“War Z” trademark Suspended - Game will have to be renamed

There is something interesting showing up if you check the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” website for the “War Z” trademark that has been registered by OP Productions.

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Snookies122125d ago

Man, this game is seriously screwed lol.

HammadTheBeast2125d ago

Straight from the beginning. Right after Day Z got massive popularity, this was announced, and the devs claimed it had been in development before Day Z, although there is no proof to back that claim up. Suspicious. Next, people can "buy in" to a barely functioning alpha build, which causes major problems with PC. Weird. Next, the game can be bought for $15, yet includes micro transactions... these same micro transactions are lost once you die, which is pretty fast. And we all know the rest.

Cablephish2125d ago

Didn't one of the development heads say it's alright to lie to consumers? Followed by the game being pulled from Steam?

This is pretty funny stuff

Reverent2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

The fact that they are being forced to rename their game pretty much proves they didn't start working on this game until after DayZ. If they had, they would have trademarked the name long ago.

Honestly, they'd be better off not lying about when their game came into production because if people actually believed that it started years ago, then how the hell does this developer take THAT long to come out with the broken product they have today?

Bloodraid2125d ago


How? The name change has nothing to do with DayZ. Had you bothered reading the article you would see that.

Bring in the disagrees for stating facts.

rdgneoz32125d ago

@Bloodraid It somewhat has to do with DayZ. They tried calling it "WarZ" to make it similar to "DayZ", which was getting a lot of attention, and cash in on its success before the standalone comes out.

However, they filed for the trademark not that long ago seeing as its now suspended because of the movie coming out next year in June called "World War Z". If you search that in the trademark site, it has ones filed in May of 2011 and June of 2012. So yah, under 2 years of development on the game at most, though they did only file the app for their (WarZ devs) trademark in June of 2012.

MAJ0R2125d ago

Ironically there is currently an ad on my N4G page advertising WarZ as the "number one zombie MMO in the world" lmao

Mounce2125d ago

I don't know about you guys but I'm now wanting to say:

"Bring in the disagrees for Bloodraid acting bratty"

SilentNegotiator2124d ago

Stolen name, stolen art, scam transaction model, broken gameplay.....yep, straight forward scam.

The developers should go on TRIAL.

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jimbobwahey2125d ago

They deserve everything bad that happens to them. Nice to see some justice for a change! Hopefully their time in this industry is short-lived, the developers are total scumbag scammers, liars and thieves.

ATi_Elite2125d ago


Sorry for the caps but this is really serious! It's all over the usual PC Gamer community forums to not spend your cash on warz. They are just using the DayZ fame to make a serious money grab and are taking advantage of Gamers in the most evil of ways.

ChrisW2125d ago

"Money grab" sounds about right...

I think they realized that they were going to lose big money if they didn't lie and deceit. I just wonder how much they are going to be able to get away with when everything is said and done?

Flavor2125d ago

This behavior is sadly very common in former eastern bloc countries. There's no concept of ownership of one's work, integrity, or common decency.

MetalArcade2125d ago

It's funny, when I first heard of this game I thought it sounded really familiar, World War Z is what I was thinking of. Obviously they were trying to be similar to DayZ and ended up screwing themselves

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OneAboveAll2125d ago

What a joke. Well we all know what studio to never buy games from.

Godmars2902125d ago

The one that's likely to change its own name as well, if not publish it though a 3rd party?

Honestly, can't believe that one of the first things these guys did to "fix" issues was to make a "no refunds" update.

Skate-AK2125d ago

On top of that they copied the Terms of Service straight from LOS.

NovusTerminus2125d ago

This has got to be the worst launch in gaming history!

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ThanatosDMC2125d ago

No, it's Diablo 3. The game was unplayable for two days and millions were waiting at a chance to play that fake Diablo game. Then the Koreans wanted a refund because they were smart. I lost $130 for a fake Diablo game.

Nerdmaster2125d ago

Yeah, sure, not being able to play a game for two days is way worse than lies on the description of a game, false screenshots, selling it unfinished, unfair bans, copying even the name of another game, and now getting the risk of having to change the name of the game. Yeah, it's almost the same thing.

ThanatosDMC2123d ago

Yeah, because it's a bigger game. It sold 10 million copies. Watch any of the old teasers and trailers from D3 and compare it to what we actually got and you'll understand.

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