New Armor Abilities. Two unannounced armor abilities in Halo 4 Detailed

So, Halo 4 offered a couple of new features in the franchise that we havent seen before. One of which, was armor abilities. Well, while scavenging through halo's codes and files, someone was able to find two unannounced armor abilities.

The two are Teleport and Hacker. Teleport is kind of like blink is Dishonored. I think it could be a great addition, but it's also something that can be easily abused.

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aviator1891915d ago

they seem pretty cool, though I can see why they took them out. But that tele one would be cool to use in customs.

crxss1914d ago

those abilities are awesome! if you can teleport to the side without actually aiming there then i can see it being very overpowered and replacing thrusters. hacker seems legit as well for those darn jetpackers.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1915d ago

Those are some pretty cool abilities but would have had some ridiculous balancing issues, especially that teleport.
Hacker could still work in my opinion.

Muffins12231915d ago

Yea teleport would really make jetpack and that spartan dash thing useless...but the hacker would be really nice.

RedSoakedSponge1914d ago

maybe if they made it so the teleport only could teleport you to a place you can run to from your position i.e not up a ledge you couldnt jump to, but maybe from cover to cover.

secretcode1915d ago

They aren't exactly new. They were both hinted at on a recent episode of 343's podcast. Hacker was not discussed, but Teleport was what the Thruster Pack was deviated from, based on the Promethean Knight's little teleporting lunges they do in the campaign.

RedSoakedSponge1914d ago

shame that the thruster pack seems to be useless lol

secretcode1913d ago

It will become a lot more useful once it is implemented into a Grifball playlist.

RedSoakedSponge1913d ago

maybe.... but id rather it was useful in a team death match game! not a game mode im not going to play much

pompombrum1915d ago

Both seem like the most fun abilities in the game yet didn't make it in. I'll never forget the fun I had in Shadowrun with teleport and katana.

StreetsofRage1915d ago

YES!!!!!!!! Shadowrun was freaking awesome! Possibly the most innovative FPS this gen.

pompombrum1914d ago

I agree.. it's a shame that the cod system took off while shadowrun is kept alive by the few remaining people who play it. So many awesome features in that game that would definitely be worth exploring further.

BlackIceJoe1915d ago

I hope they add them in the next Sparten Ops campaign. I think that would cool to see even if they were only for that game.