their list. Can't wait to see someone with 100 plats on their list that doesn't have a double game, or a Disney. That's respect to me.
kreate  +   825d ago
But that's dedication right there. He went outside his own region to get all those plats. And its not like he only played Disney games. Some Disney games have hard trophies as well, although the game itself is easy.

Now there are some ppl who pays ppl to play games for them... now that's just wrong.

Others have multiple ppl playing games on one account.
Hakoom  +   825d ago
i do have plats that not many people worldwide have and are considerd 9 or 10/10 in dificulty
i have ninja gaiden 2 and 3 both streetfighters wipeout hd and many more tough plats.. sure i do have disney plats bec iam a trophy hunter and i play every game..
NG2 plat unlocked live http://www.youtube.com/watc...
no hate.. just want u to know i play all games.. and not just pussy games..
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scruffy_bear  +   824d ago
@Hakoom how many of your trophies have the same time date, I know how you do this.
joab777  +   824d ago
Thats more than 2 platz a week for 4 yrs. tbats a couple days per game for EVERY game...not possible unless its a group of ppl working under the same name. I have a friend who has about 300 and every couple weeks he will synch and there will be 5 more plats. Think about this. It includes demon souls, dark souls, final fantasy, the online for games like resistance 2, battlefield 3 etc. i dont care if he uses a bunch of ppl to have the most plats under one account but just admit it.
Hakoom  +   825d ago
sadly the limit is 100 and iam full ;x
yes those are th eold 60gb ps3s but they are dead.. thats 2 years ago btw ;p
Derekvinyard13  +   825d ago
no problem dude. the old 60gb ps3's are not as reliable as the new slim ones. you got one of those now? btw you should update your ps3 leader board, still says u have 400 http://www.ps3trophies.com/...
Hakoom  +   825d ago
i dont like that .com site and i wish my name would actualy get removed from there.. long story if u ask cant explain it here ;p
Derekvinyard13  +   825d ago
alright bro good luck on Ur next platinum
gninja92  +   824d ago
how are the old ones less reliable i had an 80gb mgs4 bundle my ps3 lasted until november 2012. thats 4 1/2 years. the slim hasnt even been out that long
badz149  +   824d ago
the MGS4 bundle PS3 is actually the 2nd gen PS3 with smaller RSX and CELL and it actually consume less power and emit less heat compared to the original 60GB and thus less prone to YLoD.

YLoD is caused by the melting of solder joint of the CELL and/or RSX that connect them to the motherboard due to excessive heat and this process happen after long usage and undusted cooling vent will make worst! I myself had it happen with my 60GB (RIP btw) but I did manage to fix it using the heat gun twice before I screwed up the third time and had to get me a new slim which I still use today. (third time charm my a## lol!)
gatormatt80  +   824d ago
I'm gonna have to agree with badz149 on this gninja92. He's correct in identifying the difference between the launch 60gb version and the 80gb MGS version. I bought a launch 60gb and it only lasted about two and a half years before it succumbed to the YLoD. I too ended up having to reflow my 60gb ps3 by following gilksy's tutorial on YouTube. I believe he was the first to show how to do it yourself. Unfortunately it wasn't a permanent fix, I would have to take it apart and reflow it about once a month.

I ended up buying the slim ps3 in August of 09 on the day it came out. It still runs like new and has now lasted me over three years.
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Catoplepas  +   824d ago
Yikes, and I thought I had a lot at 143.

Nevertheless, a very impressive feat.
Krimmson  +   824d ago
Please... teach me your Shaolin ways of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.
ZBlacktt  +   824d ago
Dude please, you really come on here and try to fool those who already know how you are doing it? Everyone knows why you are still using the older phat models. As for the same time stamp. I laugh at your dual PS3 answer in the video. Oh my, lol.... yea everyone here is a fool guy.

But then again, did anyone ever expect you to come on ad admit to the custom firmware?
littlegamer  +   824d ago
i have met many dumb ppl in my life but i never met 1 like you
the guy clearly shows a 2 year old video of him playing on the phat model ( no slim at that date) and you accuse him of jailbreak and custome firmware?
here is the source http://www.youtube.com/watc... do you see the date on that video?
what else do you want from him? he clearly explains every bit of his trophy career and asks you to read and watch the links he posted in his article and yet you "bla bla" about hacks without any solid proof or link or anything? compare your comment with everyone elses here.. a true troll
people like you are the ones that hack and just blame it on others when they see a high legit player like Hakoom
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MattyG  +   825d ago
Wait, isn't Hakoom actually a bunch of people with a communal trophy count? EDIT: I must be thinking of someone else. How do you find time to get that many trophies?!
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SAE  +   825d ago
it's actually easy to pllatinum games , for me 1 to 2 days to platinum most of the games ..

i hope he enjoy playing the games , thats how he really win when he collect them , i enjoy collecting them when im done with the story , i don't look at them only when i think i finished everything in the game ..
MattyG  +   825d ago
Well I know it's not hard to platinum games, I have 7 myself. My only question is how the hell he has enough time to get 450 AND keep his head above water financially.
SAE  +   824d ago
Financially , he could rent the games which will cost him really really low and get as many games as he want , or borrow from his friends , or he could do what i do , he buy the game new or used then complete the game fast and sell it in a good price ....

