DOAX 2 X06 footage

There is nothing more to say actually...
Japanese gamers will love it!

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Boink4128d ago

not just japanese gamers:)

TheMART4128d ago

I'd rather have it in realtime! ;)

kikilala4128d ago

the original xbox just for DOA Beach Volleyball... and i got Halo and SW:Clone Wars and the DVD Kit for free... man i was screwed last time..

TheMART4128d ago

did you like to be screwed by DOAX?

zapzone4128d ago

is DOAX 2 a porn simulator or something? The only clips I have seen so far have been of rendered chicks wiggling their bits around. Not that I'm complaining.

Chewy 1014128d ago

Its about relaxing. You can play volleyball, ride a jet ski, or simply look at jelly-like boobs wiggle around and around and around...

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