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How Popular Is the Wii U, Really?

slashgear.com: I have a Wii U. And although I find its motion implementation quite fun at times, and the addition of a second screen a good idea, I haven’t played it at all in the last couple of weeks.
I decided to conduct an informal poll with other people I know who also own a Wii U. I asked them if they’ve been playing with the console much since its launch. Nearly every person said that they played it somewhat heavily in the first week after launch, but little after that. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Jadedz  +   484d ago
Going by the community numbers...

Anyway, I used my Wii U daily because I mostly earn my living online, and the internet browser in amazing.
Heisenburger  +   484d ago
Lmao! Sorry I am not laughing at you.

When I got to the line " I used my Wii U daily because I mostly earn my living online,..." I thought you were one of those spambots. I was thinking "son of a bi" then I processed the rest.

I thought that they had me going for a second. XD
Jadedz  +   483d ago
It's cool :P.
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tre  +   483d ago
Let's talk gimmicks: Wii has its controllers; DS has second screen: 3DS has 3D; WiiU has gamepad, miiverse, and Nintendo TVii; ps3 has bluray and added Move late; 360 has online play and added Kinect late.

At least Nintendo ideas are the focus of each console, not an after thought. People need to find a new word.
guitarded77  +   483d ago
Ummm... online play is not a gimmick. It's here to stay. Blu-Ray is not a gimmick, it will be the predominate hard video format for the next 10 years as it phases out DVD and digital download becomes more prominent. The gamepad has a chance to be more than a gimmick if gamers try it, like it, and demand it (not saying they will or won't. Time will tell). As tech changes with tablets, I think we may see more controllers with GUI's.

I like my Wii U (and other consoles), but I tell some of my friends I got a Wii U, and they don't even know what I'm talking about. Too many outside of the core gaming community don't even know the system exists. It will be another year before we know how popular Wii U really is. People need to see it and play it to know if it's something they want or not.
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scissor_runner  +   483d ago
The Rayman demo is prefect. Played it in store, my tv is way better and it looked like a frigging animated 3d photoshop file!

Just downloaded nba2k and finished setting up nintvii. Ninja gaiden has been taking up my time mostly.

Games coming are aliens, wonder101 for me right now. So far the web and Netflix are way better on the wiiu. Any thing win8 runs the wiiu can run html5 ftw.

The miiverse, video chat with drawing is great lol. Plus I still got two wii RPGs to beat, last story and xenoblade. Along with 9 wiiu games not counting eshop. I think I'm going download only after this. You don't even have to get up then!
tre  +   483d ago
1. an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal.
a concealed, usually devious aspect or feature of something, as a plan or deal: An offer that good must have a gimmick in it somewhere.

So game consoles that include features outside of its purpose of playing video games are gimmicks.
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   483d ago
Tre is right, of course, that is what gimmick means. For some reason the meaning only changes when it comes to video games. Maybe Webster's needs to update their definition and add something about Nintendo.
SilentNegotiator  +   483d ago
"I used my Wii U daily because I mostly earn my living online, and the internet browser in amazing"

Oh please, if you made a living online, you wouldn't be doing it via Wii U's single-touch web browser.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   483d ago
Why would you need multitouch on a web browser...? Is your computer multitouch? Do you use two mice?
Jadedz  +   483d ago
I'm an investor
I use Forex, and other trading websites.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   484d ago
"I asked 3 people I know if they played the Wii U and they all said it was big doo-doo head garbage. Nintendo to go 3rd party! Wii U bomba!, etc...

This article is a joke. Agenda piece written by some fanboy.
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Hicken  +   483d ago
It's an interesting question, though. There's a lot of "controversy" surrounding the Wii U right now; whether or not it's deserved is questionable, but the questions remain.

So it's not a bad idea to ask, "How many people are still frequently using their Wii Us?"

Surely, he started with a small number, but asking the question isn't a wasted effort, is it? Seems that a few others have had similar drop-offs in their usage.

Could it be a sign of something big, or is it not really all that widespread?

