Off Screen Footage of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Jump Festa 2013 Trailer

While Square Enix hasn’t officially released the new Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Jump Festa 2013 trailer online yet, someone at the game show recorded the new trailer off-screen and has uploaded it to Youtube.

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crxss1945d ago

why is Roxas the news picture.......?

MakiManPR1944d ago

358/2 will just be cutscenes?

Luismacintosh1944d ago

In basic terms, instead of remaking 358/2 days as in HD game, they're going to make every single chapter a cutscene adding up to about 2 hours of footage. Think of it as a movie.

MakiManPR1944d ago

Then why not make it in CGI like FF7: Advent Children? That would have been a lot better.
At least KH is the Final Mix version.

I hope KH 2.5 HD have BBS and Coded playables.
They should have made it for Wii U also. CoM, 358/2, RE:Coded and DDD were all on Nintendo Handhelds. Also right now Nintendo is the dominant in Japan. But KH started as a PS2 exclusive.

Deku-Johnny1944d ago

This is the only thing that has ever made me want a PS3.

AiirJordann231944d ago

I'm going to enjoy beating sephiroth again

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