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Canadians Going Digital To Jump The Line For Boxing Day Deals

theglobeandmail.com: The madness of Boxing Day is nigh. Originally intended as a day for unsatisfied gift recipients to unload their snowflake-pattern sweaters and reindeer-themed dinner plates, Boxing Day is now best known as a frenzy of heavily discounted prices and overly aggressive shoppers. (PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

BattleTorn  +   879d ago
The Globe and Mail's Business report.... that's not one I see on N4G all too often
SJPFTW  +   879d ago
The deals here in Canada are crap. Not worth it tbh. Only decent ones are like Dishonored for like $29.99 and Forza Horizon and Playstation All Stars for $19.99 each.
KrisButtar  +   879d ago
skyrim is also 29.99 and little big planet karting 19.99 at toys are us
DarkBlood  +   879d ago
actually shopping drug mart has lbp karting for 20 dollars though i find it odd but i kept the flyer because they use the image of the game as part of "selected titles" so even if its a mistake or not im going to play dumb and see if any other store will price match it lol
KrisButtar  +   879d ago
i am Canadian and i have to say, it is crazy shopping for the boxing week sales as its so busy, i will order things online and get them through the mail.

also most of the upcoming sales really dont look that good
GamerElite  +   879d ago
Cool story bro
Klonopin  +   879d ago
Canadians are finally getting that internet money. This is a glorious day for Canada.

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