If you don't ask, you'll never know.
B1663r  +   483d ago
Im two weeks in on my WiiU. I still use the xbox for tv watching. The WiiU is always knocking my computer off the internet for some reason. Although I am sure this will be fixed sooner or later.

Second Screen... game play. Um, not so much, but then I have plenty of TV's and streaming devices around my house, between my xbox, laptop and Razr phone.

Motion Gaming... Well now that Dance Central 3 has Gangam Style, once again the Kinect wins out over the wii style motion gaming...

Second Screen... game play again... Unlike the DS where it is just a flick of the eyes to use the second screen, not so much with the WiiU, in the cases I have used it.... Packin games, um... No. Just No. Maps in ZombiU... a map overlay would be easier. Scanning, I just use the sticks to move around, it is easier than moving the whole WiiU pad around.

The only really compelling reason I use the WiiU is that games and apps load faster than on the Xbox.

Exclusive games.. New Super Marior Bros. U... Wow this game is so hard core, I don't have the hours to sit around and be frustrated about making that perfect jump. Game is simply not fun like Super Mario Galaxy was.

Overall I say the WiiU pad is a bit like Kinect voice commands forced into Mass Effect 3...

This one is a stinker.
scissor_runner  +   483d ago
You just need to ask the people on miiverse. People reply pretty fast. Plus lots of free DLC is coming. Great community so far. It feels like what gaming use to be like before the war.
browngamer41  +   484d ago
I use my U daily..in fact I'm using it to post this comment, I was in the middle of AC3 and decided to check n4g and Facebook right quick-and then it's straight back to my game..
GreenRanger  +   484d ago
You sound like you're advertising the Wii U. :-)
browngamer41  +   484d ago
If that's what it sounds like so be it..I'm loving this system and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone...I guess people aren't allowed to praise things they like anymore
GreenRanger  +   484d ago
@ browngamer41
"I guess people aren't allowed to praise things they like anymore"
Take it easy, i wasn't criticising you.
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-Mika-  +   484d ago
Im pretty sure the PS4 and 720 will have multi-tasking features like the WiiU so that not really a huge selling point. Do you have any other reasons why I should buy a WiiU?
PopRocks359  +   484d ago
It's not a selling point, it's just a nice convenience like any other non-gaming feature on a video game console, you ding-dong.
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aquamala  +   484d ago
Because it is available right now. Who knows when the next ps/Xbox will be out and at what price
camel_toad  +   484d ago
I hate to say it but for me at least I wish I hadn't bought it yet. Maybe when a new Metroid or Zelda or Bayonetta 2 comes out - but I had the highest hopes (of the launch titles) for zombiU and it's disappointing to me.

None of the other current titles are really doing it for me either. I like tablet and it has some nice potential but overall it's a system I wish I had waited on.
WeAreLegion  +   484d ago
Actually, the Vita does multi-tasking, too...
MasterCratosKong66  +   483d ago
No I don't. From your previous comment there is nothing that Nintendo could do to sell you this consoles other than merging with Sony and making it a Sony console. We definitely have two different gaming pallets. You seem to only be able to enjoy games from Sony while I can enjoy games for all platforms. If that works for you then more power to you. However please don't ask for purchasing advice from open minded gamers because you are not one of us.
BlackWolf  +   483d ago

