Are we to blame Microsoft for HD DVD's failure?

According to PSLegion:"At last, Toshiba pulled off the plug and ended the HD format war, but could have Microsoft done something to prevent this ending from happening?
This news will come as a bitter blow to early adopters who shelled out hundreds of dollars for the new beta format. And while Sony and its Blu-ray followers are likely to be pooping the champagne corks, it could have been a completely different story had Microsoft thought more carefully about its console plans.
Sony has outsmarted Toshiba by including a Blu-ray player in the PS3, this has lead to the ultimate demise of the HD DVD.
But had Microsoft chosen HD DVD at the start of the Xbox 360's construction, the battle for Blu-ray and HD DVD could well have had a completely different ending. ..."

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whoelse3951d ago

I think we are to thank Microsoft.

Real Gambler3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Microsoft was in it simply to make sure the war would drag on... They didn't want ANYBODY to win the war, not even HDDVD. They are likely mad right now, because the infrastructure is not in place yet for downloading HD movie into every houses. I'm sure they would have like the war to last just one or two more years. Now if BluRay really start to pick up, it will be harder for them to promote getting movies without a physical media.

So sorry, but no thanks for Microsoft...

RealityCheck3950d ago

I agree because if the later 360 SKU (Elite) had came out with an HD-DVD drive as some were speculating at the time, it would have made the war last much longer.

solidt123950d ago

If Microsoft put HD-DVD player in the Xbox 360 for games at launch HD-DVD would still be around and hold more market than Blu-ray at this point.

uxo223950d ago

Had MS put HD DVD players in all 360s, and blu-ray still won, instead of there being 55,000 people with dead HD DVD players, there would be 16+ million. Microsoft made and smart decision to do it the way they did it. Perhaps if the movie houses weren't so damn greedy, both formats could have lived. How hard would it have been for them to produce both formats, instead they took kickbacks and went exclusive for one side or the other.

Don't blame MS, blame the people that actually put the movies on the discs. They're not totally innocent you know, as a matter of fact things fell apart after warner jumped ship. If MS would have stop supporting HD DVD and paramount, universal, Warner, and some others would have stayed, HD DVD would still be alive even without MS. Everyone is always looking to put the blame on MS for something.

Get over your hate people, it will allow you to see the world from a different point of view.

Howler94433950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

This whole thing was nothing but a win-win situation for MS and here is why.

First of all, MS was able to get their console out the door sooner than the competition. No, it did not have HD disc capability, and that was ok for them as it simply gave them an opportunity to have a potentially larger profit margin should the console prove profitable.

It was also another way for MS to try and stick it to Sun Microsystems as they created the Java API to create the intereactive menus for BD discs. If HD-DVD wins, great for MS and screw Sun. Less revenue for Sun, more for MS.

MS provided the HDi api that is used to create the interactive menus for HD-DVDs. With that said *IF* HD-DVD won the format war, then MS would benefit greatly from the licensing of its technology. Score a win for MS

MS was/is pushing downloadable movies from XBL. So, if HD-DVD lost, people could still download HD movies from thier service. This is probably a better deal from MS if one really thinks about it. First you pay for XBL Gold subscription (I am unsure if its required to get movies) and then you RENT the movie. Double whammy!

Also, if HD-DVD lost, they would not be saddled with being the only HD-DVD customer out there since it was not built into the 360 unit itself.

Its about risk/rewards. MS played it safe, lost (with regards to HD-DVD) and didn't lose much, if anything. What did they lose? Some potential licensing and some complaints from people who would have preferred the HD-DVD player be used for game storage. A mere drop in the bucket for MS.

Sony took a HUGE risk with Blu-Ray but its paying off big time for them now. Blu-Ray is a much more integral part of the Sony corporate strategy, than something like downloadable movies or an API is for MS. For Sony, Blu-Ray will help sell more than just PS3s, it will help sell Bravia TVs and new computers that sport BS players/recorders. This war was really much more important to Sony than to MS plain and simple. Let's also not forget that Sony IS in the movie business.

HD-DVD wins, MS wins....HD-DVD loses....MS still wins.

Good sound business strategy based on MS's industry segment.

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THWIP3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

MS did the right thing by going with a proven format, and one that still competes with Blu-Ray games after 26 months on the market. If they'd tried to go with HD-DVD, this is the scenario they'd have faced:

1.) They couldn't launch until Fall 2006, because of the red diode shortages. Toshiba had to launch HD-DVD in very limited quantities in 2005, because they were in competition with Sony for the exact same resource...and Sony was hogging as much as they could for the PS3.

