The Fascinating Story of the World's First RAM Chip

Dr Bernard Widrow, co-creator of the first Random Access Memory Plane with his colleagues at MIT, reflects on the creation of it along with other aspects of computer technology at the time, including how every computer was hand made and anecdotes about their purpose coming into question.

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Tsar4ever011315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Man, has tech came a long way since those days, But all things has a beginning, So we should pay our respects. So Thank you Dr. B. Widrow, for the beginning.

BiggCMan1315d ago

Man, elders weren't kidding when they said computers used to be the size of freaking buildings!!

Stoppokingme1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Brilliant video. Stories like this is what gaming sites should be covering, instead of trivial articles and top ten lists.

AbyssGravelord1315d ago

There should definitely be more articles like this on here. This was truly interesting, and I thank Dr. Bernard Widrow for all of his hard work in helping make computers and electronics what they are today.

Rupee1315d ago

Thanks so much for this video! I would really appreciate more content like this from gaming sites. You may not get as many hits because there's no flame-bait title or picture of boobs but Id take quality articles with worth-while content over those crappy articles.

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