Please. Stop it. You've never had any plans of buying the system. Why do you have to appear just to try to change people minds? Are you being paid to make bad advertisement for the wii u? Even if that was the case, you're doing a awful job.
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SolidDuck  +   484d ago
I'm sure the wii u is awesome I debated buying one a couple times. But I am surprised that there pretty easy to find at least where I live. Kind of a mellow launch.
PS4isKing_82  +   484d ago
I played mine for close to a month straight but haven't touched it much since. Outside of the initial launch games, it doesn't look like a lot of games will be coming out anytime soon. I mostly use mine for nf now and the web browser. Good but not worth the asking price. $199 would be more appropreit. I still love mine but with alot of big games coming out for ps3 and 360 but skipping the wiiU isn't very encouraging. Basically, if you want the best 3rd party games, go with playstation and or Xbox. Or if you don't care about 3rd party games and just want to play the best Nintendo games, go for it. But after owning it for the last month, I can't really recommend it at its current price. Lets see what next year brings at e3.
SuperShyGuy  +   484d ago
assuming you got one at launch, live in the US and played close to a month then you have become disgruntle in the past 3-4 days?
PS4isKing_82  +   483d ago
Actually played Mario u and ninja gaiden 3 non stop. Amazing games but what's coming out next? Dmc? Metal gear rising? Bioshock infinite? Gta5? MGS ground zeroes? None of those are bound for wiiU. I love Nintendo but its looking like they still haven't solved their problems getting good 3rd party support. Most are probably waiting for ps4 and 720 next year.
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ronin4life  +   483d ago
That sounds like you simply played everything on it shonen(that you own, that is)... which, in my opinion would be a positive sign.
I don't think that is what these people mean though...
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WiigotU  +   483d ago
@ Shonen_82 I feel your pain as I only own nintendoland and have some downloaded games. I can't play anything else to I open my christmas present my girl got me. Got me games.

But think about it this way those third party games look good on the other systems but do you really want a next gen system for the purpose of playing ports with shoehorned controls?
I'm hoping that a few third parties release something that we say damn I didn't see that coming in a million years. Also one thing that I found interesting was the tvii post I was watching my bulls beat up on the knicks the other day and then I started posting through the app. It was crazy as my post were showing up in my facebook post now if my bears can do something positive i'll be posting on that game.

What people don't realize also this is Nintendos first generation of highdef games wait till they get more time with the system oh the possibilites.
Qrphe  +   483d ago
shonen is right. The next titles to come out are what? Alien and Monster Hunter? That is if you're into those games, else you're better off playing in another system for then.
amaguli  +   484d ago
The console just freaking launched! Give it some time to grow and for its library to expand. Just stop all this early doom articles for crying out load.
LOL_WUT  +   483d ago
I guess not as popular as people make it out to be. :)
GreenRanger  +   483d ago
Can you get a stand for the Wii U gamepad?
Have Nintendo/third parties released one?
Bobby Kotex  +   483d ago
PS4isKing_82  +   483d ago
Yes the deluxe includes one or u can buy it separately if you have the basic model.
StrawHatPatriot  +   483d ago
It's because it's a bit too much of a gimmick. I always feared that while Dual Screen gaming is extremely convenient (watching the Pats game, then playing a bit more of Final Fantasy during commercials sounds awesome) and can be useful (playing a football game with the plays on the controller's screen so your friend won't see) for a lot of games, but there's not enough you can do with the Wii U that makes it better than the 360 and PS3. The fact that it can be argued that it's less powerful than the PS3 doesn't help.
wiiulee  +   483d ago
since you're a hater and bought a wiiu so you can try and print stupid articles, sell it to a real gamer instead/...wiiu is a great system with a great launch lineup of games and can be use as an entertainment hub, wiiu is hot and willl only get hotter...i use it almost all day....look at the sales compare to xbox, ps3 or vita;s launch....wiiu is ahead to win next gen and more uniqueness is on the way
metroidfusion2  +   483d ago
For all of the dumbass people the majorify of the games are for the 1st half of 20113 but ldtss say the wii uu does noot get any ports for all of 2013 then 2014 the wii u might get a lot of ports but maybe by that time some or a lot of nintendos big fitrst party games will be out but just like anyone else I will have to wait and see
Orionsangel  +   483d ago
I haven't been hearing much about the Wii U. Other than within the industry, like news coverage from news sites and blogs. That's to be expected for the launch of any new console. What I see a lot in the forums are gamers who are waiting to buy the Wii U. Waiting to see if it gets better games, better add-ons.

