All That Glimmers Is Not Gold

In response to Blizzard's post about not buying gold, IncGamers looks at the gold selling problem in a new WoW article entitled 'All That Glimmers Is Not Gold'. The article looks at the adverse affects of not only selling gold but also buying it and what Blizzard have done, or not done in some cases, to combat the problem. They also provides some notes on what the community can do as whole to help stop the gold selling market from growing. If you are simply sitting on the fence on this issue or want to know more about the problem check out the article.

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thetamer3951d ago

I am soooo annoyed with this whole situation. I hate that there are people that can take advantage of what should be a bit of fun. I hope Blizzard crack this soon

Maticus3951d ago

It annoys me also. Gold Sellers/buyers ruin the fun for other gamers. I have no respect for players who buy gold.

Leord3951d ago

I have some understanding of why people buy gold, but I am pretty sure they don't know what they are getting in to.