New Warrior's Lair Footage Shows off the Missing Vita/PS3 Title

Warrior's Lair has reared its head once again! This latest video dropped just a few days ago, but that hasn't stopped it from sparking some interesting questions.

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r211980d ago

Woah, the game looks and seems to play way better than the last time they showed it off. Cant wait to buy this :D

Larry L1980d ago

To be honest this is not the game I thought it was going to be when I read the title. I was expecting that 2-D side-scrolling beat'em-up RPG. I know the game I'm thinking of had it's name changed, so I though this was going to be that game. I was really hoping to see more of that.

I like these games too though. I miss Champions of Norrath, and other games in that genre, and I still play Sacred 2. But whether I get this game or not will depend on the price. I think it's gonna be around $40 and I don't know if I'm willing to pay that for this game. If it's like $15 or even $20 I'll buy it for my Vita though for sure.

Skate-AK1980d ago

Pretty sure the game you are thinking of is Dragons Crown.

Larry L1980d ago

Right, but it's not called Dragon's Crown anymore. It's the new name I don't know.

Skate-AK1980d ago

According to Amazon the name didnt change.

majiebeast1980d ago

I really thought they cancelled it with not showing it for a entire year. It looks really good hope for a 2013 release more vita/ps3 cross buy games for me.

porkChop1980d ago

Game looks great. Good graphics and audio, and the gameplay looks pretty fluid. I'll probably pick it up. I know the game has Cross Save, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up having Cross Buy as well.

tubers1980d ago

I hope there's some sort of auto attack system xD Or I hope I don't have to spam X all the time and move the right stick unwillingly like in Dungeon Hunter Alliance.

H4all1980d ago

it's look better than Dungeon Hunter Alliance..

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The story is too old to be commented.