DmC Devil May Cry improvements over the original Devil May Cry

Hate the game or not, there are some things which the forthcoming DmC Devil May Cry reboot does better than the original PS2 game.

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firelogic1975d ago

It doesn't do anything better (based on the demo).

DragonKnight1975d ago

When I first saw the title, after I stopped laughing I said to myself "none." This game is WORSE than the original. There are no improvements of note besides the obvious ones that are the result of technology having evolved.

ThanatosDMC1975d ago

I hope this video is sarcastic because there was no improvement... more like regression.

M4I0N31975d ago

I absolutely loved the gritty horror like atmosphere the first devil may cry had and it seems to be gone in this re-imagined version of dmc.

j-blaze1975d ago

not sure if this guy is a troll or just really stupid, i mean camera? load times? and he is comparing a game that came in 2001 to a game yet to be released??!!....we have a desperate NT cheerleader here!

RaidensRising1975d ago

There are still games being made this year that have some of those issues. But this does smell of extreme damage limitation.

VileAndVicious1975d ago

pretty sure this guy is just a troll. he's also the same guy/voice from that DmC sex article the other week that got so many comments

zerocrossing1975d ago

I don't think that DmC would be getting so much attention if it wasn't for the trolls.

It's a plus or minus depending on which side of the fence your on I guess.

Kyosuke_Sanada1975d ago

Outside of articles trolling or saying that it still plays like Devil May Cry, has anyone even give you a valid reason why this game should be purchased over the competition in January or better yet pay full price for.

VileAndVicious1975d ago

I suppose it just comes down to one's own preference. I played the demo and while it's definitely somewhat different than the previous DmCs I actually enjoyed it. Was it perfect? No. But then again neither is any game.

Kyosuke_Sanada1975d ago

@ VileandVicious

I wholeheartedly agree with you Vile because you sound like someone who authentically likes the game which is never bad because :

A. You don't lie to yourself (or other people) saying that the game plays like the other.

B. You don't acknowledge the design choices for the title was a must for the series.

C. You don't make fun of the old fanbase by saying with hatemongering lines like "The more you guys hate it, the more I want to buy it.

A lot of people have the notion that Devil May Cry fans want to crucify who likes the reboot which most of them don't. The thing is, it is the trolls who are the ones putting pen to paper with empty justifications why this game was such a needed transformation and calling all other people haters who have valid reasons otherwise.

I think anybody who has a problem with a gamer authentically liking a title even after giving reason not to needs to take a chill pill but I shed not a tear for those who use lies and goading to cause a further division between them.

ABizzel11975d ago


I agree with you completely.


I have to disagree with what you said. I'm sure there are people trolling the DMC fans, but from every argument that has been started because of this game, from what I've seen has been from the side of said fans.

I consider myself a fan of DMC. I like Dante as a character, I enjoyed the games (specifically DMC3), and I feel they could have stuck with the original DMC instead of all that changes.

The Better IMO:

But what the new DmC offers IMO is a vastly improved world for the series. For the first time, Dante feels at home in this world, rather than running around churches, temples, and old European architecture slaying demons. Limbo is the single best idea to come from Ninja Theory's take on DmC. I feel it could have been better, and there's ton of room to improve upon it in a sequel, but what's there for their first time is really good, and I want to play the game just to see what all they've done with the Limbo concept.

What I'm looking forward to:

The story is the most important thing I'm looking forward. DMC never had a REAL Story. It was basic at best, "Here's Dante, he's half human / half demon, and he's here to kill Demons to save the human race." This is Capcom's chance to FINALLY give DMC the story fans have been craving, and Ninja Theory are one of the best in the industry at story telling.

However, fans seems to be up in arms about Dante, being half angle now, which makes no sense to me. But I won't even get into that.

Acting: Ninja Theory also are masters of acting and voice acting, and although I don't prefer vulgar Dante, I come to terms that this is him growing up, and living in a world where's he's constantly attacked and harassed by demons, so it's made him a [email protected]$$, which is understandable. It's a modern take on the game, and move Dante from his Japanese roots, to a more Western style, and I don't mind that as a character. Plus I think the new look finally looks good. At first he looked like a goth druggie, but now he's SEXY again ;D.

The not so good:

That being said, I don't enjoy the slower combat and 30fps vs. 60 from the originals. And as I said earlier I don't enjoy all the profanity, which is surprising considering Ninja Theory's other games has great writing, but I'm hoping that's not how the full game goes.

So you see my take on Dmc, and from what I've seen most of the people on n4g who approve of the game actually have a similar judgement of the game. However, "fans" act like the game is complete garbage, and worthy of a 1 / 10, and that's not the case. It may not be DMC, and it's very much DMC meets Heavenly Sword, but it's still an enjoyable game, and if you don't like it that's fine, don't buy it, but don't attack people who enjoyed the game, as if we all should have a reason to hate it.

ThanatosDMC1975d ago

There's a lot of the people actually. If you check the facebook page of DmC, there's a lot of them calling the gameplay superior but they never played DMC1,3, and 4.

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SolidGear31975d ago

What's it do better? Everything.

andshesays1971d ago

ill be buying the game too!

zerocrossing1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

"DmC Devil May Cry improvements over the original Devil May Cry"

I genuinely almost lol'd when I read the title.

Ok so a game released in 2001 is technically inferior in certain aspects/areas when compared to a yet to be released game of 2013.

The technical superiority DmC has in these areas does little to detract from the fact it is inferior in mostly every other way to its predecessors, and Im not jut talking technically.

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