After Sandy Hook, Guy Says He Got 50,000 People To Stop Playing Video Games. But One Gamer Refused.

Kotaku - Antwand Pearman is a father. As we spoke on the phone this afternoon, his kids chattered in the background. He kept apologizing, but I told him I didn't mind.

When Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Conn. last week, Pearman, CEO of GamerFitNation, was understandably affected. "I know I would lose my mind if my child didn't come home," he told me. So he decided to do something about it: he called for all gamers to participate in an Online Shooter Ceasefire on Dec. 21, abstaining from violent games for a single day to show respect for the victims and their families.

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MmaFan-Qc1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )


btw, why the f KOTAKU isnt blacklisted form N4G yet?

KangarooSam1699d ago

Same reason IGN gives such high scores. #paidoff

Joking, not really sure lol.

FACTUAL evidence1698d ago

Those 50k people were wii grandma gamers.

Godmars2901699d ago

Because people aren't voting it down in the link.

Actually they're rated at three stars.

ZombieNinjaPanda1699d ago

I vote down every chance I get. Hate that "site" and its writers.

CraigandDayDay1699d ago

I vote it down every chance I get as well. Sensationalist headlines get old.

Story: wtf.
Like: no

blackblades1699d ago

I forgot where to vote down show nuff don't see it

xursz1699d ago

^ Click the site name under where it says 'Read full story >>'

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360ICE1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

I know. What a weird conclusion. Not only are violent video games not the problem. It's not even related. How about the sandwich union not visiting Subway for 24 hours? Huh? No, but of course violence in videogames CAN potentially be harmful, and the people who didn't play have their way of showing respect. Which is good, but I'd much rather just see a moment of respect, rather than what seems to be a diversion. Some idiots are bound to take this as a concession that violent videogames are to blame.

The_Infected1699d ago

They need to get this stupid lame site off N4G "NOW"

Simon_Brezhnev1699d ago

they not blacklisted because its not HHG.

ALLWRONG1699d ago

Kotaku's articles are no different than the ones people here write and they get posted all the time. I myself don't visit Kotaku but because I don't like the design of the site. 70% of all the stuff on the front page is the same kind of thing Kotaku writes. So if you're going to down vote Kotaku then you should be fair and start down voting the other sites as well. You can start with the sites that do nothing but Wii U doom and gloom articles. I'll give you a hint, most of the sites have Playstation in the name.

ZombieNinjaPanda1699d ago

How about we start with Kotaku first and then work our way to the other crap sites. Because at least the others have some actual content, no matter how sensationalist it is. Kotaku is the website that compared an outdoor festival speaker system to Glados, they had a writer "write" how he got "laid" on a sonic bed, and another writer who made a 2 sentence article about that Big Game Hunting Game and how she's gonna "Go hug her dog now".

geddesmond1698d ago

Video games had nothing to do with the shooting. So the dude who killed all those kids played video games but what about his up bringing or how did society treat him. What happened to this man that made him snap and go on a senseless killing spree. If they can answer those questions and we find out the dude had a great up bringing, was never bullied or alienated by society and seen his life going far well then I'd blame video games and boycott the industry for good.

Yep lets take the blame away from gun laws too and just blame violent video games because we need to blame something because we are afraid to look at the truth.

Ashunderfire861698d ago

The answer is psychotropic drugs. Adam Lanza was an autistic kid on meds. I think it's possible that those meds he was taking were psychotropic drugs that gives you hallucinations about killing yourself and makes you have violent rage. Watch this.

This is the truth they don't want you to know. Parents need to stop schools from giving kids these pills. These pills are worst than the drugs the government calls illegal.

fr0sty1698d ago

Yeah, had to be the games. Had to be the guns. He couldn't have just been a crazy piece of shit, it had to be something else.

JD_Shadow1698d ago

How about people actually read the story first instead of going on and on about who reported it. I don't like Kotaku, either, but even a broken clock is right twice in a day.

Not every single discussion has to turn into a fanboy argument. This is WHY we gamers aren't taken seriously in the media, and WHY we keep getting dick sauce for bills in the Senate. Can we actually discuss the story instead of who reported it?

showtimefolks1698d ago

I voted it do every chance I got but they are rated as 3 stars. That's a site only looking to do fanboy articles and only looking for hits

This and ign are the 2 worst gaming sites and 3rd is gametraikers only because shane is an idiot

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Blastoise1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Interesting. They actually both have a point. In a way it's nice to show respect by not gaming, and it shows that gamers care about this stuff just like anyone else but in doing it it could almost be seen as admitting that video games are at fault. Which they aren't.

firelogic1699d ago

Since gaming had nothing to do with it, not playing for a day is meaningless. How about this one? In honor of the tragedy, I'm going to refrain from drinking coffee for a whole week. Or I'll stop eating potato chips for a day. Or I'll stop driving my car for a day.

And equating a videogame "ceasefire" with the 1914 xmas truce? Yeah, ok there.

ThichQuangDuck1698d ago

Labeling Adam Lanza a monster rather than his actions monstrous is what leads to the continuation of these mass shootings. People want to demonize everything that he engaged in videogames, autism, etc. They do not want to question society or the real violence in the world so they target movies and video games. That plumber obviously is only a plumber because he saw mario do it. Our kids are obese after playing too much Pac-Man. Everyone takes 30 seconds to think than vocalizes a scripted response because of Mass Effect. Society needs to take responsibility for its own actions rather than blaming art.

jon12341699d ago

i wonder what people used to blame before videos games were around....

prototypeknuckles1699d ago

books, movies, television, comic books

kevnb1699d ago

Whatever the media says is to blame, that's the sad truth.

lsujester1699d ago

I still blame rap music. I shot a guy yesterday because Lil Wayne told me to.

AzaziL1699d ago

Before rap music became popular, rock music was taking heat. Even Elvis was hated by the parents who had girls shaking their thing like never before.

Then it was the hippy music, disco, 80s rock and alternative/grunge. In time, people will even find a way to blame dubstep for violence.

rpd1231699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

They still blame those when video games fail. I play games, watch movies and tv, and read books and comic books. I must be the ultimate mass murderer...

M_Prime1698d ago


I still hate hippy music, i don't blame it for violence, just hate it.

I think we should also start blaming the sun, i mean whenever something this bad happens the sun is usually out, and if its not out then its reflecting off the moon so its still affecting the crazy people.

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Sp1d3ynut1699d ago

There will always be scapegoats for the evil that men do. I think in ancient Rome, the Gladiator Arena was blamed for most random acts of violence.

lizard812881699d ago

Comic books. Comics use to be huge in the 50's, but then some guy said it made children more violent, and then the Industry bombed. Then rock music, then rap. Now it seems video games are the go to source.

Soldierone1698d ago

Very true, and that attack is starting to come back as well. I saw FOX do a story talking about how dark and violent new comics are getting (Mostly about DC's new 52) and some guy goes "not all of them are made for kids, look at the rating" and the Fox person went "Bu bu bu but!"

At the same time books were becoming a target as well (in the 50's) Just goes to show they will literally blame anything. They would probably blame board games or kicking cans if they could.