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Hitman: Absolution is the next in the series for the iconic bald assassin with only a bar code.

Agent 47 is back again and is as ever a one man silent killing machine.

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showtimefolks1975d ago

about how long is the single player story on normal? some have told me 8hrs some say 20hrs?

CHAMPANERIA1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

14hours took me I played steathy no shooting. Started on Sunday Finished on following Friday. Good game amazing graphics okay story wise nothing special. Replay value is there too as it tracks everything and unlocks progress etc. and contracts mode which I didn't bother trying even.

kyon1471974d ago

The game is nice to play and is fun to try and get a perfect play through with out being seen etc. Not so fun when you have to kill an additional person and you lose score etc.

I agree that the reply value is high with the CONTRACTS mode and also being able to go back and kill targets in a different way from the first time you played it.