5 Ways Microsoft Could Improve Next Gen

Richard Bailey of writes:
Now that Nintendo has successfully launched the Wii U in both the United States and Europe, several media outlets and analysts from around the world will begin shifting their focus towards Microsoft and Sony’s next gen consoles. While both companies have endured their fair share of trials and tribulations this generation, history has often taught us that those who fail to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. As a strong supporter of the Xbox 360, I felt the need to address 5 shortcomings with the platform and suggest ways that Microsoft could improve moving forward.

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The_Infected1762d ago

How about they announce the damn thing already? I hope they do at CES 2013 if not the I hope Valve shows their console off then.

rbailey1762d ago

I would prefer that too actually and especially because everyone already knows it's coming. My next guess is E3 2013 will be the official reveal of both the PS4 and Xbox 720. Either way, the need to make the announcement soon.

As for the Steam Box, I'm looking forward to seeing what Valve brings to the table. I'm not a PC gamer but I def plan on becoming one in 2013.

NukaCola1761d ago

MS has completely abandoned their system as a gaming console these last 3 years.

Next gen:
1. Games...Buy companies and make exclusives.
2. See #1

I really loved the original Xbox and the first few years of the 360, but MS has really done nothing to innovated on the gaming side. They are about APPs and Time DLC and charging you for everything. So they need to fix this now, or I won't be getting the next MS system.

Knight_Crawler1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Why are people so hung up over exclusives...TBH some of the best games I played this gen are multiplats games like Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption, COD MW1, Fall Out 3, Assassin Creed, Lords of Shadows,Dead Spca, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Minecraft, Skyrim, Far Cry 3...too many to list.

Yes exclusives are good because they can show what the system is truly capable of and gives you a reason to buy a certain console but most of the exclusive excuse is just ammo for fanboys to brag about x system have a game that the other does not have.

NukaCola1761d ago

Game systems should be about games. Yes, multiplats are awesome, but where is the multiplat equivalent of Journey? Uncharted? God of War? Halo? Gears of War? Lost Odyssey? MS needs to have an identity and being a $300 media center isn't it. They need games and they have the finances. Microsoft only supports the games that marketing reps tell them will sell well. They are doing it all wrong. Focus on delivering fresh experiences.

ILive1761d ago

To knight crawler. It means there shouldn't be multiple consoles then. If all consoles came and only multiple platform games were only available for them, then why the hell do we need multiple console? The point of exclusives is provide an experience you won't find with the competition. If the witcher 2 and gears were available for the PS3, why should I own an Xbox? Exclusives also take better advantage of their respective machines.

Lvl_up_gamer1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

"where is the multiplat equivalent of Journey? Uncharted? God of War? Halo? Gears of War? Lost Odyssey?"

Where is the Exclusives equivalent to

Mass Effect
Dead Space

MS have not stopped making games. They make 2 of the highest rated and selling games this gen.


MS also have a 2nd party IP locked down which is also the highest rated and selling exclusive franchise released this gen being Gears Of War.

MS is not in the business to dump a lot of money and lose it all into exclusive games that won't sell like some other companies do. This is why MS are not in any kind of financial jeopardy while others are.

Just because a game is exclusive doesn't mean it's a great game or that it will sell. Today's and tomorrows next gen consoles will not just be about the games, it will also be about gaming experiences that each console gives.

UnholyLight1761d ago

Exclusives don't worry me. Sony's exclusives I could care less about with the exception of Killzone and Motorstorm

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hellvaguy1761d ago

"How about they announce the damn thing already"

How bout they dont and instead hold out until the last minute to give us the best possible bang for our buck in technology.

ProjectVulcan1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

The reason they will hold off as long as possible is more because 360 sales are still strong especially in the states.

As soon as the new machine is announced then it is likely those sales will start to decline somewhat.

So microsoft have no interest announcing something a whole year in advance. I wouldn't be surprised if they announce if at E3 in the summer and launch it just 4-5 months later like they did with 360....

000011762d ago

how about bring back the fun Microsoft titles:
-the suffering
-full auto
-jade empire
-Otogi sequel
-more exclusive ninja gaidens like the original xbox
-breakdiwn sequel
-how about an exclusive deal with EA fr a new burnout game
-lost odyssy sequel
etc the list goes on...

as a micrsoft fan i miss the diversity that made the original xbox great, they need to get back to the games instead of relying on cod, gow, forza, and halo sequels for sales im tired of playing those damn games.

rbailey1762d ago

I agree with everything you said, especially the part about the lack of diversity on the console. I'm still mad that they loss the Mass Effect franchise as well and honestly seeing as how both Gears of War and Alan Wake are still owned by the original creators, I have a feeling those games will go multiplatform as well next gen.

All Microsoft seems to care about these days are timed exclusives and making money off Halo. that definitely needs to change and fast.

Lvl_up_gamer1761d ago

MS didn't lose the Mass Effect franchise. They still have it on their console. MS was even nice enough to allow Mass Effect 1 to go onto the PS3 since they owned the rights that game.

The multiplats up more then enough of the lack of diversity. Multiplats create more diversity then MS and Sony's combined exclusives.

Even if MS did have more diversity in 1st party titles, it doesn't automatically make the exclusive game good. When will you people understand that just because a game is exclusive doesn't mean it's a good game or that people will buy it.

Also just an FYI, I understand that to a certain crowd on this site Kinect doesn't exist, but there is a lot of new gaming experiences and diversity in titles that are Kinect only and Kinect hybrids.

Tres211761d ago

aye Blue dat breakdown sequel does sound lik a good idea & jade empire

LOL_WUT1762d ago

How about they stop charging to play online thats a good start. ;)

Regardless of how it turns out I can't wait for next-gen.

rbailey1762d ago

The day that Microsoft decides to stop charging for Xbox Live will be the same day that pigs learn how to fly lol

Ezz20131762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

but pigs already know how to fly

whoyouwit041761d ago

Five ways to make Xbox better

1. free xbox live
2. relaunch some of their old ips
3. create brand new genres and ips
4. push there studios to be the best in the world
5. male sure the console is not faulty out the gate.

rbailey1761d ago

These are all great points you've made and I agree with every single one of them.

KangarooSam1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

So... become Sony? (minus YLOD)

Also, sloots and cocaine.


hellvaguy1761d ago

that and the better MS controllers. k do it!

RuleofOne343 1761d ago

2 Thru 5 great ,but even I would not turn away a billion dollar annual juggernaut .

TekoIie1761d ago

"free xbox live"

I dont see it happening but if its numbers start to dwindle I would expect a price drop.

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Alos881761d ago

I think they need to focus on creating new IPs, after Alan Wake they kinda gave up in my eyes.

rbailey1761d ago

I think you hit it on the head with this one. Alan Wake took several years to make and I'm sure that for every year the game was delayed, Microsoft loss even more money. Of course, the game turned out to be great in the end but Microsoft should definitely focus on making more original IPs. Not every new IP needs to be a huge AAA title either, as independent projects would be god enough as well.

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