PSA: The PlayStation Store Updates Tomorrow

Due to the Holiday season, the PlayStation Store will be updating tomorrow rather than on Tuesday like it usually does

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doogiebear1917d ago

Want my free vita games >_<

camel_toad1917d ago

That'd be nice but I'd like the Christmas surprise of ps+ members getting the God of War Ascension beta ;)

Nitrowolf21917d ago

think they already confirmed that PS+ beta is next month

hoping Far Cry 3 goes on discount like EU store, but I can't wait to see what surprises they have

jwk941917d ago

GOW beta doesn't come until next month. I have an extra code if you want one.

cee7731917d ago


I want it can you email me the code!

Godchild10201917d ago

That will come on the 31st, I believe. If going by what Sega said about Jet Set Radio. It won't leave PS+ until the 31st and that is on a Monday, when the store updates for the last time for 2012.

Nitrowolf21917d ago

there will be no store update next week as said by the tweet, plus they always do two weeks advance before christmas