Time , he could be collecting since he was a kid , or every summer holiday he start doing this because he have nothing to do in that time like me , it's you who decide his time , if you want time you will find it for something you like doing...

i can collect 100 platnums in one summer holiday , it's just that i don't find fun collecting them all the time , when i see a friend collected more then me then he start showing off and say he is better then me that's like a challenge , challenges are fun , so i beat him then make fun of him , that's how i use trophies..

i guess im wrong for you people but that's how i see trophies , i hope you understand what i say ...
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DragonKnight  +   825d ago
Slow news day?
kingPoS  +   825d ago
Ow! thumbs hurt just thinking about all the games he's played.
mushroomwig  +   825d ago
It's not just him, there are a group of people who each share the account, plus he plays the same game from multiple regions.
ZeroChaos  +   825d ago
I really want to bash hakoom for not trophy hunting the correct way (multi region purchases, not 100% games etc) but honestly its a great feat.

Thought how you are able to attain the vast majority especially "big" games in such little time is beyond me.
Kane22  +   825d ago
i have no doubt he got alot of those himself. but there is no way he did all that by himself. there's just too many games that require too much time to get a trophy let alone a platinum.
guitarded77  +   825d ago
I don't know if he did it all himself, but he's been one of the head trophy hunters for a long time.

I do want to know if dev PS3 machines can unlock trophies. If so, it could explain a lot of the insane trophy levels out there. I'm fixing to hit level 17 which is an accomplishment for me since I work full time, go to university part time and I'm married... and I split my game time between PS3, XBOX, PC and Wii U. Even if I was just dedicated to my PS3, I wouldn't be anywhere near that level... Maybe a level 20 or something.
Kalowest  +   825d ago
"100% games etc"
Why does he have to 100% each game?
After I plat the game that's it.
sdozzo  +   825d ago
Wow. Jaw on floor.
Omar91  +   825d ago
Hakoom... I salute you. job well done.
Omnislash  +   825d ago
This is impressive but seriously? This is waytoo excessive... Also if he has the Hannah Montana platinum this guy needs to turn in his man card, immediately.
2pacalypsenow  +   825d ago
Impressive . Im only at 1260
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hduce  +   825d ago
This guy needs to get out and meet women.
J86blum  +   825d ago
I call foul. There are numerious trophies from diffrent games that have the same unlock or earned time. More then one person uses the account. Not cool.
Dark_Overlord  +   824d ago
Yeah, I was bored one day and went through his trophies, I noticed a few straight away that were earned at roughly the same time.
J86blum  +   824d ago
This is the stuff that if you are going to do then state it and say its a group profile and I can respect that more then it being treated as a single person playing. And whoever is the N4G account here with the name is clearly taking credit and dodging any remark in regards to it being said group account.

As the uploader to the story is from said group. This is trash and fame seeking. It needs to be taken down or classified as SPAM cause thats all this is.
sdplisken  +   825d ago
wow thats insane!
i just got my 55th platinum for bioshock 2
d3nworth1  +   825d ago
Get Platinum trophies for games? Aint nonbody got time fo dat.
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BioDead  +   824d ago
Hahaha, you made my day! I only got 3 platinnums and i am proud of them since i have earned them from my fav games. I would NEVER buy a gamy just for trophies! Like you said aint nobody got time for dat.
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freezola75  +   825d ago
Hakoom very impressive sir! Keep up the good work! Peace
DFresh  +   825d ago
Damn. This player has no life.
hduce  +   824d ago
Agreed. See my previous comment.
ElitaStorm  +   824d ago
its not about having no life its about doing something u like
AmkOwns  +   824d ago
But he enjoys it so stop caring about he's personal life noob.
DFresh  +   824d ago
UMAD bro?
nix  +   824d ago
jakmckratos  +   824d ago
Jesus...I don't even know if I have had 100 games in my Playstation...I literally do not think I could fathom having the amount of free time/dedication this takes. One side of me knows I would never want to do this for my own well being but one side is crazy impressed..
ZBlacktt  +   824d ago
Custom Firmware, account sharing and paying for Plat services is what makes this all possible. Not one damn thing to be proud of here at all period. This is VERY well known about. SO many players have cheated accounts.

Custom Firmware are for hacking game trophies.

Account Sharing is letting other users play on the account to get games the account owner can't get done. Or they will trade off getting trophies on each other account.

Plat services are users listed on ebay, Craigslist, etc that will get all the games trophies for you for a fee. Look on ebay right now and you will see this.
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Nelson M  +   824d ago
Well Done !!!
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ElementX  +   824d ago
It's more sad than impressive.
taijutsu363  +   824d ago
Eh. Meh.
siavm  +   824d ago
Still dot get people who go out their way for trophies. I only have 4 platinums, but they were for games I liked. I am close to getting some more but they are also for games I like. I mostly play games for games not for some meaningless achievement/trophy, especially ones that are out of the way of the game.
Dark_Overlord  +   824d ago
Ego much? Posting that you have X amount of plats, 100%'s etc

You're ranked 4th in the world on trophy level

http://psnprofiles.com/lead... (legit leaderboard)

I have the 3rd place on my friends list and he's an alright guy, rarely brags either.
scruffy_bear  +   824d ago
Let me tell you how he did this, by using a hacked PS3 to unlocked trophies it very easy too do. Just check ebay, type in PS3 trophy guide and yes people paid for trophies.
ajax17  +   824d ago
Damn Hakoom, you cray!

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