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8 Things that Could've Made Final Fantasy X Better

While there were some things that made Final Fantasy X great, here's eight changes that could've made it even better. (Final Fantasy X, PS2, Retro)

RmanX1000  +   984d ago
Oh the problems of this list..
1) The world map is mostly joined together. Just lie old Final Fantasies. And you dont even get the airship until very late in the game.

2) It was a "next gen" game at the time. Shaky models are kind of expected that early in the consoles life cycle.

3) I found the voice acting to be far more bearable than later games. XII especially was just awful to me. THE LAUGHING SCENE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CHEESEY. THAT'S THE POINT. IT WAS MADE TO MAKE YOU LAUGH!

4) This is the one point i will agree on. They couldve extended the ending a little bit in order to throw in a last bit of character development.

5) He obviously didnt take full advantage of the Synthesis system. He complains about wanting to give certain characters certain buffers. But cant because only certain equipment contains these buffs, and equipment is character specific. But with synthesis, after a bit of work, you could get a MP +20% on Yuna or Lulu. The idiot just doesnt use synthesis, or uses it incorrectly.

6) "Magic shields dont work - don't buy them" They go on to describe this section poorly, implying that when you use Magic Shields, they just don't do their job properly. Which i find wrong. I cant begin to count how many times ive had a shield of some sort on a character and some magic attack doesnt kill them by a couple hundred HP. I know shields have saved my butt multiple times. This dude just doesnt keep track of when buffs end.

7)The fashion sense of many different cultures and tribes not matching to be the same for everyone?! WHAT IS THAT NONSENSE! Although i do agree that Seymour was a little... Meh in the fashion department, i think Square did a good job showing that different tribes and people wearing different clothing styles, and intermingle together in Spira quite well.

8)Not enough puzzles...? I did not like puzzles in this game. Especially later ones. They just became so ridiculously time consuming and tedious. There werent many sure, but just the fact that a couple of them could take an hour alone is rather, well, boring.


Every point he listed could be improved in some aspects. But most of these are just faults of the times. Square was entering the next gen. Models and battle systems that had to appeal to a soon to be mainstream market had to be made quickly. With that said i can not wait for the HD remake of FFX, and look forward to playing it over... and over... and over... and the cycle repeats. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
Godmars290  +   984d ago
Probably wouldn't have made it better necessarily, made a different game with the same title, but make Yuna the main character she should have been.

Have some monsters purely spirit based which she could send while others would possess animals and have to be driven out/specially fought before they could be sent just like there'd be rouge mechs which her sending ability wouldn't work at all.

Also, I've said this before, but have the Trials puzzles require Aeons to solve. Both in order as acquired going along the pilgrimage and in combination. Being able to call them outside of temples to solve world/environmental puzzles would have been nice too.
Pozzle  +   984d ago
7. When did this author play the game? I bought FFX when it first came out and the graphics looked AMAZING for the time of its release. Sure, they look outdated and "shaky" now, but back in 2001 (remember, that's over ten years ago!) they looked incredible. And the FMVs...wow! I'd never seen anything like it in a game! :O

6. I wasn't too bothered by the voice acting either. Apart from Tidus (who's voice was far too whiny and high-pitched for my taste), I didn't mind the overall voice acting. They did the best job they could, considering they had to match the English script/lines to the Japanese mouth flaps and pauses.

5. As for the ending...I loved that too. And I definitely don't agree that it should have been longer. Tidus didn't have TIME to say his goodbyes to everyone in the group (and if he did, the scene wouldn't have been as sad as it was). He only had a few moments left and he was going to spend that time with the girl he loved. I'm sure the other team members understood.

2. Ok, I'll agree with the author here. Some of the character outfits were pretty silly. I think Square were just having fun with the amount of detail they could put in a PS2 character model...I bet they had a blast animating Lulu's dress! (But I will admit that I thought Seymour looked absolutely ridiculous. And his outfit made it look like he has a beer gut! lol)

1. Who the hell wanted more puzzles? o.O
Kur0  +   984d ago
The VA for Yuna was great.
Tzuno  +   984d ago
the game is a masterpiece i like it as it is.
Hicken  +   984d ago
I was gonna read the article, but then there were 9 pages.

Plus, from what others have said, not really worth reading, anyway.

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