Xbox 360: Year In Review And A Look Ahead At 2013

"Just how well did Microsoft’s console perform this year?"

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Knight_Crawler1916d ago

I use to be a die hard Sony fan owning the PS1 and PS2 from day one but when Sony launched the PS3 at $600 I felt like Sony betrayed me, gave me the middle finger and told me a high school student to get two jobs to afford a PS3.

I did not buy the Xbox 1 and was planning on buying the 360 but Sony really gave me no choice and I ended buying a 360 and I really grateful to MS for making me experience the next gen without having to drop out of school and get two jobs.

I own a PS3 now and Uncharted is my favorite game this gen but for some reason Sony has lost my respect and will have to announce something special with the PS4 Price and power wise to win me back.

Parasyte1916d ago

See, I'm kind of the opposite. I had the PS1 and 2 and the original Xbox. I also had the Xbox 360.

I didn't get a PS3 until about halfway through this console generation, and I have to say the PS3 has impressed me a lot. Sure I still like Halo and Gears, but for the most part the PS3 has more games that interest me and make me remember why I started playing games to begin with: Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, and Killzone to name but a few.

I've been thinking about which console I'm going to buy next gen since I'll only have time for one since my college course load is going to be picking up.

I've decided to keep myself open and go where the games are, and if Sony continues down the path that they are heading games-wise, the PS4 will be my choice.

FlameBaitGod1916d ago

I'm mad at Lamborghini too for not making their cars affordable.

MikeMyers1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I didn't realize cars half the price could perform just as well.

I would give Microsoft a C+ for 2012. They need to invest in more ip's that are not Kinect only titles or XBLA games. 2013 should see massive price reductions (for the Xbox 360) along with new hardware.

optimus1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I was also a diehard sony fan until I had to replace the lens on my ps1 about 3 times due to sony making the 1st batch or 2 with a hard plastic lens that would collect dust and debris and melt right into the lens according to the repair shop...thankfully they weren't that expensive to replace and I rode that horse til the dreamcast came out...shortly after that they announced the xbox and I went with it and never looked at sony again...I even skipped over the ps2 so the ps3 wasn't even in MY gaming picture...and of course the ludicrous price didn't help win me watch how I get a bunch of disagrees simply for not liking sony based on MY experience.

rainslacker1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

The repair shop lied to you. I used to repair systems, and Sony's lenses were greatly under-calibrated to increase yield. Usually a repair just needed a slight tweak to the laser diodes and it would work fine, although sometimes it required additional tweaking if the laser was actually going bad, or possibly replacement.

Edit:On the PS2 the above is true. You mentioned the PS1, which had issues with laser tracking due to lasers becoming faulty. Since the laser itself, when reflected couldn't focus the beam into the receiver in the lens, it would overcompensate and give errors. It's why people could often turn their systems upside down and have them work. That very slight pull from gravity on the disc was all that was needed to get the lens to focus properly. Still had nothing to do with dirt.

Plastic lenses have no effect on laser assemblies, and can be just as precise as glass. And dust will not melt because of the laser, as the laser is too fine to generate heat in sufficient quantities, particularly with a spinning disc in the drive allowing for continuous air flow.

cedaridge1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

For me I had both xbox 360 & ps3 from the jump. I built my HT around the ps3 but lately here I have been finding the flaws I don't like bout the ps3. I'm now learning the ps3 can't decode in True Dolby Digital & DTS but instead PCM! But the xbox 360 do indeed decode in Dolby Digital. That's a lil dissapointing to me cause I do like the ps3 but I don't (To Me)think it is a True Home Theater system. It is a ok HT system. Do a google search and put in PS3 Dolby Digital and go to ps3 101 and you will see what I'm talking about.

Rhythmattic1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

So i guess you arent getting a DTS or DD logo happening on your decoder?

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) means it is outputted from the system already decoded to the digital output..

PCM is Not bitstream (DTS/DD encoded)

Funny enough , all films now can even bypass DTS/DD standard and use the New DCP (Digital Cinema Package) ... The last two films I have worked on use this format..
(I guess for internet delivery it wont change, but, hopefully Blu or a new medium keeps the uncompressed audio..).Its an Uncompressed PCM Format... Unlike what DTS and DD are (with expensive licensing). A Bitsream compressed surround format.

The point im making , if you dont see the DTS/DD logo on your decoder, as long as PCM 5.1 or 7.1 is selected in the audio settings (HDMI for 7.1), its already been decoded by the PS3...

Edit Again: Just read your link 101.. It can do both Encoded & Decoded.. Nothing complicated about it.

cedaridge1915d ago

Thanks for breaking it down for me. You are definitely on the money with everything you said. My ps3 do decode on my receiver in PCM and my xbox 360 decode in Dolby Digital. I do enjoy both system's and I have allowed my fanboyism to die. I don't mean any dissrespect to anyone console of choice. psn: cedar4Thunder / xbl: cedar4Thunder

Rhythmattic1915d ago

No Problems, Glad I could clear it up for you.

Belking1916d ago

It's been a great year for xbox360. 2013 should offer some surprises too. Looking forward to the next gen xbox reveal. So far so good.

RuleofOne343 1916d ago

I had no compliments ,thought it was a great year all in all .

Belking1915d ago

Great year for xbox360. No doubt about it.

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