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Lying, Stealing And Masturbation: Gamers Confess Secrets Before ‘The End Of The World’

Kotaku - Obviously, the world didn't end last night. Still, the possibility spawned the #endoftheworldconfessions hashtag on Twitter a couple of nights ago, and some of these confessions were gaming-related. I compiled a selection of tweets from gamers where they confess to all sorts of silly, crazy, and sometimes disturbing things. (Culture)

GreenRanger  +   487d ago | Funny
From the look on her face, it isn't hard to guess where the guy's other hand is.
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-Mika-  +   487d ago
Seriously that gross. Im marking your post as offensive.

Edit: Plz don't call me baby and it doesn't matter if it was a joke. It was still offensive.
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GreenRanger  +   487d ago
Don't take everything so seriously, it was only a joke.
If you can't develop a sense of humor, then our relationship is over.
I will always love you, though.
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GreenRanger  +   487d ago
@ Mika
I wasn't trying to be offensive to anyone.
I'll just say sorry and we'll leave it at that.
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Sp1d3ynut  +   487d ago
Pay no attention to Mika, Greenie...she's literally an attention...well, you know.
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Dark11  +   487d ago
hahahaha nice one Green
and never mind mika.
n4f  +   487d ago
im susecting mika to be kim kardarshian since they both attention whore
Dasteru  +   487d ago
In order for something to be offensive, you need to take offense to it.

It is illogical to take offense to something that was not directed towards you, and is a clear sign of mental illness.

Pull your head out of your ass and realize the world does not revolve around you.
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DarkBlood  +   487d ago
and im bubbing you down for personal attack on the green ranger

you dont represent all females or males for that matter mika so what your doing does nothing
2pacalypsenow  +   487d ago
@-Mika- Yeah but you read 50 shades of grey right? Because its ok for women to read porn but men who watch it are pigs..... seem's logic
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Griffin4871  +   487d ago
Your comment is fake just like your internet persona. stfu
Mounce  +   486d ago
And knowing your post-history, you're either an incompetent little 13 year old who gets offended over the smallest of things whilst you post the most flame-worthy of comments on most bloody articles on N4G.

99% of your comments get Disagrees up the ass. I'd not even dare come to consider the possibility of you being a troll, it's just too unlikely.

If GreenRanger can get 'reported' for offensiveness with his own right to speak his mind whether vulgar or not, I'd feel a need to say you should just be banned for N4G altogether for being the most useless, trivial, repetitive flamebaiting/trolling, provoking nothing but trouble and serving absolutely nothing positive to N4G as a whole, -Mika-.

Why the fuck AREN'T you banned yet?
Qrphe  +   487d ago
"If you can't develop a sense of humor, then our relationship is over.
I will always love you, though."

Some smooth PUA skills right here.
prototypeknuckles  +   487d ago
Respect the MuthaF****ING GReeN Ranger, XD
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ChrisW  +   487d ago
The whole hand... or just a couple fingers?
wishingW3L  +   487d ago
that guy that said that he starved his hamster is seriously sick in the head. I hope he finds help before he gets ahold of some guns and start murdering people... And I hope PETA read his awful tweet and does something.
Dasteru  +   487d ago
PETA are hypocritical animal killers.

Over 90% of the donations they receive from the public go towards adverts and publicity.

They support terrorism and have killed more than 27000 completely healthy adoptable animals over the last 12 years. Their adoption rate is less than 5%.

Certain parts of the U.S government already have them listed as a recognized terrorist organization.
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Nerdmaster  +   486d ago
Using its money on publicity makes sense. If they objetive is to raise awareness of animal cruelty and whatnot... How else would anyone raise awareness about something?
Dasteru  +   486d ago

They are doing it for attention, The more attention they get the more money they make.

They are suppose to be spending the money on finding adoptive homes for animals, instead they just kill everything and spend the money on adverts.

Its just propoganda, they don't give a shat about helping animals.
Pekolie  +   487d ago
To be honest PETA would probably read it while putting down a hamster -_-
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jeeves86  +   486d ago
Still pretty disgusting that he starved his hamster :(
KrimsonKody  +   487d ago
(Gathers popcorn & begins reading)

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