2.) Their delayed launch would have put them in direct competition with Wii and PS3, which they knew they couldn't risk, with only one generation of hardware installed base under their belts.

3.) Sony still likely would have won, because it was their primary agenda, and they couldn't afford another failure like BetaMax. For MS, it made zero sense to actively push a format, for which they had no immediate...or near future...need.

4.) The added cost would have been the deal killer for MS, as they couldn't have launched for anywhere near the $299/$300 dual SKU pricing they did with DVD9 in place.

Capt CHAOS3951d ago

If the HD-DVD drive was standard on the 360 then things would have been very different for BluRay.

BenzMoney3950d ago

Blu-ray uses blue laser diodes. HD-DVD used red laser diodes. No they were not in competition for the same resource.

beavis4play3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

they have only competed with blu-ray since nov. 06-that's 15 months. the first year ms had no competition.

and ms launched in nov. '05-not '06

edit:at silver360 why then did ms say for over 2 years that they think hd-dvd is the best HD format. before toshiba announced hd-dvd failure, ms never mentioned digital distribution. this comes across as being dishonest to their customers.

Lumbo3950d ago

Get your facts straight, BenzMoney.

Quote from "Blue-violet laser diodes (LDs) with a wavelength of 405 nm are indispensable as a light source for HD DVD systems."

I don't believe YOU know more about the HD-DVD format than the creator of the format themself. You have been blabbering this nonsense again and again, and it is STILL false.

And the DVD-forum (Toshiba's main standardization Board) as another clear source:

Read it before you keep on posting made up "facts" instead of the truth.

Boomer3950d ago

The examples you give make me believe that MS had/has an inferiority complex. In essence if the race had started with all things equal sony would have essentially won, because they hog all the resources.

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Silver3603951d ago

They want Digital Distribution. HD was only supported because of they used MS Hdi interface, which works just as well with Blu-Ray. MS duty is to look after MS first.

PSWe603950d ago

HDDVD is at fault for it's own demise...the format was just inferior

kewlkat0073950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

unless you call space inferior but that is debatable.

HD-DVD had all the features and the Hardware was upgradable unlike Blu-RAY.

It was part sony pulling together with big Wigs that are for content DRM/Protection which gave the Blu-Ray the edge and you know movie studios wants to go against Piracy as well.

Sony made all the Important business deals and Toshiba just didn't. I mean Blu-Ray is not even finalize and is missing features, while the earlier Stand-alones will be come obcelete since they cannot upgrade to the new profile.

So Toshiba, "You are Fired" Be better Businessman next time around.

MS has nothing to do with this. They had some major supporters of both formats selling content on XBL, which is what eventually they would like to push. But I think they have some interactive technology with HD-DVD though..

Lumbo3950d ago

"the hardware was upgradeable unlike BluRay"

Nonsense, hardware is NOT upgradeable, software is, as in FIRMWARE, i do hope you realize that firmwares are SOFTWARE. Hardware can't be upgraded, unless you believe in fairies that fly into your HD-DVD player and add RAM and extra cpu's with a wave of the magic wand.

"I mean Blu-Ray is not even finalize and is missing features, while the earlier Stand-alones will be come obcelete since they cannot upgrade to the new profile."

I guess you wanted to say "obsolete", but today every single BluRay player on the market is able to play every BluRay disc including BDj disks via firmware update.
Therefor you can playback every BluRay MOVIE on every player and you will continue to do so. Because the parts that YOU describe as "missing" is only for EXTRA features. The main movie does not care if you have an 1.0,1.2 or 2.0 Player. You only need support for BDj because Fox uses BDj as copyright protection for their releases.

At least every BluRay player ever sold supports 1080p, unlike the cheapo Toshiba HD-DVD players that only manage 1080i. And no, you can not upgrade the hardware of this players to support 1080p. The only thing that might be missing for BluRay players (except the PS3) is the default ethernet port that would be needed for extra online features. Sounds more like a pointless gimmick to me than a needed core feature. And unsurprisingly the amount of HD-DVDs that use the online feature have to be searched with a microscope.

kewlkat0073950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

you took that too "Literal".

YES I meant obsolete(thx for the correction), for the Players that were bought much early. for the rest of the Garbage you post, Blu-ray has already won, it's pointless to argue features.

At least this and that...meaning

scotthea3113950d ago

"And while Sony and its Blu-ray followers are likely to be "pooping" the champagne corks"

It's "popping" for the record. I'd like to see someone poop a champagne cork. That would be an interesting magic trick. I guess if you eat some cork flooring it could be possible.

resistance1003950d ago

i'll tell you what if you did that you would have a sore arse in the morning lol

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