The launch hasn't exactly set the gaming industry on fire. Let's be honest. That's not to say the Wii U sucks. It's just that the games and the tablet controller aren't having much of an impression on gamers, like say the Wii did when it launched with Wii Sports. That was huge and set the industry on fire. Everyone was talking about it. Even nongamers. The Wii U launch was kinda ho-hum. It's confusing parents as well. Who never heard of it asking, Is it like the regular Wii? No, it's Wii U. Is that different?
Drainage  +   483d ago
This guy is a joke. He says he has a wii u and hasnt played it in a few weeks. Wtf? Its only been out a few weeks, so he didnt buy anything for it? Why would he even buy a Wii U if he wasnt planning on buying any games or expecting future games? hes one of those guys that got the basic white version and only has nintendoland and cares if its popular or not. Hey, i got an idea. theres an ipad on sale you hipster
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Skynetone  +   483d ago
I encouraged my friend to buy a wii u, instead of replacing his broken ps3, he says its a piece of s++t

stupid hour+ update/he cant use his harddrive because nintendo needs to reformat the drive/controller sucks/mario is the same as the wii version/Nintendo Land is a joke/and hes not paying 60 bucks for zombie u because hes no more money
Kos-Mos  +   483d ago
And you`re trying to say?
stragomccloud  +   483d ago
I use it every chance I get, though I've still a backlog of PS3 games to get through as well.... Gaming is quite a time consuming hobby!
lfclee  +   483d ago
I love the wii u i can't put the tablet down it's amazing.
Thepcz  +   483d ago
lol what a stupid article
the console just came out.

of course your playing habits will vary.

if i had a wiiu i would probably play it intensely at first and then the usage drop off over time too. doesnt mean i think its shit, or i'll never play it again, simply that i have got to grips with the new console, played the new game, then my usage will return to 'normal.'

its just like when you buy a new cd, at first you play it over and again (i do anyway,) then you play it less. i have plenty of cds i love but dont rinse them out ever day!

doesn't mean i like them any less
Tidybrutes  +   483d ago
havent read the article but even the title is pointless, why try and judge how popular a console is after only 2 - 3 weeks on the market?
josephayal  +   483d ago
Love this Console
and yes, very Popular. But i think the Wii U is overpriced
lilbroRx  +   483d ago
Its apparently the most popular with fans of Sony, because they can't stay out of news about Nintendo.

Hell, more of them comment on Nintendo news than actual Nintendo fans.
Qrphe  +   483d ago
>implying they aren't 360 or plain PC fans
lilbroRx  +   483d ago
PC fans? Their are certainly PC gamers, but I think you will find few who would identify as fans. I'm certainly a PC gamer. My steam account is loaded down to the point I can scroll the list.

Thing is PC gamers are too busy playing games to troll consoles. If we did it would be the PS3 or 360 because most of us are tired of them stifling PC games with their low quality ports. There are few games that pushed the PC beyond the original Crysis and that is specifically because of developers trying to cash in on the HD twins.

Most modern tech advances go unused because the HD Twins can't use them. My 560 TI feels neglected.

I think its safe to say that we are not among the ones who troll Nintendo. Especially given the fact that almost everyone who hates on Nintendo throws a call in praise the PS3, PS4 or Vita in the same comment.

As far as 360 fans go? I've never seen someone hate on on the Wii then praise the 360 specifically afterwards. I've seen some address both HD Twins, but never the 360 individually.

The group that primarily trolls the Nintendo section is not hard to deduce from this.
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sal77  +   483d ago
I'm satisfied so far I'm enjoying the Wii U and it's gamepad and excited about its potential.
mrbojingles  +   483d ago
Someone on the internet bought a thing, and they aren't using that thing because of their busy lives and having other things fighting for their attention.

Stop the presses!
Mister428  +   482d ago
Personally I do not think much of the Wii U, a sentiment that's stayed with me for the past couple of years, when I wasn't spending much time with my Wii.

But I like all my other consoles: X360, PS3, PS Vita, 3DS (I recently got one), and when I play a game, I stick with that one game, on that one console, for a couple of weeks.

So does that automatically mean all the other consoles I have unpopular? Does it even mean that all those consoles have fallen out of favour with me? No.

Who the hell plays games on all of the platforms they own concurrently week after week?

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