New Street Fighter IV trailer

Capcom published a new promotional Street Fighter IV trailer. Enjoy.

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allstarpt193952d ago

i cant not wait for this game

Maddens Raiders3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

this game will crush worlds. For all of you that think these will be the only characters inthe game, you are mistaken. I know a lot of the youngsters here don't understand the largesse of this game, nor the major impact it's had on fighting games for more than a decade, but is a Classic that seems to have evolved into something even more spectacular.


kewlkat0073952d ago

this game game comes out.....

romaink3952d ago

but I hope those are not the only characters. I would love to see Sagat and M.Bison return

jahcure3952d ago

They may have them as the top 4 again, but as far as playable characters go, there are only these 10. The original SFII characters plus 2 others. This game will be awesome. I've seen gameplay from GDC and it's just as fluid as the 2D version with 3D textures. First day purchase for me.

Zancruz3952d ago

I really hope that's not all of the characters that's going to be in the game..... Or Capcom is doing that you have to buy/download some more characters crap!

PeterGriffinSays3952d ago

As for straight fighting, SSF4 is gonna rock this year.

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